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  1. Skip DirectX10 support , goto DX11 & PS5 instead

    My reasoning is "If I wait they will be better and cheaper and I might have saved up at least SOME monye by then". So it's not a matter of putting it off, it's a matter of actually being able to afford it.
  2. Name one thing (not people) you hate.

    One thing that I really hate - Microsoft / Ubisoft. AKA: Greedy, lazy, companies that bribe and false advertise and can't seem to get much right.
  3. Skip DirectX10 support , goto DX11 & PS5 instead

    It's more about when to buy the game - before or after I upgrade. I mean there's no point buying the game before I can even play it, it would just tease me and I already made that mistake just this week with ArmA 2. :'(
  4. Skip DirectX10 support , goto DX11 & PS5 instead

    Thanks mate - I do plan on upgrading it eventually, was just wondering if I have to do it before I get this game or not. Thanks again.
  5. Skip DirectX10 support , goto DX11 & PS5 instead

    I'm not very tech-savvy, but does that mean that DX9 will NOT be supported. I have DX9 with Shader models 2 and I can't run ArmA 2 because of it (that game requires shader models 3 or higher).
  6. $$$$$ for this game. DO we start saving now?

    I have to agree. I knew the prices in the poll were US$, but I just don't know their standards so I went with the Australian standard (between 60-80 AU$), so I choose $75. If I was still living in England I would say less than 50 because PC game over there cost 20-40 GBP. Anyway, I wouldn't really want to pay more than the market standard regardless of how good the game is. I would obviously pay more for a collectors/limited/special editions, but not for the vanilla game on it's own.
  7. Older than dirt?

    Only 4 for me, but I'm only 21.

    I think so too, especially since I only just checked out the link. :'(

    My current background:
  10. Apparently we don't exist

    Hums the exorcist theme tune while moving hands in a spooky fashion.
  11. Apparently we don't exist

    While posting in the CoD6 forums on Gamespot/gamefaqs, I came across a topic talking about having multiple attachments. Anyway... I gave my input using OGR and R6 as examples and people seemed to think that noone plays those games anymore. Here's the topic: I don't know whether to laugh or be angry at their ignorance. Just thought I'd share that we hardcore gamers here don't exist.
  12. Retail Availability?

    Oh yeah I knew that but I didn't know they were being renamed. The 2 EB stores in my hometown were simply shut down years ago.
  13. Retail Availability?

    There's a Gamestop in Dublin (assuming you are talking of Ireland)? I though Gamestop was a US retailer? I know we have EB in the UK.
  14. Ubisoft: Realistic Shooters' Appeal Is Too Narrow

    That's mainly due to the fact they aren't put out onto store shelves any more. But even still, compare the amount of people playing OGR and RS now, to the amount of people who will be playing Vegas and GRAW in a year or 2, and I bet you that the originals will still have more players. Which brings us back to your point, they are not generating money for the company any more. In other wods, they only care about making money, and while - yes - that is the aim of any business, good developers MAKE games that people want to play. Where-as other companies will hype the heck out of a game so much that people start to believe the developers when they say its a good game. Plus, magazine and game site reviews are usually all about politics any way - if they give a game a bad review then the developers/publishers may not let that magazine review any more of their games.
  15. The most important things

    I haven't played Gear of War as I don't have a 360. I haven't played Vegas 2 either but while I was at the official forums (before learning of this game) the developers said they were going to make it more accurate due to fan request. Only problem was that everyone on the forums was asking for the cover system to be removed and blind fire to be less accurate. Therefore UBI must have been listening to other forums but not listening to their own.