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  1. Dev movie - Animation

    Thanks for posting a work in progress. Fantastic to see what you're working on. I agree with Snowfella that the character could carry his weight a little more forward. He looks as though if he got bumped on his left shoulder that he would fall right over. Too much weight back and to the right. Keep up the good work.
  2. Health System [Medics?]

    One of the really fun things about R6 was all the gadgets you had to choose from like electronics kits or demo kit etc. Why not a medic or first aid kit? That would make total sense. It doesn't affect weapons or ammo but it does limit you from carrying some other useful gear.
  3. CS or Lean?

    I think the cover system is good if you want a game to have a cinematic 3rd person feel to it. Whereas the lean system is a more immersive 1st person perspective. I think CS can be interesting in a SP game. But I do not think it belongs in a MP game that is attempting to be tactical. CS in MP feels like cheating. For what GB is promising to offer... I prefer lean.
  4. Respawn protection

    What if every map had DMZs that acted as insertion points? A DMZ could be a one way zone that allows returning players to exit but does not allow active players to enter. It could also provide enough cover and safety from the action to give a player enough opportunity to assess the action and join the fight in a fair and tactical way.
  5. Health System [Medics?]

    Would be cool if when you get hit, if it's bad enough to keep you down, that a team mate could drag you to cover and out of further danger. From there he could stop your bleeding and then leave you. At which point you might be able to provide covering fire for your team or even lay a trap should an opponent happen by. I was going to suggest that perhaps players could call in a chopper lift out so that they could return later but (not knowing if BFS plans to use Rogue Spear style elimination rounds or Call of Duty respawning continuous point play) then how do you determine a winner in a conflict if you eliminate the other team only to have them heal up and return to the fight within seconds/minutes?
  6. Health System [Medics?]

    I agree with the above ideas with the exception of a medic class character. I think most military have some idea of basic first aid and how to apply a field dressing. So therefore any team member who is close enough should have the ability to aid a team mate and at the very least keep them from bleeding out. I don't think a HUD indicator is required if the player's ability to move is noticeably hindered. Maybe affecting their FOV along with an unsteady aim would add a sense of realism to being injured. It would be nice to make injuries realistic in that, if a player fell from a high area or was hit once in the leg he would have a limp. But if he was hit in the upper body or a glancing blow to the head his FOV would be affected along with his aim.
  7. Bonus with game.......

    A Black Foot Studios Ground Branch ball hat would be cool... but it would have to be nice enough that people would actually want to wear it. What about a nice sticker for my guitar case? Mod tools would probably make a lot of people happy too.
  8. Satchel Charge

    I remember there was a mod for Rainbow Six .. Urban Ops? Something to do with a smurf and a weapons pack... I can't remember the name (BSW comes to mind). The mod had a bunch of extra camo uniforms and weapons etc. and it had satchel charges that were a lot of fun in MP. My favorite however were the proximity mines. Always put a smile on my face when I would cover my butt with a prox and then see someone's name pop-up onscreen when they strolled past it.