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  1. An improved scoring system

    done it long time ago
  2. becoz i like R6 more than GR,faster gameplay and won't waste time when i die quickly
  3. [Will GB be like] Rogue Spear

    1st RvS 2nd RS 3rd ......don't know
  4. Another "Building my own Rig" thread

    and go NEC SpectraView 2690,don't treat bad your eye
  5. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

  6. directX?

    please make a min hardware requirement under directx 8 many user still got dx8 graphic card....and low end pc spec
  7. HUD

    no HUD better,and i want the stat menu like this
  8. What kind of monitor?

    i'm using CG220,best LCD (at least top 5 LCD monitor) in the world link to image
  9. color management?

    are dev. all fine tune your monitor?? game industrial is 6500k??gamma is 2.2?? and please make texture and sky/ambient light as real as true life!!!thx.