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  1. Battlefield 4

    I went back to BF3, jet pilot & tank player mainly. BF4 is just too random and conquest has rather awfull map design, plus the e-sports scene is taking its last breaths. Heck even the big organisations are leaving it even there's still loads of money at ESL offered... And not so many Battlefield player wants to play CoD (=domination). Vehicle gameplay is just so broken... Too much of everything and mainly public servers filled with really bad team players.
  2. eSports & ESL

    First of all, 4-6 years ago I quitted reading this forum with thought on my mind I'd never come back, that GB would 100% sure choke like that smaller side project BFS had at that time... Glad to see I was wrong! Anyways, been spending a lot of time now reading some of these topics through. Mainly my concern is the competitive multiplayer -gaming as you can imagine from this topics title. Yes, found multiple topics handling multiplayer issues allready but thought this would deserve a topic of its own. If BFS will be able to bring a fluid FPS playable for competitive scene aswell (within a year or something) there's now huge possibilities for a good game! Tbh havent read/seen/heard/dont know at all what will be BFS future plans after GB gets released, but by bringing out a great game and getting it to ESL ladders, leagues and cups BFS could really pop out into the "fame". I know GB havent been done only for gathering the big bucks but most likely this company will also have to play with normal economical standars - or will BFS remain more like a hobby instead of a job for it's crew? I'm not asking for an answer to that but what I'm curious about is that could you see Ground Branch to be played in a league like ESL (Electronic Sports League, http://www.esl.eu/). Now when COD's and BF's been failed (and CS:GO on somewhat) and games like Insurgency & Americas Army :PG havent really kicked in, there's a empty spot free... Would love to see game like GB there if it just fits in. Gametypes - good classic modes like plant & defuse with good map design is enough. Killcam & Afterlife - it's good that there's still room for various options how to roll, but hopefully you'll come up with some strong "mainstream" solution. It's not the killcam issue but I'll use it here as an example - when competitive gaming rules varies a lot of from public gaming, it'll be hard to get fresh players into the competitive scene afterwards. Killcam; maybe the best solution for eSport would be spectating from your buddies eyes and nothing else. Atleast not the Ghost Recon corpse Hero-cameras nor Americas Army spin around -alien view. Demos/replays/recordings - not familiar how UE4 supports these and imho I didnt found enough posts handling this issue. Nowdays they're not must-to-have because younger generation's been used to play without them, but for sure these would boost up the competitive scene a lot. I'd say having some demo system is allmost a must... Just to be able to "play" the match offline again, with various speeds & rewind & pause, with freecam & 1.person view and if possible with the over the shoulder view. But hooah guys! Faith have returned now and I apologize my loss of it for these years... And one last thing - take a bit of time to play & study games like Quake Live, ET, CS 1.6 and try to implement those issues into GB what made these games so great... Even you dont like the game itself a good players and especially creators should understand what makes some game so good eSports -wise. My list to Santa: Good maps, not too stiff/über realistic movement, challenging gameplay what requires multiple skills - not just reflex and aim (AA:PG ftw), easy and working netcode, good server support!
  3. Funding

  4. News or Updates?

    Well, putting things in really tight abstract I'd say something like this: Ground Branch is trying to be stripped combination of Bad Company 2, Americas Army and ARMA2, plus adding multiple functions more there and fixing some things, but with less crew than 1/30 what has been used to any of these games, and without no funding/money, and by that with allmost zero time for it... Pretty hard equation. And when/if GB someday would get ready, how out dated graphics there would be? For real HC people, like most of us here, graphics arent so huge issue I assume, but for larger crowds its really important thing. And if you dont aim to have any profit with this kind of work, that could be compared to intentionally shooting yourself to your leg, even to both of them. And does it still stand - that "something playable for 2010"? I havent read all the posts, spare me, but just remembering there was some talk about this. Sorry my negative tone here, and with the last posts I've wrote here. Maybe trying to bring some facts to the table like so many of us here - why? Well, Jason is trying to archieve something really neat here, something allmost none has done before, but is it too much. Dont sacrifise your life for a game... And for readers & cheeres, it's good to keep spirit up but dont do suicide if this GB never happens. Maybe ideal issues should be changed here - this could be more like an hobby instead of passionate work..? I dont know, just some brainstorming while writing my magister thesis... All the best for you all, but dont lose your sense of reality - developers & readers.
  5. News or Updates?

    Hah, I see... I have a personal stalker... Yes, same thoughts here. It's a pity to say, also rather rude and unpolite, but for now I'm glad I didnt join the donators (though I tried multiple ways, didnt have VISA at that time...) Please prove me wrong and make me to be ashamed of this post, but for donators it doesn't look like money well spend. So is the question now about the money, time or common lack of interest among the people involved to this project?
  6. News or Updates?

    Hoi, just checking in. Did I remember right, something playable during/for 2010? How things are looking, bad? Console copy FPS's are reproducing partenogenetic right now it seems, we're really missing something fresh for that genepool...
  7. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    What comes to tactic FPS, there's dissapointment after another... There's huge group of players waiting to get something like BFS:GB to their hands & comps ... Some new screenies could hep with my depression...
  8. The most important things

    Heh, this list could be thought as "wish-list for christmas 2009 - What Santa-Johns should pull out" Well my personal main cornern is Multi-Player of Ground Branch. I'm not so much into COOP, though why not play it sometimes. Of course understand its the thing for great deal of people. 1. Really good, interactive maps which have lots of variation with cover and moving possibilities. Been playing/testing many many many "realistic shooters" lately and not single one had as good maps as OGR what comes to tactic MP gaming, though ORG's maps werent perfect neither... 2. Keeping movement and fire NORG but still fast and smooth. 3. Wounding. Hits really needs to feel... What would be neat is having more impressive granade/artillery -impact effect. You might fall down just because of some impact, maybe drop your rifle (the thing pistol might come handy some places) 4. Easy and working menu concept, possibility to add game into Xfire browser for example 5. + lots of good attitude and fresh thinking...
  9. Grenades

