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  1. Two very simple Ace Combat based skins:
  2. I can see that point, and I am a bit worried about the clouds feature in AC7. From the later videos, it seems less emphasized. It may have been something lost in translation, but the new videos seem to imply enemies can visually hide in clouds and players will be able "hide" in them, making it harder for enemies to track you. Not too bad if it is not over done.
  3. Not a fan of the vehicles being added. Not every game needs them. I would like for one game to focus on infantry and nail the experience. And realistic infantry mechanics with arcadey vehicle mechanics never feels right. Match making is a massive turn off, as server browsers are superior in every way. I was very skeptical about the story being based around a female character (which isn't new at all), but it looks like they are basing it around a rebel fighter which actually makes sense. At least on the surface, it feels a lot less cheesy than making it center around a female in some special forces group which just doesn't happen in reality. I hope the SP is good for offline, and it is a proper campaign. Not MP missions strung together with underwhelming cutscenes between them. That means some proper AI commanding options. If they can deliver something somewhat similar to GRAW I'd be happy. I don't think they will go to SWAT or Rainbow 6 levels of detail, which might be a bit much for a rebel fighter without proper training anyways. But at least giving us the very basics would make the mode standout and be worthwhile. As others have said, adding weight to the movement is needed. It feels fairly "off" in the retail INS game. Not just the jumping either. I would hope they can make it feel more like Red Orchestra 1, or GRAW. The screen shots so far look fairly nice to. Lets hope this turns out good.
  4. Saw it, looks decent but a bit too much of an Ace Combat clone. Single person project with some contributors, so they have to get the core game down first and I must say it is amazing for what it is. I hope it makes it to release, but the gameplay needs to take off in its own unique way. I love the Ace Combat games on the PS2, but the gameplay is getting stale seeing as though AC4 released in 2001 and the gameplay has not changed in a notable way. Exception being Assault Horizon, which was horrible and Infinity, a "free to play" MMO. Though Ace Combat 7 is coming to PC, so this project may get over shadowed.
  5. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Flash bang + stun/pulse aug (don't recall what is was called) + take downs + shooting the rest = fun.
  6. Coming from BF3/4 and playing BF1 a bit now (not really a fan of this game), the graphics do look poor. But that is to be expected, smaller studio. If the gameplay will play more like the first game, and I know it won't be exactly like it, this may replace BF4 for me.
  7. No.29 Squadron Royal Air Force for F-5E Fictional skin I made, but it will officially be integrated into DCS in the future. Thanks to the guys on this forum like Detcord and Jeza for helping me along the way. Probably would not have carried through if it wasn't for the input I received here. Cockpit texture bug is just an issue for those that don't own the module. Think it has been fixed. Also did this VF-84, circa 1970-80s F-14A inspired skin:
  8. No experience outside of the beta, but the BF1 server browser was a joke. Battlelog was actually wonderful. The options and interface were superb. And I liked how waiting for a server would not be running the game, which made doing other things easier while you waited. At first I hated it to, but now I thing its wonderful.
  9. I'm thinking of getting it. But I don't want to spend that money for a map, although the campaign may entertain me. But I know I will end up raging at something if I load up ArmA 3 again. But I do like the current versions of the RHS US/Russia mod. Makes playing the game worth while.
  10. Arcadey is a horrible way to describe FC3. The main difference is the level of avionics detail. All modules suffer from some realism, such as BMP-2s blowing fast moving Su-33s out of the air with more precision than dedicated AA guns and old era SAMs. It has gotten so bad that I would not recommend playing any of the current ground attack planes, aside from the A-10A/C and Su-25T as long as you keep your distance and use missiles only. A strafing/rocket run is simply suicidal as of now. Then there is also the horrendous air to air missile flight dynamics. I am far from an expert, but the AIM-120 has horrid accuracy and range. Older era missiles are better than it in terms of accuracy. It is still an excellent simulator, but those areas need to get fixed. I suggest Flaming Cliffs 3 and it is by far the best module. Perfect level of realism and the aircraft are far more interesting than the rest, with few exceptions. Recently finished a fictional VF-84 skin for the new F-5E (which I don't have sadly):
  11. And it all sounded extremely cheesy. Especially when you hear the same over acted lines over and over again. Two or more Russians standing in close proximity? Lets all scream. Because Russians really did that, I'm sure. Just give us an option to disable all of that poorly done speech-talk and I'll be happy.
  12. Redid the Yellow 13 skin for the Su-33 in DCS World. 156th Tactical Fighter Wing Aquila, referred to as the "Yellow Squadron" in Ace Combat 04. Download here if anyone else plays DCS: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2077108/
  13. After playing the beta I still dislike the game. Weapons are too inaccurate aside from sniper rifles. Feels like they took a major step back to BC2 style shooting, best suited for controllers and those who can't aim. This makes sniper rifles even more OP than previous games. Overall, the shooting mechanics are rather terrible. Vehicle wise, the armor is too mobile. Did not like the map in the beta. Also seemed rather small. Game just feels too much like Battlefront. I will likely not be buying it unless I find it for dirt cheap. With luck, DICE LA will bring out a good modern BF next year.
  14. I'm going to wait a few more patches. Game is massive and each patch is massive. Last time I tried it was mainly CTDs after 20-30 minutes of gameplay.
  15. Depends on how well that actually turns out in practice. Time will tell. Also keep in mind reasonable varies from person to person. For some, 100 hours for a ship is reasonable. If you want a larger ship I'd imagine it will take well over 100 hours of grinding. For a fighter, hopefully 10 hours or less.