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  1. I'm not entirely sure they are bots (obviously some are). I went from captcha to Q&A on my site. There is no way bots can be answering these kinds of questions. For me 90% of the registrations (hundreds per day) are from gmail otherwise i would ban the domain. I did come across this tidbit of information So these are derivitaves of single accounts, allowing just one person quite a few entries beyond the usual one per email. From what I understand Google stands by gmail (of course) saying nothing is wrong. I imagine the spammers are gearing up for the holidays because this came on recently, suddenly, and with mucho gusto. I don't know if any of this helps but I wanted to vent, haven't been on the site in a while, and thought "hey, just jump right back in with a nice lengthy post complaining!"
  2. What worries me is when devs start altering their game in order to cater to a more "esport" type of game; changing the core of what they intended. As was stated the game is not really being developed with ladders and such in mind. BUT; I don't know if anyone of you young pups remember OGR in its heyday but there was some amazing matches/contests/clan wars held in that game. Ground Branch comes across as very similar (thank the gods) so while it may not be traditional ladder/match type conflicts I can see it being successful in a different way. After all isn't this game all about going back to what tactical games should be instead of what they are?
  3. Article: Tactical Gaming Done Right

    Thanks. I know I will be checking it out. Having not read it my opinion is if you want to see tactical gaming done right re-install OGR. If you want tactical gaming done right for 2012 and the future, update OGR. That game just did everything right with the technology it had available. I would love to see what like minded devs would do today (like BFS). And no the GR games we are getting now are not tactical shooters.
  4. I'm hoping you are talking about my idea and if so; thank you.
  5. Plan B

    I'm just going to throw my 10 cents in here (that's right, you get an extra 8 cents). I stopped reading about page 6 so some of this might have been covered. I was lucky to hear about GB. I came across it when the KS craze started getting a lot of press. This means that I was led to the GB KS page by a second, maybe third party. I loved the concept and the idea but the fact it was only multiplayer and not coop really turned me off. I wanted to throw money at it but I held back. We are saturated with FPS multiplayer experiences and although GB wants to do things that we haven't seen in years gameplay wise it is still just another multiplayer game. So that's my short experience. I post it because most of this thread is about figuring out how to move forward with little attention paid to how we got here. It is so very very important to find out why the first attempt failed before moving forward with any ideas. The survey was a good start but it also seemed geared more to moving forward than looking back. Now there are some interesting ideas being thrown around. While none are completely there it doesn't mean we can't take the best parts of each and Frankenstein something together to present to BFS. It is obvious by the passion to donate time and effort that there is something special being sown here. There have been multiple excuses made concerning the lack of PR. This ties in to the previous statement about those of us willing to donate time. I may not be a high paid PR exec with connections to all the right places but I am not completely without talent in that area (I am in college now trying to eventually get into the field) and it is apparent we have other community members that could also benefit the process. tl;dr Step 1: Truly study why the first KS attempt failed. Step 2: Use that information to formulate a plan to move forward. Step 3: Take advantage of the dedicated community members willing to donate time and effort to the GB movement (and yes it WILL become a movement). Step 4: Succeed. I would like to politely request that you read the following paragraph in the voice of your favorite speaker and maybe hum some patriotic music while you read. You guys at BFS are not alone. There is no shame in asking for help. You speak of creating a game for the community instead of a community around the game. Take it farther, stand by your words and let your actions be the creed by which you move forward. Let Ground Branch be a game by the community as well as for the community! You have instilled in us a hope for something long thought gone. You have sown a seed that you can no longer stop from growing. But like every great idea it needs nurturing and attention. Let us be part of your team. Let's do this together! **drops the mic and walks off** PEACE OUT!
  6. I'm going off memory here since I already took survey and can't go back to look. In your survey you should have given the option to answer why the responder did not support the first time around. It would give you so much more information to work on that just "no I did not support." I understand you want questions that give simple 0-1 answers as it is easier to quantify but it is obvious you are in need of more information than a simple yes/no here. As I have said in other threads, I am willing to donate my time to support your project. Just ask. I will also be supporting monetarily which I did not do the first time around. When I saw the kickstarter it was early on and there was just no spark. I didn't like the name (petty I know but true) and the vids I saw were bland and lifeless. From there it picked up minimal steam, delivery was dry, and the content is lacking for those who don't understand what they are seeing. Those of us who are dying for a game like this slobber over the details released but you need to reach a larger audience and tell them why they NEED a game like this. You are trying to promote something fresh in the same way the other companies churn out the same old tripe. Hope that helps. Some nice viral videos would be cool. Here is an idea. I am going to use CoD and BF3 since they are the big 2. Show some guys (real life) dressed up reenacting game scenarios from their favorites. One team represents BF3 and one CoD. They are doing the usual BS you see in both games and since both are at the core the same experience they are dead locked. Then some Ground Branch guys come in, USE TACTICS, and whip the snot out of the other two teams. What do you think? You could surely get some friends to act out the scenarios for free over a weekend. The only hard part would be adding special effects but that is what you guys do. Hell I could even rattle out a script if you want.
  7. You definitely do not want to wait if you plan to restart the campaign. Strike while the iron is hot as they say. I was late the KS run so didn't get to donate but I will surely find some extra money in my tight budget to donate this time and I will let my small gaming community know if this happens so that some of them can donate as well. The word has spread to some degree with this first attempt so some of the harder work is done so now the real tough part can begin. It is entirely feasible. They just need to revamp a few things, restart the KS campaign, get in touch with a few key sites that participated in the first run (RPS,, etc) and get those people fired up with new information, features, videos, etc. Build off what has already been done, don't wait and let the concept fade into obscurity. I propose an alpha test if that is at all possible. Let a very select few get their hands on a small subset of the game to get the word out. This can happen. Let's not let it die.
  8. I've bought snake oil before.

