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  1. Hobbit

    I'm really looking forward to this film, and have been for some time!
  2. Name one thing (not people) you hate.

    That's scary mate. Scary indeed. It seems that freedom and individual thought/responsibility have been tromped by Big Brother's need to control all things. What's next, indeed. Perhaps political or religious dissenters. On that note, I hate infringements upon freedom. It sounds like the Aussie govt is perhaps a bit too big for its britches, as we say here in the Southern USA.
  3. Fluid room entering

    Well, sort of, I guess.
  4. Fluid room entering

    If I may chime in: Entering a room in real life often isn't fluid either. There are certainly folks here who are much more qualified than I am in room entry, so what I have to say should be taken with a grain of salt I suppose. That said, there are so many opportunities to get hung up going in the door. Maybe it doesn't open all the way. Maybe you trip over the door frame. Your gear gets snagged on the handle, or a lock, or any number of other things. With all of your gear, you may find yourself just too darn bulky to get smoothly through the door. In that sense, having trouble getting in and out of rooms is perfectly realistic.
  5. Got kicked out of the movie theater.

    Imagine if someone told you "Yes, Abraham Lincoln existed, but he was never President of the United States, and he wasn't shot in a theater." That's much more than a "discrepancy", just as the differences between Islam and Christianity are more than "discrepancies". It is a historical fact that Jesus Christ was crucified. That record is contained in more than just the Bible. Taking the discussion further would be beyond the scope of this forum, I think, but doing some earnest research into the tenets of either religion would quickly reveal the vast differences between their beliefs. I do agree with you concerning looking into someone else's culture and beliefs. I've done quite a bit of research on Islam, and I even have a copy of the Koran. My conclusions on the matter are my own, and would surely offend some, so I'll keep them to myself. Anyway, it sucks that the OP got kicked out of a theater. But, that's the way things are, I guess.
  6. 25 Skills Every Man Should Know

    26 is easy. Hand her a large wad of cash or a credit card, and send her shopping.
  7. FMJ or JHP bullets

    In the long run, tazing the guy would most likelyhave caused the perp and the officers less injury. In one of the Tazer demo videos, there's this mouthy little guy in a jail cell, that the officers just can't subdue. Fiesty little fellow. Anyway, he fights them off time and time again, until they taze him. Afterward, he lays on the floor bawling, telling them "I'll be good.... just don't do that again".
  8. FMJ or JHP bullets

    Hehe... as I said, it had been awhile since I heard/saw the report of the incident. Yes, drugs play a major factor. I know of shootings here in Lakeland where guys have taken over over 15 9mm rounds, many "fatal", and kept fighting.
  9. FMJ or JHP bullets

    Maybe. Maybe not. The will to live is sometimes all someone needs to withstand mind-blowing (in this case, pun intended) injuries. I'll have to dig around for it, but I know of one case where a home-invasion suspect took eleven .357 magnum rounds -- including one point-blank to the top of the head -- and kept fighting. The officer literally put the muzzle of his weapon to the top of the guy's head (the guy had already killed the cop's partner), and fired. He said it blew a golfball-sized hole in the guy's head. The perp's response? He threw the cop off of him and beat his tail. The guy took several more rounds to the torso after the headshot before he finally gave up, sat down, and died. edit After lots of digging, I found the information that I was looking for. This is the officer who was killed. Here is an account of the incident, which starts on page 36. Definite proof that even the most well-placed shots aren't necessarily guaranteed to put your target down.
  10. CS or Lean?

    I tend to agree with MONO's sentiment here. The way that leaning and crouching were implemented with fluid movement in RVS was spectacular. It's just too bad RVS didn't incorporate Splinter Cell's dynamic movement speed as well. Having both would give so much more movement control to the player.
  11. FMJ or JHP bullets

    Nice find bro. I think he actually hit the guy five times, but ... you get the idea.
  12. FMJ or JHP bullets

    Five of the six rounds fired by trooper Coates struck the subject, and all five rounds were center mass in the kill zone. The guy was just literally so fat, that the rounds were stopped before they could penetrate any vital organs. The guy was that obese. Google Trooper Mark Coates if you're interested in knowing more.
  13. FMJ or JHP bullets

    That would be Mark Coates. He was struck in the upper left arm with a .22-cal Derringer pistol. The bullet bounced off of the bone and entered his chest through his armpit, severing his aorta. He bled to death internally in less than two minutes, if I recall. As for the fellow that shot him, Trooper Coates shot the man five times at point-blank range with his .357 Magnum service revolver. All five rounds struck the man "center mass". The man was so fat, however, that all of Trooper Coates' shots were stopped by his body fat before they could reach any vital organs. The man recovered, and is serving a life sentence for Trooper Coates' murder. Incidentally, this particular incident was a major factor in the South Carolina Highway Patrol moving to semi-automatic pistols. Trooper Coates was attempting to reload his service revolver when he was shot, having emptied all six rounds into the subject. Had he been carrying a high-capacity semi-auto, some believe, he may have been able to continue firing, and possibly stopped the suspect.

    If you're referring to DYNACOMP, there's a good reason it was never finished: A truly dynamic campaign, with enough missions to allow you to take drastically different paths to the end-game would require you to essentially write a different campaign for every possible branch. We worked hard on DYNACOMP, and believe it or not, everything was on track to be completed, except the missions. DonMiguel was able to take my ramblings and ideas for a rank/promotion system, and implement it. He wrote a new launcher that kept track of various things, and allowed you to progress from a buck private, up through the ranks, and go from a lowly leg, to Ranger school, the Q-course, and take any number of adventures. We just couldn't get enough mission scripters to bring all the chapters of the story to life.
  15. Carrying a 1911 cocked and locked with manual safety off?

    Sig does offer several trigger modification options. If you don't find anything you want there, you could do what I did, and have a competent Sig-qualified armorer modify the weapon for you. One of Lakeland PD's armorers was nice enough to swap the mag release, tighten up the trigger, etc for me a couple of years ago.