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    Thanks for an inspiring post. I will probably reconsider the amount with the possibility of increasing, but as you said, the most important thing is to spread the word, which I am trying my best to do. Im in the military myself, so I am in the process of marketing Ground Branch to as many here as possible!

    Bumped up my backing to $150

    While I am still optimistic about the kickstarter campaign, I suspect the amount asked for might be a bit too high.. But I am sure the amount was thoroughly considered beforehand though, so I put my trust in the developers!

    Just came back home from a longer engagement, saw that the Kickstarter is up and running, and I threw in my support! Im crossing my fingers that we will make it! Ill certainly do my part!
  5. Tactical Games

    The Armed Assault games are great, though the scale of things are a bit bigger than SWAT 4 and RvS.
  6. Squad Setup

    Obviously I cannot answer on behalf of the devs, but if you read a bit about the actual Ground Branch unit, you will realize that it is indeed a kind of special forces unit. That means you probably wont have a large open battlefield with tons of bodies on both sides. But I believe that the missions you will be playing in the game will be of the same kind special forces units would actually conduct. Covert missions are best handled with a small, highly trained team, not a large army. I completely agree that arcade shooters (and so-called "tactical' shooters) where your 4-man team plow through hundreds of hostiles is ridiculous, but that doesnt mean 6-man teams dont serve a function.
  7. Weapons

    We are currently still using the Norwegian version of the H&K G3, but rumor has it that we are getting the H&K 416 within half a year or so. Cant wait! On Topic: I hope GB includes both the above-mentioned weapons
  8. Fan site wanted?

    lol, guess im too late then. No real need for mine.. doh! EDIT: Maybe il set one up anyways..
  9. Fan site wanted?

    Great! I will start designing today then Then maybe if it becomes slightly popular, i can get some great unique content in as well!
  10. Fan site wanted?

    Hello! Blackfoot Studio's and Ground Branch has really caught my attention, and I want to follow it closely. I was thinking of making a fansite (the site is actually pretty much developed already), but i just want to know if this is something that would be useful for the community or not? Regards