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  1. Epsilon - Serellan

    Hasn't anyone learned yet... most of us tactical gamer types are not into the future setting, and quite frankly the future setting is being played/made way to much. JMO
  2. KillHouse Games

    I know this is a old post... came back to see who was playing it, and I thought I read a while ago, Black Foot Studios had a hand or something in this now? anyway, played the hell out of the PC version, and it's awesome... just released for iPad, and again a awesome, well done port... and only 5 bucks. My favorite iPad game now.
  3. Project CARS

    Not sure what some of you are talking about... Project CARS is NOT iRacing, the most modern sim racer out, but it sure the heck ain't no arcade racer, it's more of a between mid arcade and sim, it's all about the options, to prove it, ask the people who know.. ie: for one, tons of info and articles there on the game already. Check out the telemetry on the game.
  4. ArmA3 announced...

    Agreed... radio traffic on that first mission was intense... then the start of the 2nd mission, only knew him for what? 20 minutes, but it gave me goosebumps. A well done far.
  5. Ghost Recon Online

    Couldn't find a thread on this yet... unless i missed it. GRO was a little off to me at first, but with more time I'm learning to like it... not a big fan of the future thing, but a damn good tac shooter that rewards teamwork and basic tactics... Day 1 (only been playing for 1.5 hours), got me a 8 kill streak, best in class, and MVP.. was/am very excited, sure probably nothing for you young studs but I'm old and slow... so this is rare. other highlights... like the enemy using the HEAT suppressor on me...
  6. The YouTube Thread

    Funny as hell ArmA3 Day Z mod video... (yes i hate the mod, don't play it...but still great vid, lol)
  7. Battlefield 3 (All platforms)

    If you like BF3 and most likely will get all the DLC... then not getting premium wouldn't be well... unsmart. You save 5 bucks if you already got Back to Karkand, 10 if you haven't. BTW, SimHQ Xbox 360 server playing just Close Quarters for one month, (expires 7/12/12)... look for server "SimHQ Close Quarters".
  8. DCS: Combined Arms in the land section.
  9. DCS: Combined Arms

    20 screens and more info at SiMHQ. Just FYI. (and my concerns, lol)
  10. Iron Front (PC)

    Many issues, but the potential is there... just like the beginning of ArmA1 and 2... so heres hoping... Tank battle on the SimHQ server:
  11. Iron Front (PC)

    people are reporting (over at SimHQ) that if you turn off AA... the CTD's will stop... I have full settings on with AA and haven't had a crash yet... lucky me. It's kinda wierd... when I had the beta for preview, I had alot of crashes... but when it ran, it ran good... now, no crashes but graphic tears and alot of pop up... and the included MP missions are weak, confusing, and poorly done IMO... lucky for me, I have a small team of mission makers, making squad plus size co-op missions for our SimHQ server, which already has 3 or 4 missions on it... feel free to join in and test with us.
  12. Well it's growing on me, but still prefer others... seems theres a tactical game hidden in all that HUD flash.
  13. Played a couple of hours yesterday... all modes... thou not a action game like COD or BF series... can't help to think we keep falling back away from tactical shooters. The worst part... i bought it, played it yesterday, and have no desire to play it today... I'm mainly disappointed in the fact that options are out... in GRAW2 you can choose 1st person, you could turn off all that HUD crap... no options like that in FS. and what the hell are those blue rings around my weapons... that drives me nuts most.
  14. It's back

    Lucky me i guess... got in first try, created 4 characters... now ready to start... BTW someone finished it already... 12 hours...
  15. It's back

    Who wants to bet problems with the authentication server tomorrow will delay most of us playing a day or tow... but I hope I'm wrong. BTW, getting Diablo 3... check out this tutorial video... well done...