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  1. The one million dollar question

    I just have been looking forward to some in game video to see what this game looks like. Understanding that you guys are a small outfit and things probably are not moving as fast as you would want them to. It's just that you all have had such interest from people and support for your game. I supose you all will release something when you feel the time is right. I'm the kinda of person that if i like what i see i want to contribute, and support the effort in what it takes to acomplish this concept of a game. Respectfully Bill.
  2. Graphics

    This to me is what is gonna make this game. The interest and respect for this title is definitely there, and imaginations are most likely flying wild with perdictions of what this game is gonna look like of course. Just the words gritty and heavy to describe this game has givin me much confidence that, thats just what it will be. I feel that the gore aspect just has to be put into this game to make it what it should be. I personally don't want to see a G movie unless i must. As we have all heard before, paying attention to detail.... is where it's at for me. It sounds like the quality will be there. I personally feel that if there is some in game footage and some more info with screens, i just have a strong feeling if it is what people are looking for or expecting.......i would think the donations will come quickly.
  3. Realistic sound effects

    This is key. I have noticed a big difference in Sound playing GRAW 2. This has a really nice touch to the emersion of being in combat. Using that source as an example, and it really is something of a differance in quality IMO.
  4. Crosshairs or Ironsights?

    Everyone will probably bring a scope wiff them then. I would think. After getting picked so many times.
  5. Performance vs. Hardware requirements

    This project is going to be pain staking i feel, as we go along, to try to make a game that everyone can play on a machine that they can afford, or already have. My self, have a machine that was purchased to be able to play OGR. I feel like i did the right thing by holding out for GRAW, from feedback i have gotten from forums and such, particularly in multiplayer. Then again these are personal choices, but if OGR is your game, and you are happy with it, then there you go. I think there is alot to be said for OGR, for it has set alot of standards for game play and visuals, and the nice thing about this game is that it can be played on a computer that i think main stream gamers would have. I am not so sure that recent developers have concentrated there time and creations on the simplicity of this game play. For me i feel that OGR sequel that we didn't get, is what is driving John and his team to produce this game, there is a void to be filled, and we are putting hope, AGAIN into THIS project, to go overboard on specs and requirments, and to have it chug along would be DISASTER. This is probably a no brainer for John and his team, however i know lots of peeps have put funds into there machine for reasons of utilizing them to the fullest. I have respect for that too, but for a title that we are putting on our wish list really isn't going to be that of blowing up gas stations and taking down choppers, i really hope not. After all aren't we looking for something stealthy and stratigic, this to me would not require lots of upgrades to your PC in certain areas of game play. I think that huge maps are not going to be key to a successful game either. I have no experience in game development, and if John and his team put out a succsessful game, that will rock from a multiplayer stand point, as well as single player, i have no gripes about getting a new system! It just has to be worth it. I am sure that these developers have lots of ideas and motivations, just the ground roots of this forum has OGR written all over it. Respectfully Bill.
  6. I personally feel that OGR for me laid down the tools for a nice feel, and not to much on the bells and whistles for game play. That tough gritty look that we seem to be getting from Johns team will be just fine in my opinion, from what i have seen in the helo drop pic. For me the style of game play from OGR was the attraction, Mutiplayer giving it longivity. Almost just a simple look leaving the game play to thrive. I just think some nice upgrades with explosions and details along the way will be perfect. With urban, wilderness enviorments like in GR. I really think that the violence, and gore in this up coming game should be all out! This to me adds so much to this level of play we want, and or looking for. The release of weapon fire striking it's target with extreme force doing it's job in all graphic detail, empact, blood, gore, to me is essential to this release IMO! The mature rating is a must , and not some gun flying out of a combatins hand with him on the ground with his eyes blinking. I truly believe and hope that if we can get a game of this caliber and one the does not chug along, and plays smoothly with med specs, well then we have something. Is this to much to ask for......i really don't know at this point, seems we have been takin back before, however i will keep my fingers crossed. Respectfully Bill.