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    Hello from Finland! I am Xcutor 33 years old FPS addictive. I still wonder and search next game what keeps me busy coming years (like old GR and RVS). I am also GR.net member due to my close love to Ghost Recon. I have little clan to run =[bBFIN]= Clan Barbarians which is little hideout to gamers who have family and on fridays have little fun running more or less intoxicated . We have old Ghost Recon cup players as a backbone and little younger Ravenshield players as fresh blood Little background of my history: Rainbow Six was my first contact to this kind of games, love in first sight. Then found Ghost Recon and what a game, fun and feed my hunger to this kind of games. Loved those terrain maps and soo active modders kept me playing this looong time... Raven Shield guided me to cities, houses and streets. I was soo impressed this kind of game again and still lost sometimes on those streets. I tried Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter but something wasn't matching with this game, maybe those sleepless nights with GR was one of reason. Liked singleplayer but mp wasn't my thing. Same goes Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 Lockdown and Vegas bought, tried, sad... Did they forgot us? Nowdays asking did game industry forgot us who loved R6, GR and RVS? Hopefully I found my precious game soon...