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  1. Name one thing (not people) you hate.

    not actually having anytime to myself for the past two weeks... all i want to do is sit down, turn the tv on for a few hours and watch mindless drivel.
  2. MP: Assymetric Warfare

    when i saw the title i had a mental image of a numerically superior force defending numerous targets in a area against a well equipped but numerically inferior force. why not do that? give the defending team respawns, but allow the offensive team the "area" at which they are coming from so they dont know exactly where they will come from, but the rough area. completion of objectives should be worth more than kills... Im pretty certain the objectives MP game in H&D 2 was pretty good at this.... frequently there were too many objectives for the defenders to defend them all and would often resort to protecting the VIP (who was a player) over the fuel tanks or the plane. this often led to disgruntled assault specialists going after opposition with less points but more kills than other chaps who would sneak in under the chaos of battle to get the objective completed. great for clan games, a bit meh for those who simply wanted a slightly more complicated death match. and then wierdos like me who wanted to win even if it meant sacrificing himself to complete objectives over surviving the end of the round. but one thing is for certain.... have a time limit....5mins, 7mins... what ever.... also ive had an idea for a multiplayer mod, based on a british playground game... based on this title.... (british bulldog any one?)
  3. Has anyone seen THE WATCHMEN yet?

    If you think the book to film conversion for Point of Impact/Shooter was bad, you would probably hang yourself after seeing/reading Timeline. (by, the now deceased, Michael Crichton)... THAT'S a bad conversion to the big screen... its so bad i wrote a letter to the film studio wanting the 1hr + of my life back!
  4. Hand 2 Hand

    The way i see it any method of implementing Hand to Hand isnt going to look pretty for the game. But soldiers carry knives, and probably have done since the knife was invented. people get stabbed in war, it may be easier to shoot them, but it isnt the only way to take down the guy who doesnt like you. If you can shoot them from 15 yds with a pistol why not 500 yds with a sniper gun. you know what, screw it! You dont need to be that close to use pistols. if you do you are doing it wrong. Besides, failing everything else, stabbing people in the back in computer games = 1 - Fun / challenge. I know people want "NORG" but if you dont want to use it simply dont use it. 2 - better ability to manage bullets. but like i said at the beginning, it never looks pretty. especially from the perspective of the first person.
  5. Why this game could fail! *MUST READ*

    The only way you can guarantee that is if you buy the million copies yourself. First impression count, i wonder if you have done your research before posting. now please sit down, you are rocking the boat!
  6. Voice Acting

    two things: 1)As to swearing/profanity and "beeping". you dont have to use *silence* or a *beep* all the time. you could mix in some radio static/explosion/etc conveniently. or just have them start to swear and have them distracted by something else..... "SOME ONE GET SOME FIRE ON THAT FU*.50cal sound effect*ING MORTAR!!" "why the hell are we here? this place is shh *cat knocks over dustbin*.... hey, did you here that?" 2)Also what about voices for the bad guys? are they going to be native? played by americans in native tongue or actually have some natives from that part of the world swearing, and shouting similar lines to everyone else? (also if you are looking for a badly acted south london accent for a hostage or something, let me know )
  7. Weapons

    I can see it now.... The ground branch guys fast rope out of Sea knight and secure their LZ. the call goes out over the radio.... *LZ is secure, bring in the armoury* Chinook thunders in over the waves, carrying a shipping container............. drops it 20 odd feet........ crash, bang, wallop. Armoury is in place. Covert. Like using a nuke to break a window! ---------------------------------- Multiplayer/pre mission launch might be possible, but once they are on the ground they are only going to have access to a limited pool of resources. Besides surely having a option like that would be better of with something like the SCAR?
  8. Would You Pay More

    Something else that I havent seen mentioned in this thread is the price to keep out those more "arcade players". Everyone else here is (debatably) looking at the price from a single player perspective. By having the price "above average" you are also keeping out those customers who would potentially ruin the online experience for everyone else. (those 12 yr old run and gun bunny hoppers - to name a stereotype). By keeping the price higher than average you will have those players who believe in the spirit of the game. (however, I don't feel this would make a good buisness model!) Personally I would pay above average to play this game. (£50-£60) although its been a long time since I bought a recent release pc game! Also, IMHO, I think to have the option of the addition of user made content is worth that little bit extra!
  9. Satchel Charge

    slight necro post.... or one of these (and the name is spot on!) The Simon no need to change ammo, get anything or anyone up to the door. slip this over the barrel and blast away!
  10. Health System [Medics?]

    Reading this reminded me of some poor American medic who got shot in Iraq. he later went on to save the snipers life. American army medic gets shot. anyhoo, ASSUMING two things: *he was shot with a ak47 7.62 round (rather than the smaller ak74 5.54 round) *It actually hit the medic, being a physical response, rather than a psychological response to the sound The poor medic doesn't seem to travel backwards, as opposed to drop in the foetal position. I like how he scrambles away as well (into cover.... natural response I know). Its a little bit morbid I know, but sometimes the best way to know how people react is to watch people in that situation. Unfortunately, this probably involves scouring youtube for film of people getting shot.
  11. Player Outfits

    The thing is, they arent supposed to be there, so, if anything they would be wearing foreign cammo, or a horrible mix of several different styles.... Tigerstripe trousers, Olive Drab top and a Isreali "Mitznefet". PLCE/MOLLE kit...... talking of MOLLE.... the ability to place your own pouches..... that would be cool.......(in theory it could effect how many mags/other kit you carry) - Although H&D2 had it so that what equipment you came kitted with effected what was on your LBE. Thompson mag's came in Mag holders, while Rifle ammo can in bandoliers. - sorry train of thought went a little bit sideways!
  12. Health System [Medics?]

    I'm generally more of a lurcker here than of any religious input, but there are a couple of things I feel need to be said 1) Limb wounds may not appear to be fatal immediately, but can result in death none the less. and I'm not talking your standard blood loss scenario either. The best example i can give is either a round/bullet fragment/bone fragment entering the femoral artery. it is possible for the fragment to end up in the heart, lungs or brain, which obviously isn't good. Any grunt can apply a some quick-clot, a bandage and apply pressure to the wound, but wounds don't heal instantly, and often blood loss before clotting can result in the need for more fluids (IV drips). The inclusion of a medic class in SP would allow for the increased chance of survival for your injured operatives post mission. Any possible Medivac will not arrive in immediately, they will need someone to stabilise the casualty before hand. 2) I'm wondering why no one has mentioned using the friendly medic on opposition casualties or neutral civvies? the inclusion of a medic to treat wounded could enable extraction of intelligence or face any possible war crimes tribunal and the gaining of hearts and minds amongst the local indigenous population. You could argue that a medic allowed to practice healing in game/in mission would ruin the game play, however, in reality, they often aren't able to treat the injured until the fighting is finished, or the casualty has been moved to a safer location on field. Surely the inclusion of a medic should [also] reflect in the post mission rather than the mission itself? 3) IMHO a person who is shot should fall down. whether or not they are injured, saved by their body armour, or immediately dead. I don;t think I haven;t read a word written by a soldier who has been shot and they've described getting shot like a being massively shaken. They've always described it like being kicked by a horse. Especially with the larger calibre rounds. (unless the person is off their head on drugs, unarmoured, and you are shooting armour penetrating rounds ala Blackhawk Down)
  13. Satchel Charge

    Ok, so I lurk here................ A LOT!, but when i saw this, i knew exactly where i should post.... Man sized hole, light weight, and just damn cool!
  14. Is there a name for this title?

    12 pages of catching up later..... Eye of the Storm: Task Force Hurricane