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  1. I have little hope for it. My guess is the few realistic bullet points will be overly gamey and the rest of the gameplay will be just as underwhelming. Not all SWAT teams are well trained or have good equipment. That being said, the M-14 is dated and few use it anymore. Would be a terrible choice for close quarters with the caliber alone. Future is likely some 6.5mm variant for general MGs and sniper rifles in the military. I suspect police snipers will make the switch to, but 5.56 and .300BO will be king for SWAT and close quarters type applications. UK and Swedish SF/police (don't recall which) are getting .300 rifles.
  2. That mod looks amazing! Zoog, SoC and CoP are good. CS was the least interesting of the bunch but worth a play to. I would start with SoC and then give CoP a go, and if you're still into it then play CS.
  3. 44-45 were certainly big, but WWII carrier operations certainly has its appeal. And I can see an Africa addon coming at some point, which would be a nice change of terrian. Round it up with the invasion of Italy. Lots of different places for a WWII expansion to take place. I'm sure they'll do the Battle of Britain and when the US entered the war eventually.
  4. Looks like a wonderful fan project. Would like to see how this ends up.
  5. Stocks and rails really don't make much sense. Especially stocks, they add nothing new to the game from a gameplay perspective. The only difference is it can be used to visually differentiate different variants. EX) M4A1 has a SOPMOD stock, MK18 has a Mapgul stock. But that all requires some extra work for things like 3D model collision and the like. For such a small team it is not practical. While I would love to see 10-15 different variants, I think we can easily nail it down to 5-6 for the M4 series: M4A1 MK18 MK12 SPR M110 / other 7.62x51 variant .300 Blackout variant M16A1 for the bad guys Just pick the SOPMOD Block II variants of the M4/MK18 and be done with it.
  6. Looks great as always. The AI seems off in DCS for the few WWII planes there are, so unless you're going up against humans it feels very odd. And I an terrible at flying the P-51. IL-2 BoS looks so tempting, but I think I'll play it for 1 hour and never load it up again which is why I always passed on it. I have CLoD, and have around 1 hour of flight time in it.
  7. I thought the flight dynamics were more authentic in DCS. Though even with the WWII content, I don't think the AI will behave properly for the time period. IL-2 is probably the better game for WWII. Does it have a good mission editor though? I've been thinking of getting Battle of Stalingrad, but I don't really like WWII planes and will probably never touch it. I have the P-51 for DCS and enjoy flying around aimlessly with it every now and then.
  8. .300 Blackout rifles would be nice, as they are catching on in the US I believe. It is likely the death of SMGs for military/police, outside of the really compact versions (MP5K and the like). I've heard they're using 6" barrels. Wonder how an integral suppressed version would be length wise. Good news, is 3D model wise, the only thing you need to change is barrel width. Rest of the artwork would be the same. It uses the same mags and bolt. SIG MCX would be nice to see as well, but I am not sure if they'd be used by GB or even any US forces.
  9. Zentico makes "correct" Russian gear, so a lot of the Russian SF units are using it. But most seem to be a mix of low end Tapco and Chinese junk that looks ugly but is apparently functional enough. I suppose most are using Zentico stuff now. This Magpul stock looks great in terms of function and comfort: Throw on the Zenitco rail and railed top cover and we're good:
  10. Played it some more, and I will say it is a step up from RO2/RS. The main problems right now, aside from small bugs are: 1) Movement still feels a bit too clunky. RO1 had a feeling of weight, but you did not get stuck on things and stance transitions were smooth. This needs to be changed. 2) Maps seem too small for helis, but the helis themselves seem decent. Can't figure out how the AH-1 gunner shoots though? 3) Balance. It seems heavily lopsided to the Vietnamese as of now. On all the maps, especially the city one, I have only see the Americans go on the offense once. 4) Suppression is still too over done. And people know this, because they jump dump half a mag in your general direction to screw up your aiming. It just feels like an odd artificial mechanic. Those who play more cautiously and like to aim are penalized. 5) Scope/sight sway seems a bit over done. Mainly in that it jitters too quick. RO1 the movement was a bit too slow; some middle ground is needed.
