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  1. CQB Discussions

    True first person and free look are confirmed features. As for the aiming deadzone, I'm not sure. I hope it's in and configurable like in the Arma games. Now why is freelook ineffective without trackIR? I use freelook in Arma 2 and 3 about 80% of the time, without any kind of peripherals. Try it, it will become second nature. I can't even imagine playing a tactical fps without freelook anymore. Imagine stacking up on a door without being able to check behind you, for example. Horrible.
  2. Dead body disposal

    Also, if you hide the body in a fridge, and the enemy suddenly feel the urge for some milk, the enemy should notice the body in the fridge while getting the milk and AT LEAST spill some of his milk.
  3. Steam and Early access

    I figured something like that. I guess a simple greenlight from the community isn't quite enough for that? Glad to hear you're thinking about it though.
  4. As I assume this game will be released through Steam once it's done, have you guys thought about the Steam early access program? IMO it could be a good way to get some cash in before the initial release of the game, in the alpha or beta phase. It would also be a good way to get some important feedback on the game before release. How would this work for you (or not work for you, if that's the case)?
  5. Theres gold in them there hills!

    Oooh, can't wait to get in there!
  6. Quickie... among the trees.

    That map looks like a lot of fun! OGR was the first thing that came to mind. Maybe get the sleeve up a little bit on that character to have the watch displayed correctly?
  7. Is This GB Pics?

    Exactly. Still look great though
  8. Another <del>Fortnightly</del> Monthly Update

    Definitely will get one at some point, if not the first generation of devices, at least somewhere down the line. That is of course if the software support is out there and the devices potential gets realized in the titles that support it.
  9. E3 Reveals

    My takes: BF 4 looks absolutely horrible, somehow even worse than BF 3. Still no cooperation in vehicles and all the gameplay was heavily scripted in ridiculous set piece maps. Titanfall looked like a very interesting game but nothing to justify buying a new console. Ryse and Dead rising 3 looked pretty impressing, apart from the quick time events in the Ryse gameplay video and the stupid support feature in dead rising. Although Cevat Yerli said in an interview post show that the QTE stuff in Ryse are "execution moves", which were made more frequent for the presentation to show off. Still thought there was way too much taking the control out of the players hands in that demo. MGS 5 looked very nice and that could actually be a pretty good choice for a stealth game now that Splinter Cell has been dead for a few years (I need my stealth fix). Not sure how I feel about the new Thief though, it didn't look that bad, but not really that good either for what they showed. Remains to be seen I guess. All driving games shown looked horrible. Forza and GT6 might end up good but they pretty much failed to show anything real about them. Ubi's "The Crew" looked really good in the trailer but when they showed gameplay it looked just like any other NFS, Burnout or whatever have you. No gameplay was showed of sports games, only in game trailers. Still no idea what Quantum Break is all about. Though Remedy did say it plays like a 3rd person action shooter, with some kind of time manipulation I bet. Only interesting games at Sony press event were The Last of us and Beyond Two souls, both PS 3 titles. Otherwise they focused on trolling MS and stuck to their safe bets, Final Fantasy 9001 and Killzone something, when it came to PS 4. Not really anything for me there. Ubi's The division looked interesting but the weird map and UI kind of took me out of the game. The gameplay in combat also seemed a bit boring. Looking forward to seeing more though. Watch these: The Evil within looks like a really nice survival horror game for what they have shown so far. Waiting for more open gameplay videos. The Witcher 3 was briefly teased and looked pretty good. They have refined the combat system to be "more realistic", hmmm. Star Wars Battlefront was announced Will it be everything you want or will it just be another Battlefield of duty with SW skins? Dragon Age 3 was also teased and release was announced for fall 2014. Will it be more like 1 or 2? Mirror's edge 2 was also announced. Watch_Dogs still looks awesome. Best of show stuff. That's pretty much what I can remember of the top of my head. Looks there will be no hurry to update your console, especially if you are a PC gamer. Really amazing exclusives were non existent. - Not cancelled according to this but my guess is that they are probably redoing it. I wish they would just drop the franchise already. We all know they don't have it in them to make Rainbow Six games.
  10. Trigger Ready Factor

    I think the trigger delay the author is referring to might be something that an inexperienced shooter would experience, when pulling the trigger too softly or without determination, and the weapon doesn't shoot when expected. I've experienced this myself as well after a long time without firing a weapon and going out on the range again. I can't imagine an experienced shooter ever experiencing this when firing his weapon with determination. Or even myself, an inexperienced shooter, after letting those first few shots go and familiarizing myself with the weapon and the feeling of shooting it.
  11. Maybe for GB 2... or whatever BFS' next prject will be in the distant future.
  12. Kickstarter video feedback

    I love the way you showed the features you were talking about in that video. I also liked the NORG explanation on the video much better than the one on, it's more streamlined and a lot easier to understand exactly what it means. All in all great job with the video.
  13. Kickstarter campaign release date?

    Backed! Good luck!
  14. Kickstarter campaign release date?

    IT'S UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!