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  1. done it long time ago http://www.atoyu.com/image/tr_menu.jpg
  2. becoz i like R6 more than GR,faster gameplay and won't waste time when i die quickly
  3. 1st RvS 2nd RS 3rd ......don't know
  4. and go NEC SpectraView 2690,don't treat bad your eye http://shop.colourconfidence.com/section.php?xSec=168
  5. update http://www.hkrs.com/puzzle.jpg
  6. please make a min hardware requirement under directx 8 many user still got dx8 graphic card....and low end pc spec
  7. HUD

    no HUD better,and i want the stat menu like this
  8. i'm using CG220,best LCD (at least top 5 LCD monitor) in the world link to image
  9. are dev. all fine tune your monitor?? game industrial is 6500k??gamma is 2.2?? and please make texture and sky/ambient light as real as true life!!!thx.