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  1. Weapons

    Now, THAT, would be great example of pointlessness... I like some options like a few scopes, forward grip, a light, suppressor, but that's about it. Otherwise, you are looking at a lot of work for little to no gain. No Offense. I do like the picture
  2. Weapons

    Yeah, something like that. mmmmm .338 Lapua Magnum SR
  3. Weapons

    I agree, some of the choices were ridiculous, but someone in China might have liked it.
  4. Weapons

    No disrespect was intended, just a rebuttal. I certainly respect John for what he is doing. I care about the success of this game and I don't want John to make one of the mistakes that GRIN did with GRAW. We all want this to work, but replay ability and offering something different/better is key to successful game. But, after playing through the game, not everyone is interested in variation being, "Should I approach from the North or South or should I use a big gun or a little gun?" Just something to think about.
  5. Weapons

    John and others, this isn't an argument about quantity over quality. Everyone wants quality. I hate the RS Vegas crap... a lot of unrealistically modeled weapons, what's the point. That's why I'm making the appeal to your team. We need both, because both keeps people interested, not just 1 SMG, or 1 AR, or 1 SR (just an example). I'm also not saying we need every weapon in the book, that's completely unreasonable. But, a nice weapon list like Raven Shield would be great. The most popularly used AR's, SMG, SN, LMG, etc. John, I hate to break this to you, but many players, once they moved past the initial great feel of the great features you put into this, are going to want personal variety. Some players may, but most won't care to "see the true value". They will want variety for replay ability. I'm not trying to be a naysayer, just realistic based on the comments I read over and over in other forums. Since I coach football I will use this analogy: If you were watching an NFL game and the rules dictated the teams could only use the same run play or the same pass play, wouldn't that get old after a while? The quality of the rules are great, the game is officiated well, the field is in excellent condition, the weather is great, but you only get 1 run play and 1 pass play. I know this is a little different, but do you see my point? Are you kidding wabbit hunter? How is the P-90 and the FN F2000 realistically modeled in Splinter Cell or COD? I don't want to just look at a gun that fires bullets and call that the F2000 or the P-90. These weapons are excellent for a reason... we need that modeled. Krise, isn't that what I've been talking about this entire time?
  6. Weapons

    Looking forward to more. Thank You.
  7. Weapons

    I partially disagree. I think it's both. I would have been happy to play through GRAW several more times if there were more weapons that were realistically done. Although, I agree game design does have impact as well. This may be true, but after a while you always want the option to change. But, like you said in the past, the weapons balance themselves in real life: Muzzle velocity with bullet caliber (terminal damage), recoil, time to shoulder weapon and find target, weapon accuracy, round ballistics, Rate of fire, weapon reload time and ease of weapon stabilization. Raven Shield did a decent job with this. So, I can have multiple 5.56 weapons and have a completely different experience with each, without artificially balancing them. That’s why weapon manufacturers are always making minor or major modification, to improve these stats. The statistical impact is not "minor" in my opinion, and your justification will be your return on investment. You will sell because people will be intrigued and drawn in. "It would be a blast to try out this cutting edge weapon, realistically modeled" Please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying weapons are everything, just don't factor out their draw and use. Don't think all 5.56 weapons are the same. Gameplay and weapons will draw a lot of people to this game. Trust me. @Krise, What does NORG have anything to do with this? It's getting annoying with some people misusing NORG.
  8. Weapons

    How so?
  9. Weapons

    Will they? I hope so. It doesn't sound like the base game will include much, no matter what the demand brings. Again... I'm not talking about scrapping the M4/M16, or going overboard... just variety in different calibers and weapon types.
  10. Weapons

    The problem I have with "we will make 5 weapons and you can mod the rest" concept is it doesn't work well. Modders do all kids of things to their mods and it's not very standardized as seen in OGR, Mods don't work well together (GRAW) and there are very few who know what they are doing and do a good job. Snow, as you have stated before, you get tired of mod beggars. The bottom line: there may be a few weapons made post release, but very few, and you can only reoutfit your M4 so many time before it gets boring. Sometimes, the game is dead before the modders learn how to mod. As stated before, different weapons are good for variety and mission execution. It's much more exciting to play a map with an AR, then replay it with a SMG, then a Sniper Rifle... now I wonder what it would be like to use a... etc. That's why there are so many people asking for weapon mods because they get bored quickly with the M4/M16. And the "Give me a weapon with the right load out, so I can get the job done" concept is fine playing the game 1 time. What about when you go through the map the 4th or 5th time?? Jason, please don't make the mistake of GRAW (PC). It didn't work like GRIN planned and it died quickly. We need a variety of quality weapons to keep interest going for a long time.
  11. Weapons

    Are you Kidding? You obviously don't know much about the FN F2000 do you? Also, I would like to bring up a point about weapons in games like these. The AR15/M-16/M4 is a great weapon and all, but come on guys... you can go to any local store and buy one of these; everyone has seen them, fired them, ect. These weapons get really boring. Every game has them and they are everywhere. If OGR didn't have all the great mods including the weapon mods that gave you access to more weapons, or new weapon technology; it would have died very quickly IMO. People love to be able "try out" weapons that you don't see, or fire, or can't buy. It brings a variety and replay ability to the game. Sure give us a M4, all decked out if necessary, but don't make the mistake of GRAW (PC) and give us 6 weapons because it's more "realistic". Special Units, like in GB, will get any weapon they want... please give us options (sorry Snow), not just accessories. That was a real selling point to RvS. As an example, I happen to be a fan of the bullpup design, so I would love to have a game where those weapons are realistically modeled, not balanced. The gameplay in GB is going to be great, we all know that, so put GB over the top and give everyone options. I think there will be a lot of happy customers, except 213 of course. Bottman
  12. Weapons

    No, I'll leave leave that one for you... It matches your all flash, no use personality. Respectfully, Bottman
  13. Weapons

    As long as I get my: H&K MP-7 AI AS-50 AMP DSR-1 KRISS Super V styer AUG A3 H&K 416 H&K 417 FN F2000 FN P-90 H&K G36C Tvor TAR-21 I'll be happy...