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  1. A simple golf question

    Don't lie. In the first picture, the golf clubs are right below the intended focal point of the shot. I think all the shafts within line of sight would be quite hard, but do not ask me about graphite.
  2. My ride back home

    Will tomtom be a part of the standard ground branch equipment?...They would need a lower profile car though, the silver one might be spotted by patrol boats driving over the water like that.
  3. If we could only be this loyal to GB

    which part could you forget? The playing halo or sucking the anus? just kidding...or am I?
  4. Compliance

    What about ltl application? I understand the branch is not SWAT police, but I could understand that they might want to use some sort of restrain in areas with densely populated with civilians. Things like beanbag shotguns and general riot control devices can be used.
  5. Warning Labels

    well, "there is a reason for everything"
  6. Replays

    For most games I play with spectator cam, there are options like which angles are allowed by server as well as whether or not the dead guys even get a spec cam. I hope they just stick to only letting spec see what the player sees. That would allow spectator in comms to maybe walk a newbie through a mission while seeing what he sees instead of in third person screaming "ITS RIGHT INFRONT OF YOU!" when not realizing the 1st person perspective has something in the way of the view.
  7. planning on the go

    They would for sure have all the blueprints of buildings of interest to the mission(EX:the building where the hostage is held)
  8. Auto map download system

    I think a work around would be in could go find the folder where it caches the map/mod/whatever, alt + tab after downloading one then putting the file into the permanant map folder.

    The main reasons I see FF happening is: 1. guy moves into the fire of a teammate behind him generally the guy who dies is at fault... 2. mistaking a teammate for an enemy...this can get complicated...I was playing RO last night and one of my teammates picked up a russian MG up on a hill position. He started firing at me with the green tracers so I immediately thought he must have been russian...I pop up and fire off a few bullets in his direction and kill him. In that case, it was both of our faults for what happened. 3. guy has a teammate in front of him, sees an enemy and thinks hes accurate enough to keep the bullets away from the teammate and only hit the enemy...Sure enough he kills his teammate. This is not the same as someone walking into a wall of fire because the cardinal rule is not to shoot guns when someone/something you do not want to kill is in front of you. The shooter almost always blames the other guy 9 time outta 10 because that guy supposedly "should not have been in my fire" 4. Griefers............

    How about after a TK the player would be slapped from his monitor, as a substitution for court martialling. How about the other players are allowed to bind and gag the TKr...if it was an accident he can be free to go. Keep friendly fire realistic...its not fun to be shot by your own team, but to say that the damage should reflect or disappear is pretty outrageous......
  11. Crosshairs or Ironsights?

    You seem to say a lot of negative opinions about things you haven't tried...Try it before you say something is useless. Gimmics go along with half-assed and thrown together features that do not impact the usual gameplay. Situational awareness is necessary and everything that allows me to find out where the enemy is without exposing myself more than a real operator would is something that would impact the game heavily. I would use it often and the people who think it is gimmicky and do not use it will be disadvantaged. Oh, and I do have an attention span more than ten seconds.
  12. One shot kills

    Why not? Because it is not very realistic as it does not account for where that bullet is really going. Why so? A complex system might (might not aswell) have issues that are fairly well known around here when applied to a game with many bullets flying everywhere. The new idea would be nice but might not work as expected. We know it works to a fair ammount.
  13. Crosshairs or Ironsights?

    I agree with that the options are best, but not all toggled actions are insults to anyone's intelligence... It also allsows people to switch between games without having to go "oh, I need to hold down in ___ game while in ___ game I must toggle" if they just set their options to their playstyle. the option to switch options on the go aswell would be great...I know it is possible in most of the source engine games because they make it easy to put a little script that can change all sorts of settings EX: if the game doesnt let you toggle crouch or press release, a simple script can change that, if you want fire selection, just make a slightly bigger script that can cycle different firing modes, a toggle or press-release that changes sensitivity for pixel sniping in RO...The case I would go with is having a key set out to toggle(ironic maybe?) between various settings that are best for open areas and ones for CQB...
  14. Voice Acting

    Actually, I noticed this in GRAW 2 as far as different sound cues for the assault/recon deal as well as how they whispered how many they see in recon mode as well as locations of positions(the way someone would do online...........)...(in case you did not want to count red diamonds or had them turned off) Although not all of it was proper, as it seems like GRAW set up the crosscom to be a little tool designed for generals to periodically yell at soldiers in the field when he feels like they are not doing their jobs...Such as how hes yelling at me to destroy the sam vehicles when I was placing C4 onto the last one. On the other side of TC gaming is RB6:V that had their cues so screwed up...they whisper in "infiltrate" mode and when you switch them to assault, the big british guy pulls out his SAW and just yells out "ROIGHT!!!" through the mic while making all those wonderful noises of playing with the SAW's action...Im surprised the Ts 3 rooms over dont hear him comming. Another place where it is screwed up is the spot where you escourt "Phil" to the chopper where 3 SWAT guys are waiting outside, doing SWAT activities like standing around while scanning the 5 degrees of just the other guy across from him and such. If you fire bullets off randomly, the SWAT guys, "Phil", and the "Men in Black" all even plays over the short conversation going on between Will Smith and Phil. Other games just keep you in so much combat, it doesn't matter anyways. (COD) Although I do remember the SAS guys whispering over radios at the start of some of their levels.
  15. thank you

    I hated that in GRAW 2...that whole "DOWNLOAD the map from our last release that we did not place on the disc but we did place this nice little downloader that ships with the game! Just sign into to get it otherwise you will not be able to even join servers of people who had this game." The DLC stuff really turned me off in GRAW (1&2) for xbox because some of my friends might not have had one of the 4 map packs, so he cannot even get into my room, and I cannot just select the ones he does have (it was turning all on or all off) without having to delete it and then re download it later.