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  1. Maybe it was just the Marines I hung around but they wouldn't have went on about that whole situation like a little school girl like he did. They would have handled it and carried on. They most certainly wouldn't have left any sort of "note" or "sign" out in the open the way he did. The way that "marine" acted reminded me of someone we all knew from ghostrecon.net that also claimed to be a Marine.
  2. CS or Lean?

    With an old school lean you can do away with 3rd person views all together in my book. The current title I am "playing" doesn't have a great lean model and that was only "recently" introduced so it's far from perfect. I wound up using 3rd person view because of this for "peeking" around corners. With a proper lean model it wouldn't be necessary. Also too, and I suspect John will listen quite extensively to him on matters such as this, I know Hatchet is going to be right (he's been there done that) when he says cover in combat is probably a contradiction in terms. I don't know how good "hard cover" would be when you actually found it in today's combat enviroment and more likely than not "soft cover" is probably the best you would ever come across. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  3. Introduce yourself

    Warhawk buddy wasssssuuuuuuuupppp!!!!111111 Hey stalker not much bud. What's up with you. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  4. Introduce yourself

    @Zjj You wouldn't do that you like me too......nevermind. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  5. Introduce yourself

    Ok someone get the ban button ready. I'm here now. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk