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  1. Cool that you guys like it. I'm actually thinking to do a server side version, that still has those vanilla weapons and all, as now, but with stuff from the SF mod, like the slower movement (more inertia), realistic arm/sight shake, reworked recoil. Because gun postures are nice and all, but the game is still annoying.
  2. Did you wonder how it is to play the original Tomb Raider in 1st person? Some guy is porting them to his own engine he wrote for this. First person is of course just an option. It's basically true first person and the old animations are quite good.
  3. Right it's the M1A in SWAT 3, I only remembered it was the semi auto version. And indeed it is the full length. I think a carbine version would make sense in CQB, would be my go to at least.
  4. Hate to let things unfinished, so had to release at least something. Surprisingly people seem to get the idea behind it.
  5. Looks like a real successor to the SWAT series. I'll need to mod this. I think it's a M14 carbine. SWAT 3 had one with black stock, I think.
  6. Good news and bad. Bad I discontinued the mod, good I wrapped it up in a slight different form and it is now more of an enhancement. Still lots of previous concept went into this, but this one is a client side mod, so you can play on any server that allows to use mods. I tried to make Insurgency a different game with the first mod, the one I always wanted to make, but Insurgency is not a suitable foundation, because there are many things I had no control over. So I just fixed INS where I could. Maybe I'll pick the original up again, because lots good stuff there.
  7. Infiltration (extinct).
  8. It hasn't been released to the public testing servers yet, only some selected have received access so far. I think it's an invitation thing or so. So when it's fully released to the persistent testing universe, than it might take a month or two for public release. @Tonnen1988: How did you get access?
  9. My condolences, Kris.
  10. Me too. The kind of stuff I've been waiting for.
  11. Is there maybe a way to edit the config somehow, to make free head look independent from the mouse body rotation and responding to joystick input? I have the EDtracker, which is a magnetometer, which simulates a joystick. It's best used with opentrack, that can simulate devices to be sort of TrackIR in TrackIR supported games, but it can also work independently with joystick input. I'd like to try that.
  12. Definitely getting old.
  13. For me it's worse playing it. Great game, but not for me.
  14. Had lots of fun with Squad.
  15. @zoombapup: Like Project Reality basically, which is why I kept myself away from Squad. PR is a great game, but the infrastructure makes playing it time intensive. I'm mostly into quicker games with maximum "value" for the invested time. I'll try it in the free weekend first.