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  1. Off topic - ARMA 2 question - Comparison to GB

    Arma2 is a great game, depending on how one likes to play. I started off playing OGR, and believe Arma2 is the closest that comes to that experience. I've been playing with the Sparta community for years now, and like Lightspeed, I totally believe it's who you play with that determines the enjoyment of the game. The clunkiness has been hard to master, and I know how hard it is to move in real life, but I also believe that's the one thing that Arma2 has going against it. Yes, it is realistic, but I think that it detracts. One can look at this and say that it's not their cup of tea, but I tend to think that it keeps engagements to a larger scale, from 200-400m, which is more realistic. It would be nice to have a CQB element to Arma2 and then it would be complete, IMO. Honestly, if I could move less than 1ft without dropping my rifle down and walk just a bit faster, this would succeed OGR. The best points of Arma2 though, are its map system and the ability to make markers. LandNav was one of my favorite subjects in the Army, and I've been very satisfied with Arma's way of doing it. I even made a landnav course once, which was really fun but nobody else liked it, lol. Bottom Line: IMO, Arma2 and/or Operation Arrowhead is worth the money, but only depending on who you play with, and only if you like to mix strategy in with 1st person shooters.
  2. Indiana Jones

    Quoted for Truth.
  3. Custom Logo for AR-15

    Hmm, I say (and that's just me) that you don't take it off a video game or a movie. There can be some cheese factor in what you choose, but then again, it's your weapon. It can be a weapon of mass destruction, or a weapon of mass frustraition. Have you ever been part of an organization you've been proud of? Consider a logo resembling something like that, or something you're just proud of. Are you patriotic? Use something like the US Flag, or your state flag, or WTC, etc. Do you like beer? Use a bottle cap or something to that effect. Just some stuff to think on
  4. Tactical Tomahawks

    The butt-end could be used as a decent window breaker as well, but so could a butt-stock.
  5. Custom Logo for AR-15

    Well, whatever you use, make it original.

    Y'know, I could somewhat - if i thought about it long enough - someone using granny panties as a mask, but thongs???? From the rest of the story, they're probably on their way to California.
  7. Tactical Tomahawks

    Tomahawks are cool weapons, but as about as useful today as combat knives. Still cool though and something to put up on the wall.
  8. Girl Tragically Struck With “Open Mouth” Disease

    Well, at least her eyes aren't closed all the time. That could be very tragic....
  9. Fish out of water...

    "If not me, then who?"
  10. Fish out of water...

    We had some bomb sniffer squids with their dogs hang around with us our last month in OIF.
  11. Indiana Jones

    Saw it the other night and I have to say that, overall, it was a great movie. It made me forget everything for a while, which is exactly what every other Indy film has done. I can nitpick all day long about this or that, but I can say this was a pretty good Indy film for having a 20yr hiatus.
  12. Stick Guns

    Well, very interesting piece there. Aside from the obvious funny parts (i.e. guy falling) I thought it well....interesting, hehe. That being said, one of my absolute delights as a kid was dressing up and playing army in the woods. It's always interesting the ingenious tactics kids come up with, how it's almost ingrained within us. Those memories fused together once, with a smile on my face, the first time I exited the Wire with a full compliment (4) of troops in my Humvee, hearing the simultaneous clicks of live ammo being locked and loaded. True war may be disgusting and horrific, but for some reason, those *clicks* put chills down my back and a smile on my face, even today. Wierd.
  13. Indiana Jones

    CGI, or the equivilant, has been a major part of EVERY Indy film. The lava thing in Temple of Doom, the whole climax part with the spirits in Raiders, and the blimp/plane scene in Crusade. I'm not a big fan of CGI, espically when it's used needlessly throughout a movie. I just think it's lazy, but to say an Indy film doesn't have it isn't quite accurate.
  14. The worst, most humiliating baby names

    There was a guy in another platoon in Basic who's last name was BlueBall, no kidding. I can't say much though, I caught a lot of $#% for my last name. (Massengill)
  15. GI JOE (2009 Live movie) cast

    I miss the good ole 'Merican cartoons from the 80s! Where men looked like men, and robots looked like...well...robots lol