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  1. Thanks Scopey... I'll be probably doing that by the end of the month. It will be nice to put the hurt on some baddies and help the cause here as well.
  2. My apologies if this is stupid question but I have not been here for quiet a while and until recently, I did not know there was a Tech Preview. I have now downloaded said tech preview, kick the tires of it somewhat and went for a casual walk testing KB+M. I assume there are no enemies on any of the maps when you are playing solo? just wondering as from playing TPV shooters I am a little rusty on FPV etiquette . I guess I just didn't want to get my head blown up while I was picking flowers and taking on the view Hopefully soon I will have more time to play again and I can buy whatever is available now but, for the most part, I have always been a Solo player so I would probably enjoy the game more if I was to engage the AI and not some of you expert guys out there.
  3. From a Solo Perspective it could be a fun game but a Ghost Recon is not. Teammates are dumb as a rock and you can only give simple commands but to the 3 of them so they are pretty much useless. Took me 3 tries to be able to save my keybinds and the default ones F1-F4 for commanding the teammates did not work so I had to use the horrible command wheel. HUD off, only minimap on, this did not work because you couldn't sync a shot. Enemy ai are blind as a bat and you could literally walk up to them, give them a hug and they would not know it. TPS movements are clunky and don't get me started on driving the vehicles. They will need a lot of tweak to make it fun for Solo Gamers like me but if you go thinking that you are going to play a shooter with some Far Cry/Division/Just Caused and whatever other open world genre you can think off, you will enjoy it a lot because after the initial hour or so to get used to the controls and gameplay, then you can start again in Ghost Difficulty and pretty much take care of the itch of hurting some tangos. Oh crap, sorry... I just realized there is an open thread about GRW Beta.
  4. As much as I despise Consoles now, Ghost Recon was my first Tactical Shooter on the Xbox until I find out I could also get it on PC and that was all it took to kick the console to the curve. Never played GR2 because it was on console and after that, any shooter on PC I could get my hands on,. Hell, I even taught myself to enjoy Future Soldier. I am an anti social so I tend to only play Solo Campaigns... waiting for GB to be able to play it solo. Speaking about Tactical Shooters... anybody Beta Tested UBI's latest Ghost Recon Experience? Oh yeah... long time no visit.
  5. Ahhh damn... OK, thanks WK
  6. Ok, just so my thick headed body understand... game IS available to play now, not completed but some maps are and this includes Campaign? I am not interested at all on MP as I never do so. To bad Steam is the only option but I will give it a try soon. Thanks guys
  7. So, flaming suit on and all, my apologies for insulting the crowd here but I have been absent for a looong time and everytime I try to browse the forum something comes up so I don't get to follow every news . I read bit and pieces so I am a little bit lost here... is the game available for purchase for us normal saps? If so, is Steam the only way to get it? Can I buy the CD and not have to play it on steam? Is it a complete Campaign game or just Maps as it was some time ago suggested. Point me in the right direction please. Again, sorry and you have the right to scold me if you are incline to do so for not keeping up with the game... it is all my fault and I will gladly take my punishment Thanks
  8. THIS... + 100 I hate fighting bosses or those type of scenarios and them telling me that it took 20 hours to finish... the difference between the levels is not whether you are dead with 1 or 10 shot but how... if an enemy with a pistol can kill you easily way across the map (GRAW 1) it just annoys me beyond belief because that is just pure lazyness in the part of the programmer.
  9. Yeah I have had to sit through a winner of 8 Oscars movie that made me want to gouge my eyes in the first 20 minutes and I have enjoyed a low budget movie that no one new the main actors... anybody remember an oldie called "Star Wars" Again, thanks for the explanation... I wish you guys the best and hopefully I will be able to enjoy your game soon.
  10. This is really good to hear... it really is. I, personally don't care if the Game is A-, let alone AAA because I don't consider any of the newer shooter games, shooters anyways let alone AAA games. OK, thank you... now I understand and now I understand why others have not done this before I thought that you had everything else working already but you needed the money to make a full game, more content... kinda like when you want to launch a new TV series that you need the pilot but also at least 10 shows before anybody will buy it? So, again, I'd figure you had everything but were lacking the money for the other maps, the content, voice overs... things of that nature, hence, why I said, OK, perhaps to make money to finish the rest of the stuff, put 1 map online or Solo Play for 5 bucks and get some money out from it to finish it off. I meant Zero disrespect what so ever... I still wish you guys the best.
  11. OK, it has been a while since I have been here and aside from wanting to come in and say Hi I gotta wonder something that perhaps it has already been thought out, perhaps even rehashed to death but I can not in good concious read everything since my last post so... here it is. It appears GB will never become a complete and full blown game, I don't say this negatively but we have been here since 2005 or even before so I am being perhaps a bit more realistic than most so... how about charging 5 bucks per map if you want to do some sort of Solo/Campaign and $10.00 per map if you want to play MP? 5 bucks sounds so ridicoulosly cheap but do you know how Amex is said makes their millions? by the membership money... the rest of the stuff they do is a lost sale or lost cause. At the very least, perhaps you can get some of that money you have invested back (I didn't say all LOL), then again... perhaps it will make you your first Million, you never know. If this does not work... Why wouldn't it? is it because the maps and the concept are still in Alpha or Beta or because the servers are to expensive to host 1 map for only 5 bucks? Sorry, I am jonesing for a REAL Ghost Recon game and not the kiddie wrappers we get now a days from Ubisoft but more and more I am having to surrender my dreams and my ideas to those type of games if I want to continue playing shooter games. Again, good to be back here.
  12. Another dum idea...a bunch of people have Pay Pal disposible money (me included) , money that I condider out of my budget or that it doesn't hurt me if I spend it or splurge or pesonal things. Using my Credit Card knowing full well that I will have to pay it from the checking account at the end of the month is something I try to avoid So, bieng said that... could it be so wrong to open a separate Pay Pal account for those who want to donate to the cause even if it doesn't show in the KS fund? I know that PP hits you hard when they take their cut and on a 10K donation is a huge chunk but, on 25 to 50 to a 100 bucks, the cut is not that bad and you are reaching a lot of people that otherwise would not donate... just saying!
  13. Stupid question as I have yet to browse the KS page... is there a Multi Language version? I have some Spanish speaking friends I would like to tell about the project but they do not speak much English so I doubt they will get into it. I have never help any cause and my budget is tight but I do believe this is the game we all have been waiting for after the original Ghost Recon so I will be in for 25 cheeseburgers on Monday. Thanks
  14. Something to do while you wait. Puff Puff Pass people... Puff Puff Pass
  15. Gawd, this is worse that waiting for you GF to give it to you the first time... It kinda reminds me of this here animated GIF... it may be consider NSFW by some so open at your own peril http://www.ammahls.com/random/1.gif