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  1. I just hope the gameplay doesn't just feel like Far Cry 3.75. Far Cry 4 and Primal just felt like full priced expansions of 3.
  2. They said they've been working on it for two years already
  3. Some bits of gameplay from their site
  4. I don't think Epsilon is going anywhere
  5. It at least looks more promising than CTU, though the team seems to be rather small with only 3 people. There is some actual gameplay in the banner on their site with a bigger gameplay reveal coming later on. I wish them luck as the last few attempts to recapture the magic of SWAT haven't been too great outside of Doorkickers
  6. Do you mean linking with timestamps? Embedding youtube videos seems to work fine for me. If just pasting a link doesn't work automatically, try using [media] tags and make the link http: instead of https:
  7. Interesting way to have good looking animation blending while keeping the controls responsive
  8. I hope it's good. I didn't like The Hornet's Nest
  9. There's a nice writeup on butt packs here which also explains why they went out of vogue around the time of OIF:
  10. Not standard for all Afghan forces. Just the CIA-trained Counter Terrorism Pursuit Teams. Here's a bit more information about them and the guy in these pictures
  11. Hm I could have sworn it sounded just like the RS2 shot in one of the older builds @1:31
  12. Is it just me or does the semi auto fire from the M16 use the same SFX as the M4 in Ground Branch? Same sound library?
  13. SOCOM is currently seeking a PDW chambered in .300 Blackout that can use a M4A1 lower receiver With mentions of a quick channel barrel and folding stock, it sounds like they're specifically describing the MCX. Also I'm pretty sure the guy with the MCX in my previous post is a US "Advisor" while the guys with the more standard M4s are Kurdish so they do appear to be in some use already
  14. It'd be nice if we could get some weapons chambered in .300 Blackout since it is becoming an increasingly more popular round for suppressed rifles. The Sig MCX in .300 has been seen in Syria and at the Modern Day Marine expo as part of MARSOC's arsenal [t] Speaking of SBRs, I'd also like to see the Mk18 with the correct Daniel Defense handguard
  15. The Original Ghost Recon prominently featured the XM29, so it's kind of par for the course for the series