  11. There aren't many UE4 games even out. Only AAA one I can think of is Gears of War 4. Graphically, RS2 looks ugly. It doesn't even come close to BF3, let alone 4 or 1. And that is going to be a six year old game soon. The effects are ugly, the M16 looks artificial and so clean as if it was a toy. Animations are not as smooth as BF3/4/1, and even worse than RO1. They don't look natural and are very jittery. It is immersion breaking after seeing the wonderful reloads in BF3/4 for years. I expected this though as it is an indie dev taking an older indie game from 2011 and improving it a bit. Animation wise RO2/RS suffered and I preferred RO1's animations because the looked more smooth. After playing the beta I am mixed. It seems better than RO2/RS, but not where it needs to be. Maps are just too small for helicopters, movement is still too clunky like RO2, sound system is terrible. Sounds like there is zero difference from a gun shot 100 meters away VS right in your face. Again, after playing BF3/4 for so long it just stands out. The horrible LOD pop in is back, which makes it hard to spot enemies. Exaggerated weapon sway is also back. Suppression is over done, and the bleeding mechanics is as annoying and pointless as ever. GUI is ugly, a mix of unfitting bright colors, bland text and just awkward design that stands out like a sore thumb. Maps need some massive re-balancing, as do the teams. Defenders are at a massive advantage. The game has potential, but I am not sure if some of the big offenders, sound engine/effects and the like, will ever be replaced. Some of the small things like balance can be fixed but I don't think this game has what it takes to really hit it out of the park. If only BF4 allowed mods, I'd think we would be able to get an excellent realistic MP shooter out of it. There is less (IMO) to fix in BF4 to bring it up to par compared to where RS2 is right now. Perhaps DICE LA will bring out a good BF sometime next year, because BF1 is dull.
  12. Two very simple Ace Combat based skins:
  13. I can see that point, and I am a bit worried about the clouds feature in AC7. From the later videos, it seems less emphasized. It may have been something lost in translation, but the new videos seem to imply enemies can visually hide in clouds and players will be able "hide" in them, making it harder for enemies to track you. Not too bad if it is not over done.
  14. Not a fan of the vehicles being added. Not every game needs them. I would like for one game to focus on infantry and nail the experience. And realistic infantry mechanics with arcadey vehicle mechanics never feels right. Match making is a massive turn off, as server browsers are superior in every way. I was very skeptical about the story being based around a female character (which isn't new at all), but it looks like they are basing it around a rebel fighter which actually makes sense. At least on the surface, it feels a lot less cheesy than making it center around a female in some special forces group which just doesn't happen in reality. I hope the SP is good for offline, and it is a proper campaign. Not MP missions strung together with underwhelming cutscenes between them. That means some proper AI commanding options. If they can deliver something somewhat similar to GRAW I'd be happy. I don't think they will go to SWAT or Rainbow 6 levels of detail, which might be a bit much for a rebel fighter without proper training anyways. But at least giving us the very basics would make the mode standout and be worthwhile. As others have said, adding weight to the movement is needed. It feels fairly "off" in the retail INS game. Not just the jumping either. I would hope they can make it feel more like Red Orchestra 1, or GRAW. The screen shots so far look fairly nice to. Lets hope this turns out good.
  15. Saw it, looks decent but a bit too much of an Ace Combat clone. Single person project with some contributors, so they have to get the core game down first and I must say it is amazing for what it is. I hope it makes it to release, but the gameplay needs to take off in its own unique way. I love the Ace Combat games on the PS2, but the gameplay is getting stale seeing as though AC4 released in 2001 and the gameplay has not changed in a notable way. Exception being Assault Horizon, which was horrible and Infinity, a "free to play" MMO. Though Ace Combat 7 is coming to PC, so this project may get over shadowed.