    Yep, FinRecon will be playing Ground Branch for sure! If big ladders and leagues aint going to take it in right away, we're having this http://www.ghostleague.net/ running now... And what come's to this nading topic, most likely big points are made clear and lets see what dev.team creates. Discussion isn't a bad thing though but try to keep ideas vivid... I'm quite confident that what ever guru's are going to do with handgranade throwing it will be sweet/good enough. Goes a bit off topic but these basic NORG implements isn't my personal top priorities - it would be smooth gameplay with great maps which would vary a lot and have different options and routes for moving around. Only saying this that dont get too much into quite minor points, aight..? No offense people, wasnt personal!
  10. Grenades

    I just read the whole topic through. It required some coffee... Also hoping Kirq isnt involved with anything graphic related helping -projects etc., hihihi - siema! But, just some short comments/personal opinions here: - Difficult thing to do "properly" what comes to balancing realism and gameplay. After all, this is a GAME so gameplay should rise to higher value even it needs to sacrifise some realism. We should get nice frag-videos instead of nice leet-frag-throwing -fraps captures - If you controll throwing force with your view, viewing angles are darn hard to do correct; remember most likely the terrain where we're going to play at in GB is going to be something else than just flat field or asphalt. So all kind of automatic systems most likely aint going to work perfectly because of difficult counting and estimating. I'd prefer to have system like half of you're suggesting: * One button controlls throw : up or roll (Americas Army -style) * If you dont move, casting is smoother and more "stealth". Casting when moving you have more power and personal aerobic lesson there what comes to modeling it. * Mousewheel power-controll. Only 3-5 steps in different powers, so it could be also converted to keyboard, if someone wants to use wheel for something else. Of course power should be avail only when having nades in your hand. - Physics - well something like in that UT mod is enough I think? Of course the better the merry, but developers shouldnt hang themself if nade roll doesnt vary at seventeen different surfaces. Visible fragmentations would be really cool, also interaction like dust with explosion. But just an eye-candy after all...
  11. Introducing BlackFoot's first title.........

    What I'm thinking all the time is GB's to be the next MP GhostRecon (of course much much much more better...), so Linux -support would be perfect if it makes Dedicated servering possible like : Linux dedi-server -> all PC gamers. Stability issues are worth on concern what comes to servering; every GR dedi-rollers have encountered this nightmare... And still no publishing day for Ground Branch - good! Really, I mean good! Work on this baby to make it good... I know some of this forum's actives has lost their interest allready, also some clans/leagues/communities has ignored this game, but I'm 100% sure that if this game's good when it gets published the word will spread... Hoping kind of opposite what comes to GRAW; huge expectations by quite a huge audience and total dissapointment... Well, atleast 80% of people didnt like it... Hmm, I think I have even some point here what trying to say - most likely it's something like "Keep up the good work!"
  12. BFS Newsletter: Vol 1, Issue 7

    Nice job! Actually one of my wishes kind of came true now; we're able to test GB quite a while before it's launched, kind of... So huge "beta-test's" ahead friends! And that's Really good news! Only thing which wonders me it's the UT3 engine; how it fits to this? But that will be found out soon... No fear, but a little anxiety.
  13. Introducing BlackFoot's first title.........

    Well that's not 100% jungle, it's like a swamp jungle more likely (though still swamps also occures at jungle, so in the end it is jungle lol ). But I have even a point here: think about gaming at that over density bush filled forest... This kind of landscape tom brought here has way more possibilities; and yes it looks good! What I'd like to see would be wider trees so the light differences/diffusion would be more variable and some big bushes there and there for stealth (like in the ORG, but I thrusth you guys there will be same kind of things here - think I allready saw them at screenshots So maybe not 100% realistic landscapes but good terrain for gaming! That's the most important thing! We opened this www.ghostleague.net for good old Ghost Recon gaming now, and for sure will play Ground Branch there when it comes out! Keep up good work! Even it's summer soon would really like to see some more teasers some day in near future if possible...
  14. Introducing BlackFoot's first title.........

    I've been reading these forums quite a long without registering myself, but man - I've missed some neat stuff 'cause of that! Though it's great to see everything at once, heh... Amount of public players at Ghost Recon's been growing lately - dunno why, but I think it darn good thing... Anyways, keep up good work Black Foots! We will advertise this game at league sites!
  15. Introducing BlackFoot's first title.........

    This is a game we've been waiting for a long time... Few years ago it seemed like Enemy In Sight could been _the_ game, but it never even got published (merged with OFP if remember correct). Pretty many old familiar names here at this forum from the ClanBase Ghost Recon comm where FinRecon (=[FiRe]=) comes from. Most of our old clans and friends are playing something, members been spreaded to various games, though what I've heard nothing like GR has been found yet... These people are looking, kind of hypernating and waiting, get something again to play with - I really hope Ground Branch is that game which would unite old comm once again. Right now at the very moment, we're building a league only for Ghost Recon - there's still about 20 teams at EU which are wants to play it once again for real, maybe more. I was thinking that maybe we could prepare it to take Ground Branch there at gaming list... But before talking more, first hafto get the whole league up. But there's still lots of people who are interested about this kind of game - hope this one would have enough attention when published!