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  1. http://www.mplayer.co/ https://twitter.com/TeamMplayer
  2. Love all the videos!! I can't play on my Mac unfortunately, but it's getting very temping to build a PC for this (and Oculus). John - when do you expect some media around MP gameplay? Can't wait to see what maps you have in mind. Keep crushing it!
  3. Came across the full list from RS (after searching for awhile). Forgot about TV Station and Diesal and Opera...Shew. Easier to choose which I disliked, which was only Train Yard (mostly because I always died quick). Can't recall what Castle was. That a R6 map? - 747 - Bunkers - Castle - Chalet Fall - Chalet Winter - City Street Large - Diesal Plant - Docks - Killhouse 2-Story - Killhouse Double - Nuclear Power Plant - Nuclear Storage Facility - Oil Tanker - Opera House - Ruined City - Siberian Base I - Siberian Base II - Spa Spring - Spa Winter - The Met - Train Yard - TV Station
  4. This is HARD. I voted other, but struggled to choose, especially because I don't know what the pace of gameplay will be. If it's fast and better for CQC (like Rogue), then Sib1 probably be my choice. If it's a little slower (like RvS) and made for large environments, then perhaps Ruined City. If it's a pretty good combination, then definitely the Met (with Spa or Sib2 or Chalet in the discussion). I love CSL, but feel like it's been remade before (for RvS and for Counter Strike). Time for a change.
  5. Completely agree with this. My ideal world would be the old Mplayer + Rogue Spear setup. Thats how the community was built.
  6. Looks great guys! Keep up the good work. I actually wasn't that bothered by the speed. I was always a bigger fan of the Rogue Spear speed versus the slower pace of RvS.
  7. http://www.serellan.com/forums/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F3333-raven-shield-city-streets-large-re-make%2F Not a bad start if ask me...Looking forward to see downstairs
  8. Spreading the word to a lot of former RS players...We have a group on Facebook. I think the key to this will be the media. Need to get mentioned on IGN, GameSpot, etc....Hopefully that will happen. I'm optimistic it will.
  9. Can you share any details? How much you looking to get invested for example?
  10. You could show us the video....
  11. I gotta stop hitting refresh!!
  12. Sorry to hear that John. Family is obviously much more important.
  13. I don't get why people are so upset with COD. Gaming is a business, and to make money, they make what sells. I don't blame them one bit. Why change a product that isn't broken and is selling like crazy? Madden is basically the same football game each year, why don't people constantly bash EA? I for one enjoy both games, and look forward to seeing the tweaks and new maps game to game. I also love tactical FPS, which is why I'm here
  14. cant imagine a game of that quality and length being created by a team so small today...amazing...Havent played it in years, but still my favorite game I've ever played. MP sucked a good 2 years out of my life.
  15. Mine too, you did an awesome job! Rarely do you find maps now a days that feel so well balanced. Would be pretty awesome if you borrowed elements of that map for GB