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  1. Naming Ground Branch

    Ground Branch.
  2. PR

    Groundbranch is to feature a fully customizable equipment system.
  3. Achievement unlocked!

    Cool beans. As a followup question, what is the keycombo for this move?
  4. Foregrip

    This thread becomes hilarious if you replace the word foregrip with ######. edit: male sexual organ. *cough* ehrm.. yes. Serious face on. While certainly popular, and seeing much use, with todays militaries, unless there is a clear cut advantage that can be easily modeled, I feel that foregrips should primarily serve as a aesthetic choice-- though I guess the size and weight of the weapon would matter.
  5. finally a trailer for lone survivor

    Well.. colour me excited. For some reason I came here expecting yet another zombie movie. Is the book called the same thing? Lone Survivor. Ken
  6. ArmA3 announced...

    move forward on mouse? Heresy!
  7. ArmA3 announced...

    One of the the things Arma3 does right is its development branch changelog which is updated nearly daily. The updates tends to be sensible and to the point. Even if I am not playing A3 daily (or even weekly), I still check the changelog for a quick fix. Small things like that keep me interested. Arma3 is shaping up to be a pretty decent game. The changes in animations and mouse control are staggering and produce an impressively responsive game. Granted, the sub-stances do nothing to me, but the rest is all good. As always BIS games come with a poorly designed interface. It is expected at this point. The button combinations are cumbersome, the action menu horrible-- see link below, but at least this time around they seem to be trying. However there is a bigger elephant in the room, the setting. The greatest failure of Arma3, one it shares with a number of other games, is that it fails to challenge my expectation of what a futuristic conflict will look like. At this point, Arma3 is little more than a reskinned Arma 2. Besides a slightly higher proliferation of TI-sights there is very little difference from Arma3 and the original Operation Flashpoint for that matter. Where are the soldierproof futuristic technologies? How will they change the battlefield-- THAT is the meat of a futuristic setting. Not which sort of unobtainium resource shortage or 'nuke equivalent of the week' is tearing civilization apart. Ken -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. My traveling blog

    Fun journey. Kristiansand is my home town, but if you stop by Oslo on your way back (other side of the country from Stavanger I am afraid)-- we can have a beer. Ken
  9. Interstellar Marines

    Played it again. The Interstellar Marines current super simplicity actually makes for a fairly engaging gameplay. It boils down fast movement and nice weapons handling into its logical core. The dynamic environmental effects adds variety to something which might otherwise quickly become very stale. In playing there are only three things I would like see added-- beyond what is coming. 1. Colour tinted skins. It would be nice if the teams had slightly differently coloured suits. If they have already, slightly more tinted would be nice. Blue and red-- something easy would do fine. Adding an extra visual clue to differentiate the teams greatly simplifies target recognition. 2. Some communications options. In keeping with the current implementation; just something simple. A "go forward", "move it", "hustle", type voice call bound to mousewheel up and a "hold position", "stay put", "go firm", type voice call bound to mousehweel down, would be keeping with the current spirit of the game. The added element of communication, limited, but easily available, would do much to make teams more workable. 3. A new scenario of some sort. Again, something simple. Bomb planting, round based team deathmatch, capture the flag, or any other type of well proven game mechanic. Just a little extra to spice things up. My suggestion would be to add an Effect/environment based respawn system, enabled as an option, a dead player will not respawn until all his mates or dead-- or the dynamic enviornment changes. Makes for a nice, demi-round based game mode which fits right into the levels that already exist. Something to reward more interesting gameplay than the run and gun variety. Interstellar Marines has been a long time going, but it is shaping up very nicely. I am not grudging my Spearhead expenditure. Ken
  10. Quickie... doors are opening.

    Nice update. Have a post. Ken edit: I frequent some game forums. I would like show Ground Branches progress from time to time. Would you prefer that I linked them directly to this forum, or is hotlinking to the youtube video fine?
  11. Ghost Recon: Reload

    erm copyright? Who are Shisno Studios?
  12. ArmA3 announced...

  13. Stopwatch game

    Got her down to 9.
  14. Stopwatch game

    Really, I can stop playing any time I want. Really. No no. Its not a problem. I'm fine. Fine. Ken
  15. I know of no such calculator. It strikes me that few games are necessarily one to one scaled to one another. What looks good in one engine may not be transferable to another. However the mathematics of it is easy. Simply find the ratio to a real world unit of measurement, such as meters, then convert back and forth between the engines. If no unit of measurement is readily available, extrapolate from the avatar's height/size assuming that the average height of a man is around 1.83cm (or 2 meters for simplicity) Ken