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  1. The YouTube Thread
  2. Homeland

    Yup, 4th season is worst.
  3. Stellaris

    I'm in love so far. Amazing game. Paradox is my favorite PC game developer, right after CDPR
  4. Battlefield 1

    My exact thoughts.
  5. Game Screenshot Thread

    @DetCord, what game is that? Arma 3 mod?
  6. Upcoming 4.11 based build

    I got one question about blured vision around scope. Is it decided that it will work this way in game? In my opinion It's not aligned with NORG. In real life you can adjust your vision and do some peripheral check without moving your head from the scope. In game you can't because your focus is forced into scope. Plus, when you play without artifical blur around the scope, your eyes does it for you, when you focus your sight on the scope. To sum this up, in my opinion, despite blured view around looks cool, it's not NORG and spare.
  7. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    Siege is much better than Regiment in my humble opinion.
  8. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    I'm playing R6S every evening lately and having lots of fun. For me it is best Tom Clancy's title since SC: Chaos Theory.
  9. Epic photo

  10. The YouTube Thread

  11. Escape From Tarkov

    If they keep all those futures in final release it will be game with best weapon handling to date. I'm waiting.
  12. Doorkickers 2: Task Force North

    I'm looking forward to play it as well. Disaster, Your soundmod kicked ass.
  13. Squad

    Those vids looks amazing. I would love to see features like these in a tactical shooter some day.
  14. The YouTube Thread

  15. Game Screenshot Thread

    Mad Max. I'm blown away with this game beauty. All screenshot captured on actual game engine - no cutscenes. There's ingame feature that allowe You to pause the game any time, fly around action and shot pictures. Pure wallpapers generator.