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  1. HUD

    You are exactly right, in combat you don't have the time to check how many 203 rounds u got left, its a matter of remembering THEN conducting a quick check after combat. Nil HUD like Insurgency is definately the only option here IMO. You SHOULD remember how many mags, grenades, etc you have, most of the time you have no idea how many mags you got left cos you are trying to get behind some cover during a firefight and things get a little heated. The clear/semi clear mags are great IRL but hopefully will only apply to weapons that actually use these types of mags and we don't see some new "unrealistic" mags created just for the sake of checking ammo.
  2. I found it in the shops today, it was like two questions and a little picture of GB in the bottom left hand corner of the spread. Not much at all really.
  3. thank you

    What you gotta do is lock THEM inside a room, not you!
  4. player to player interactivity....

    Is there any chance on getting the Numpad (or similar) customisable ingame quotes, I loved in GR being able to quickly say "MAP MAP MAP" or something along those lines.
  5. Are glowsticks NORG?

    IR Glowsticks can be used at night when using NV to distinguish enemy/friendly, however in MP this could change things a little so it might be a good addition
  6. Blanks?

    Hey just wondering if it would be possible to include blanks in the game, I reckon for "training sessions" for clans it would be pretty handy and they would have hit register or something - Just an idea.
  7. Booby traps?

    Trip flares for sure, nothing better than at night seeing one of those being tripped and the whole place gets lit up (The Aussie army still uses em)
  8. Smaller Details?

    Swat 4 used Spray, it was so much fun to run around with a can of that then handcuff them to get bonus points.
  9. Single player campaign realism, NORG

    Definately have no save options throughout the game except "unlocking" missions will be saved so you don't have to start from the start each time. I found that in OGR if i didn't save it at all I had a much better gaming experience. I like the idea of someone hitting you with a frying pan much better than going back out to buy the game (I probably still would until I finished it)
  10. Smaller Details?

    Generally you know how many full, half, empty mags u got, depending on the type of rifle eg. Steyr or G36 you can look physically at the mag to check how many rounds are remaining. Auto bursts or fully auto you pretty much got no clue, takes a moment to empty a mag and you wouldn't even notice if it didn't have a stoppage.
  11. Smaller Details?

    Will this game include things such as: Remembering how many rounds in your magazine, unlike the constantly refilling (not unlimited) mags? Stoppages on weapons, and carrying out the correct stoppage drill for that particular weapon? Butt stroking someone (melee) or even better attach a bayonet? Thanks More as I think of them Darky
  12. Streets Don't care which version, just as long as its Streets.
  13. Singleplayer as multiplayer

    There was a single player? *Re-installs OGR*