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  1. Weapons

    I would have cheerfully have gone with an MP5 but they weren't available on a 30 year old destroyer My first favorite was of course the Rem 870 Pump with a shortened stock and barrel loaded with alternating buck and slugs. 1911A1 was the standard side arm of course.
  2. Weapons

    I'd like to chip my .02 for adding the M14 to the weapons selection. It's old but still in use by both US forces and forces abroad. It was my second favorite weapon for boarding actions while in the USN.
  3. Stealth

    Works for me. As long as there are some stealth aspects. I hate being spotted and fired on by a AI tango that can magically see into the shadows or through cover from halfway across a map. I'd like to be the one to initiate a firefight by sneaking in, setting up and picking the targets.
  4. Stealth

    I did a search on the topic and came up with bupkiss. I love the stealth aspects of the old Splinter Cell games and would love to see this applied to a tactical shooter. Can I pop a guard in the head from the shadows/underbrush/camoflage with a sound suppressed weapon and drag his scruffy dead butt out of sight? Would his absence be noticed? Will background noise cover the approach of me or my team? I can do assaults but LOVE assinations, intel gathering and hostage rescue type scenarios where stealth is key.
  5. Introducing BlackFoot's first title.........

    Just discovered this game/company/website and all I can say is SCHWEEEEET. Sounds like everything UBISOFT used to do before they started marketing to arcade gamers (not that arcade games are bad just not my bag). EDIT: EskimoBob hmm I know that name from somewherec*cough* r6v2 forum *cough*