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  1. this was mentioned and discussed throughout the years, for various reasons including policing hackers. this is the one method that never fails to catch the most subtle and careful toggler, though it has produced false positives on occasion. replays are the ultimate tool that would be worth every second of the time required to add them as a permanent part of the game. we'll have a master ban list of the known joes and pass it around our little server sect. otherwise it will be hack city.
  2. CS or Lean?

    if we're talking about edges that are within your drawn weapon's range of length, i wouldn't be completely terrified of slight player position's adjustments, as long as they were tied in with weapon collision mechanics and NEVER EVER occurred while leaning in a wide open space. i wouldn't mind a little help when aiming out of a window at an angle. if you're close to a tight window, and especially if you're aiming down at a 30 degree angle or so, strafing usually feels awkward in almost any shooter. and i'm not sure automatic re-positioning when hugging a corner and leaning would do any good at all. sort of an extended body stretch to accommodate weapon collision - sure, but feet should stay where they are! i don't want to revert from a lean into a new position where i am unintentionally more exposed than before the lean.
  3. Respawn / Reinforcements

    fwiw, i think it should be a universal server setting available with all gametypes a la GR. 0, 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x and infinite. let the server admins figure out the intensity of their games. it never made any Clancy games any less tactical. dictating how to have fun is never good, imo.
  4. Tom Clancy's The Division

    the PvP concept is unique and deserves a closer look, but since the 1st day of release the PC version was plagued by cheaters ruining practically every server. a lot of people dumped the game for that reason, as well as countless bug exploits, but a few stuck around, and i did too. we found ways to hunt the hackers, easily change servers, and eventually they banned a good portion of them. the ban wave meant you could safely go rogue and not worry about being one-shotted across the map for the bounty reward. i was enjoying my time in the game since the release, but the last two nights were an absolute blast without any hackers involved. you don't want the game for PvE content, it's repetitive and boring, but messing with other players will get your adrenaline pumping and you will burst in laughter a few times a night guaranteed, as long as you have a good group. the grind against NPC's can be brutal, but once you're on the level, you just start murdering other players and reap rewards quickly.
  5. Tom Clancy's The Division

    i'm about 425 hours into this buggy pile of manure, but a few days ago they finally cleaned up some of the hacker population. all of a sudden it became kinda fun... here's a small clip my friend recorded while streaming. upvote, if you don't mind.
  6. When are people usually playing it?

    your best bet is to wait for a new build to come out and try to find a populated server that same night. look for MissVerdansten's posts too, as he usually hosts and organizes little 4 vs 4's and runs a TS3 server. the game is just not in that place yet where you could have a game every night. good luck.
  7. Tom Clancy's The Division

    so it's launch time... get ready to... download an extra 3.5GB to play... except Uplay is down. hmm, let's see what they're saying on the forums... ok, the forums are down. great effing launch. i'm going to sleep.
  8. Saving operator loadouts

    I know that no matter how many outfit and armor combinations there are, I will put some thought in only one and stick with it - it will be the darkest available and the most lightweight combo. Weapons are a different story. A saved weapon loadout should be available independently of outfits and armor. That's all I care about.
  9. A piece of software that came with my motherboard. It visualizes sounds on the map around you, kind of like a universal threat indicator. One of the speakers in my 5.1 headset crapped out from dropping it on the floor too many times, and now I have a "blind spot" for sounds coming from the rear right. This radar has a bunch of fine tuning options for gunfire, foot steps, speech and so on. Anyone use it ?
  10. you should try to run in dual channel then, just find a better kit! that G.Skill kit is garbage with those timings. my 1600MHz DDR3 runs at 7-7-7-20! but if you have to pick between those two, i would still go for the lower latency.
  11. running it in Dual Channel will show up in benchmarks as more performance than Single Channel, but in the real world you'll probably never get to use ALL the available bandwidth. i would go with a lower latency stick, plus you'll have an extra slot for a future upgrade. 8GB isn't that much nowdays...
  12. well, it's a little embarrassing, but i guess lesson learned: if it sounds to good to be true, it most likely couldn't be further from the truth, case in point, a total load of crap. half way there this afternoon i get a call from the guy: "i hope you didn't leave yet. my father got hit by a truck, i'm in the hospital. be prepared to wait." still being an hour away, i said ok, and went shopping not far from where we were meeting. when we did meet, he brought a mini tower with an Asus motherboard installed and another motherboard right on top of it, inside the case, both with RAM. no mention of his father's accident, smiling, the kid must've been 15 at the most. he laid out the goods in my trunk. the whole time while i was looking at the boards he kept stating there's a 4690k in one mobo, and an i-7 in the other, with the full intention of getting $350 for them. he even brought an Nvidia Quadro FX 4500 card, assuring me it's a $300 card. once i got past the initial shock, realizing both motherboards were LGA 775, i told the kid this wasn't gonna work with me. he instantly offered it all for $200. i said i didn't want it for free, and he asked for $20 bucks! i said no, and dumped the pile right on the pavement out of my trunk. i haven't seen anybody lie through his teeth so blatantly in years. i should've smacked him for having to make the drive, but we were in a public yeah... embarrassing. had to try the second ad i found on craigslist in the area. this guy wanted $400 for his Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SLI with a 4690k, 16GB Crucial RAM, Corsair TX650W PSU and an HD6970 in a Coolermaster full size case. surprisingly everything looked exactly as it was represented in the ad. he quickly dropped the price to $350, then i asked him to keep the HD6970 and i got the rest for $300. not nearly as nice, but hey, i can now build what i need with the 4690k. so total upgrade expense is $133 for the newegg's mobo with shipping, and $300 for this combo = $433. looks like all the extra stuff i will have left over will weigh about $550-$600, depending on how my Rampage III Formula sells. ok guess, but not nearly as good as i was imaging it this morning. oh well...
  13. the 4690k deal fell through. what happened next was even more unbelievable. in a few hours i'm heading out to meet a guy off craigslist who wants $350 for a tower with a generic Asus z97 board, 4690k, Corsair PSU, 16GB of RAM, and some video card(not sure which one). after talking to him on the phone, he agreed to throw in an EXTRA X99 mobo, with a non-k 5820, and 32GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR3. all for $350! i'm so excited, and nervous at the same time. woo hoo!
  14. just thought i would share my little upgrade path. having found my first gen i7-950 OC'ed to 4.0GHz to be the bottleneck in a few of the latest games, i started looking at Skylake, but decided to go with Haswell. to my surprise the only two components i need to swap will cost LESS than what i can sell my 7 year old CPU and motherboard for. the current build was done in 2009. the gem turns out to be my Asus Rampage III Formula X58 mobo which i bought new for around $230. i don't know what's going, but i have seen them go for $350 and $380 on ebay without the original box, drivers, IO shields. i happen to have all that stored away. the CPU only goes for around $55 used, so let's say i will end up with almost $400. i just pulled the trigger on an Asus Z97 Pro Gamer for $129 on Newegg, and now in the process of bargaining on a used 4690k with a local guy that wants $200 for it. if i get him down to $180 i will have a nice chunk of change left. everything else in the PC is top notch and will be reused. it's just unbelievable.
  15. Squad

    oh wow, i hope it never comes to that in GB. the player with the highest ping has "the lag advantage". got fed with that crap in Ghost recon Phantoms. top ranked players on the NA server were from Europe, and on the EU server from South America. anything but client side hit detection. please.