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  1. Infiltration (extinct).
  2. It hasn't been released to the public testing servers yet, only some selected have received access so far. I think it's an invitation thing or so. So when it's fully released to the persistent testing universe, than it might take a month or two for public release. @Tonnen1988: How did you get access?
  3. My condolences, Kris.
  4. Me too. The kind of stuff I've been waiting for.
  5. Is there maybe a way to edit the config somehow, to make free head look independent from the mouse body rotation and responding to joystick input? I have the EDtracker, which is a magnetometer, which simulates a joystick. It's best used with opentrack, that can simulate devices to be sort of TrackIR in TrackIR supported games, but it can also work independently with joystick input. I'd like to try that.
  6. Definitely getting old.
  7. For me it's worse playing it. Great game, but not for me.
  8. Had lots of fun with Squad.
  9. @zoombapup: Like Project Reality basically, which is why I kept myself away from Squad. PR is a great game, but the infrastructure makes playing it time intensive. I'm mostly into quicker games with maximum "value" for the invested time. I'll try it in the free weekend first.
  10. Wow Squad -50% discounted. Might be the opportunity to jump on the train.
  11. Yeah, all the junk disabled is what I thought of "enhanced realism". Didn't expect actual physics, mechanics changes. Hired Ops looks like a CoD style shooter, but stripped off all the BS and less gameplay gimmicks like CS. If only I'd be more accepting toward such arcade shooter these days, might have given it a try.
  12. The Steam site says there is a so called "Enhanced Realism" mode. I looked for YT vids on that, but found nothing. Can you elaborate?
  13. Crouch Recon
  14. If speaking about the state of GB for early access. I've played team elimination and co-op the past weeks. My impression is that team elimination is the most refined experience yet, but it is a very basic and generic one nonetheless. Why generic? GB has a nice set of features, such as weapon postures, true first person, etc. But if you see people using those in the videos, than it is because they want to use them, not because there's a need. The regular GB player doesn't use the postures and head look as if like those features aren't even there, because they don't care, for them they are basically floating arms (and we know how much effort was put into the true first person and the other things in the first place). The movement is fast paced and allows for side strafe shooting also. GB has a bunch of interesting realism features that are essentially cosmetic (useless) and wants to do movement and some other things differently, which it doesn't do yet. So if you look at it from a practical point of view, it is a somewhat generic shooter experience so far (except for the people that "role play" realism). Co-op is meant to be a big selling point, but right now it isn't. I'd even say that Takedown's co-op during early access was more "there" than GB is at the moment. So the question is whether GB is ready for early access as it is? Not my decision, so not for me to answer.
  15. I should let him do the voice overs. He raises a good point about some Early Access titles being released too early, being just an empty shell, and by that taking the wind out of its own sails in the long run. Makes me wonder if a too early released Ground Branch wouldn't be too high a risk? If EA is botched than it will not generate a sufficient amount of money anyway, so you're stuck dry with bad reputation on top of it. If you end up having enough substance to that small portion of the game, where people will be like "I indeed can do this for an hour", than I think there's a good chance for EA, but otherwise...