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  1. Binoculars

    I loved my binocs in Flashpoint and couldn't live with out them, infact. I'd always look for a downed officer just to get his binocs! However, in Ghost Recon (GRAW ) I used such high-powered scopes on my weapons that they actually rendered the binocs useless. I think this is really a question of how exactly the game will turn out, distances in levels etc. If they're very big and there's mostly ACOGs on weapons, then I'm all for the Binocs!
  2. other language versions

    Unless trained linguists and translators are put to the task, translations are usually way off. As much as this is also about the fact, that we are simply used to hearing English in movies and games, its also about how much resources should be put into a translating job when it isn't absolutely crucial. I think having English as the game's language is fine. I live in a non-English speaking country but haven't met a lot of people who couldn't understand English enough to follow what's going on in a First-person shooter.
  3. Please, NO RANKINGS!

    I think stats shouldn't be labeled the devil just because in BF2 and on public CS:S servers the systems reward fragging and don't demand teamwork. Make the game reward you for completing objectives and design gameplay as so, that objectives can't be capped without efficient teamwork. This way a higher rank in the stats system simply means that you are a better team player = you are doing what you are supposed to do and doing it well. Any thoughts on this?