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  1. Tom Clancy; Dead or Alive coming soon...

    Why only 3? They can make HAWX and EndWar as well
  2. Digital Distribution

    Something like this was in demo of Defcon (which was on Steam). You were able to play SP (skirmish) with only one AI player and if you were playing MP, you were able to join any server, but only one Demo player was permitted per server. (Now there is an updated demo which has lighter restritions.)
  3. News or Updates?

    When it's done?
  4. Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

    As stated on the official forums - this will be fixed in a first patch
  5. Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

    I have found another code on Gamefaqs BLEEDINGBADLY Fire Team Engagement it works but I'm not quite sure whot exactly it unlocks. Probably just the Fire Team Engagement menu selection screen.
  6. Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

    That's not true, in GTA entire world is "open" from the beginning, but when you want to go where you shouldn't, you have to face the consequences EDIT: To be not so off-topic: I'm rather sceptic, but I will probably buy it
  7. Preferred aspect ratio

    16:10 I don't think that 1920*1080 could be better than 1920*1200 in any aspect
  8. Dev movie - Animation

    Looks great! Btw why don't you post 'em into News section too?
  9. A "new", hybrid gametype

    I was thinking about "reporting", that POW has escaped. What if there were cameras around the whole bouilding where the POW is? A few options could happen: GB team just runs there - security operator would see them and report to the Guerrilla team by radio that they are there, and also how many of them (or also what weapons they are using) GB goes cautiously and shoot cameras - security operator reports that something is going on around the POW GB shoots security operator - nothing happens immediatelly, but after some time (1 minute?), alarm would go off because security operator didn't report
  10. A "new", hybrid gametype

    Sounds really cool, but it's also hard to tell whether it will be playable enough. No time limit at all? (Bomb doesn't matter for this example.) Yes, for GB and Guerrillas it's not a problem, but what about the POW? I can imagine a lot of players who would, after waiting for 10 or 15 minutes, simply disconnect and I am afraid that this could be one of the biggest problems for the public play.
  11. Happy Birthday Covert_D, Tatarkas & =ACU=Tech

    Thank you In spite of getting older and older, I'm still one of the youngest people here
  12. Drag and drop files XP style in Vista?

    I may not understand you well, but isn't this function in XP and Vista totally same?
  13. SereneScreen Marine Aquarium 3.0 Beta

    Am I the only one who thinks screensavers like this are totally impractical?
  14. Weapon actions

    And how will the interruption of reloading be made? Will you have ability to interrupt reloading and draw your pistol? And eventually will the weapon be in the state you left it in, or like all other games will it be in the state like it was before you started reloading?
  15. Weapon actions

    Do GB operators simply drop empty mags to the ground, or carry them? And if they drop, will the AI react to seeing empty mags? Will you have ability to pick them up? Will you have the ability to switch dropping and keeping?