    While it may be unfair that you guys are bunched into the fold that so many have created before you it is a part of the field of play. Despite my GARGANTUAN mistrust of the industry I have the utmost faith in your product based solely on what you have talked about thus far. You can't put forth those kinds of ideas unless you have been there. BUT as I said we have all fell victim to false promises. I don't know how you could put forth kind words to assure your audience (me included) that you don't deserve to be one of those companies because you really seem to mean what you say. But I can tell you that responses like the one you gave to me, one that shows a passion and an understanding for what is going on go a very long way. Personally I would fund your kickstarter myself if I could but I am a father of three and a full time college student (after back surgery made me unfit for any real physical work) and I just don't have the means. So instead I have been telling people about the game, showing them the videos, and linking to the Q&A. I promise you I will continue to do whatever I can to help spread the word. Even offering my services as well (I am a COM major, English minor, OLS cert, and very mouthy). My advice, for what it's worth; try kickstarter again. But this time go into with a little more knowledge, a bit of gained wisdom, and with the word spreading already half your work is already done. I know it sucks that the FPS players out there are so afraid to back something even when it promises to fulfill all their wishes but as I said that is the current state of the genre. While it makes everything you are striving for an uphill battle remember what I said; it is that passion that comes through in your press releases, your responses, and the features you want to include when no other company will, it is those things that prove you are the real deal. And it is those things that will earn you not only my trust but my very hard earned money. Don't give up, it sounds dramatic but the gaming world needs this game. P.S. while I did pay for BF3 I refused to pay for any of the DLC they are releasing. Sucker me once, congratulations, it won't happen again. Also my sons are grown so any sale lost in my house equates to 3 lost sales since we play the same games.
  9. I have been a pc gamer for a very long time. I dove so wholeheartedly into CS1.x, then TFC, then OGR, even built communities around them that survive in one form or another to this day. Since then I have been buying into quite a few golden tongues hoping that some day something similar to that amazing Ghost Recon experience would show up. Last time it was BF3 and i pre-ordered that sucker before I knew about Origin and all the other crap. Don't get me wrong it was a fine game till EA got a hold of it. Now it seems they are doing everything in their power to destroy it. What I miss is that feeling (we played 99% coop) of truly working with my team in realistic settings. Anyone remember standing out on some of those Ghost Recon maps and just looking around, listening to the sounds of the woods? Or crouch running through city streets being relentlessly bombarded, dashing up to a corner where a couple enemies stood smoking and complaining about the weather? How about the waves washing up on the shore as you ran toward the beach hoping you wouldn't get spotted? Did anyone take wounds to both arms, both legs, and chest and still live? We used to call those the "Red Shirts." (get the Star Trek reference?) Sigh. Now I know this game is said to be primarily pvp multiplayer first and that is great but I sure hope we see coop like in the old days. You know a group of us still play Ghost Recon? OK, I will quit going back to that game but I really do think it was the best FPS game then and since as far as teamwork are concerned. As I was saying there are a lot of things being promised with this game. It is reigniting that old spark. I have been keeping my community informed of the progress, the promises, and the potential (+1 alliteration achievement unlocked). We are just so gun shy after so many let downs. I don't think I can take another one. So I am begging you, please PLEASE follow through on your promises. Deliver us from the humdrum existence gaming has sunk so far into. Help us Obi Wan, you are our only hope! This is the last time for me, is the punch turns out to be snake oil I refuse to drink from the well anymore. Good luck. I can't wait to see this game.