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  1. Ask Christian Allen from Serellan if you need any hints, John. He's after the same goal as BFS here.
  2. Do you have any Game Play Sample Clips?

    There's none so far.
  3. News or Updates?

    John, have you tried approaching BIS? They're pretty serious about this whole "military simulation" genre and who knowS? Maybe you might be the new Ghost Recon to them. I do hope so.
  4. AI Hostage Rescued, now what?

    That was one of the missions I most enjoyed in CoD4.
  5. Well, how about some transcripts??
  6. Jumping or not jumping

    No jumping, if an obstacle is small enough for you avatar to climb it, it climbs it.
  7. 3rd Person View?

    Hell no. 3rd person has no place in a realistic game like GB.
  8. CS or Lean?

    Your point is valid. Another sollution, to prevent abuses, would be to make the player unable to walk while leaning. Thus eliminating inherent technical flaws to the whole concept of "cover".
  9. Available platforms

    Oh my, this is great news to hear. Thanks for stopping by, John.
  10. CS or Lean?

    I don't know if I've already brought up this subject, I think I did, but can't recall, so I'll say it again. I prefer the approach Killzone 2 uses to conciliate a cover system with a first person perspective, wich I'll explain it. A certain button is mapped to the cover function. Once pressed, the player attaches itself to the nearest wall he's facing, and can slide along such wall as well as lean left or right beyond the edges of the said wall. That approach prevents the players from leaning all the time, wich was a frequent no-no in RVS online matches.
  11. Quick Saves vs. Checkpoints

    I say both quicksave and checkpoint should be made avaialable, and both could be deactivated it such is what the player desires.
  12. Available platforms

    But what about official word from the devs? Is GB comming to the PS3?
  13. Enemys running out of bullets

    One would expect the enemies to field some supplies scatered throughout each map, such as ammo crates, but it should mandatory for those to have limited volume of ammo.
  14. Available platforms

    I see GB is already scheduled for the PC and X360, but I can't seem to recall anybody mentioning the PS3. Will GB come out for Sony's platform? PS: went through the search to see if I could find any results on either "PS3" or "Playstation 3" and it yelded no results, first string it refused to perform search and the search engine bitched about the "3" on "Playstation 3" on my second search. So, you have my sincerest apologies if such subject has already been covered.
  15. Introducing BlackFoot's first title.........

    It would certainly provide some interesting historical backdrop for some future expansion pack.