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  1. Hm I could have sworn it sounded just like the RS2 shot in one of the older builds @1:31
  2. Is it just me or does the semi auto fire from the M16 use the same SFX as the M4 in Ground Branch? Same sound library?
  3. SOCOM is currently seeking a PDW chambered in .300 Blackout that can use a M4A1 lower receiver With mentions of a quick channel barrel and folding stock, it sounds like they're specifically describing the MCX. Also I'm pretty sure the guy with the MCX in my previous post is a US "Advisor" while the guys with the more standard M4s are Kurdish so they do appear to be in some use already
  4. It'd be nice if we could get some weapons chambered in .300 Blackout since it is becoming an increasingly more popular round for suppressed rifles. The Sig MCX in .300 has been seen in Syria and at the Modern Day Marine expo as part of MARSOC's arsenal [t] Speaking of SBRs, I'd also like to see the Mk18 with the correct Daniel Defense handguard
  5. The Original Ghost Recon prominently featured the XM29, so it's kind of par for the course for the series
  6. Given Crytek's recent financial troubles, I can see why they would want to move to Lumberyard which is a fork of the Cryengine that is backed by Amazon. Better prospects for long term support. Supposedly the new 2.6 update is already running on Lumberyard
  7. You can easily turn them off
  8. I think this is directed towards actual military training and simulations unless you can afford to pay $35,000 for Early Access. It's a neat application of the Outerra engine, though
  9. It was originally a BF1942 mod that focused on the Winter War.
  10. Also, Rising Storm 2 still uses UE3
  11. I'd like to see some of this in Ground Branch
  12. There are certain Special Forces units that have taken more of a direct action/counter-terrorism role. Each Special Forces Group now has a Commanders In-Extremis Force (CIF) Company that acts as the Group's rapid reaction force. They had a role with Task Force 145 in Iraq, though they had a rivalry with the Delta Force and seemed to get the short end of the stick. Recently, they were seen providing security for President Obama during his visits to Jordan and Vietnam alongside the Secret Service's Counter Assault Team (wearing black vests/helmets).
  13. There seems to be more knife/axe attacks in Germany as of late. Modern Kevlar doesn't really do a good job of protecting against those, so they've been buying chain-mail that is meant to be used to protect against shark bites