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  1. Loved FC sans the creatures (hacked my way around them to finish the game), couldn't finish FC2 but did enjoy FC3 & 4, passed on Primal, at least the previous ones did not have the Tom Clancy name so I did enjoy them for what they were ... so I am looking forward to FC 5. Its like watching the latest Star Wars movies... you just kinda have to LOL
  2. Gun Ho ain't my thing either but neither is having to subdue people, take their cloths, rinse and repeat for 30 minutes to finally put a bullet on the target. I am more of a... give me the scoop, show me the loadout and let me go do my thing while taking it easy, taking my time but dropping some baddies while I am at it LOL.
  3. IDK, tried the 1st Hitman game and I didn't get along with it, ever since then, I have not bother with the sequels. I also tried Splinter Cell (before UBI got their paws on it and made into a casual fest), liked it but found it a bit to slow for my tactical taste... I think this was the reason why I tried hitman but can't really remember as I am going back some time now. Hell, hard to remember what I did yesterday I will go check some gameplay on YT about this game and see what happens... hopefully by them UBI has done something about the ai on WL or even add FPV... Ha ha ha ha, ok, I am just lying to myself now. Oh and by Hitman 6 you mean Absolute? because I see that one being from 2012 but 2 newer ones after that so I am confused.
  4. AV, by your review, if I am understanding correctly, you played 5 rounds of Multiplayer and Not Single Player/Campaign? Also, what you played was the Beta or the real game?
  5. I was never able to get into any of these two games so I can't comment but it does seem like the gaming industry is all over the place now a days, like it does not know what direction they really want to follow with their games mixing bits and pieces from other games to attract those people instead of catering to their community. In the end, the strongest will always survive and perhaps we will get new blood injected into it. Only time will tell I guess.
  6. Post some reviews of the beta...
  7. I also read the reviews from that UBI forum member as well as some videos he posted and I do like the fact that in challenge mode you get more feel of the old school games which is ok for me since I just may do one playthrough on normal mode to get a feel for the game and weapon mechanics and then enjoy the challenge mode.
  8. The more I think about it the more I believe I was right in waiting for the Devs to fix the game before buying it. Apparently the latest pc patch fixed some of the flaws people were asking for. It also broke other things that were working so expect another patch soon. By the time they finish fixing the issues I care about, I'll get it for cents on a dollar and I'll enjoy it even more. Those images do look awesome guys but they are not really my cup of tea... I guess I have to learn to stop and smell the roses while I am shooting people in the head LOL.
  9. As a Single/Campaign gamer, I believed I played every MoH and CoD multiple times but I got so tired of WWII weaponry that I welcomed MW games with open arms and I am not particularly looking forward to any game going back to it. On the other hand, it looks like I am going to be royally ed since pretty much all of the shooters are heading that way... Battlefront 1, now CoD and I imagine soon MoH. Ugh... getting old sucks
  10. Once the patch it and if they fix it, I may get it then... if you guys are still playing it and on PC, I'll knock on your doors to see if you let me in. LOL
  11. Being a Solo player I will not be buying at release and I may just wait for the bargain bin price if that. I don't know if this is a bad console port to PC or if they just suck at making pc games work with KB+M but I did try the CB and now the OB and the same issues from the controls are still happening. Binding the buttons to what I usually like took about 3 or more tries before they saved. Then, commanding the AI w/o using that horrible command wheel does not work, even if I rebind the F1-F4 buttons to something else. Multi-purpse keys do not work if you rebind them to the keys you want to use, etc, etc. I am not much of an eye candy guy so the graphics at medium low were ok for me, I have a GTX660 2GB so I can not ask to be able to see the sweat on their faces and even though I was thinking on updating GPU, I am not going to do it just so I can play this game with better graphics. Driving is just horrible, more so in TPV, the vehicles are all over the place and they feel light, like they are skating on water., the dirtbike is perhaps the least but they are not as readily available as the vehicles. I was able to at least fly the Helo in the CB but couldn't manage to get it going on the OB and if you are going to be doing a bit of driving in this game and some missions require you to steal helos, well, I will be ed just like I was when I had to steal one of the Unidad Helos and it took me out of bounds and Mission over... making me loose all the cool weapons I had taken from the Unidad. I don't mind dying if I do a stupid thing, hell, even dying because I am trying something new but when you command your ai and tell them to hold while you try to take care of the sentrys or snipers (FOB Amarillo) and all of a sudden one of your squad ai screams that he's opening up a can of whoop ass on the enemy w/o you giving them the order to attack, you can't help but say "######!!!", who told you to go loud? and all of a sudden you have unidad reinforcement chasing you even if you were far away from the idiot ai who decided to go Postal. Clearly they do have their own unique set of rules and I did not get the memo ahead of time. We were gathering intel on another side mission when again, one of them decided to go from one side of the map to catch up with me alerting the enemy so, again, we had to go loud. Well, they can not hit the broadside of a barn if their lifes depend on it. Gunsmith is ok but being a Special forces unit, do you not think you will be able to start the game with better optics on your weapons and not ironsights? I understand Leveling up but grinding to get the good ###### is just ridiculous on a tactical game. I understood even though it got annoying pretty fast on Far Cry but not here. Ghost/Character/Player movement is superficial at best, I hate TPV shooters but I rather have the GRFS movements any day of the week and twice on Sunday than what we have here. In short, yes, the game can be fun but I doubt if I will be saying the same thing after 15 or so hours of the same grinding and rinse and repeat... less so having to carry my blob teammates on my shoulder throughout the whole campaign. Perhaps I will start with Sniper Elite 4, then I will give Sniper GW 3 a run in hopes that Ubi fixes at least some of the ###### that is wrong with GRWL. By that time surely I can pick it up for a few cheeseburgers. ,
  12. Thanks Scopey... I'll be probably doing that by the end of the month. It will be nice to put the hurt on some baddies and help the cause here as well.
  13. My apologies if this is stupid question but I have not been here for quiet a while and until recently, I did not know there was a Tech Preview. I have now downloaded said tech preview, kick the tires of it somewhat and went for a casual walk testing KB+M. I assume there are no enemies on any of the maps when you are playing solo? just wondering as from playing TPV shooters I am a little rusty on FPV etiquette . I guess I just didn't want to get my head blown up while I was picking flowers and taking on the view Hopefully soon I will have more time to play again and I can buy whatever is available now but, for the most part, I have always been a Solo player so I would probably enjoy the game more if I was to engage the AI and not some of you expert guys out there.
  14. From a Solo Perspective it could be a fun game but a Ghost Recon is not. Teammates are dumb as a rock and you can only give simple commands but to the 3 of them so they are pretty much useless. Took me 3 tries to be able to save my keybinds and the default ones F1-F4 for commanding the teammates did not work so I had to use the horrible command wheel. HUD off, only minimap on, this did not work because you couldn't sync a shot. Enemy ai are blind as a bat and you could literally walk up to them, give them a hug and they would not know it. TPS movements are clunky and don't get me started on driving the vehicles. They will need a lot of tweak to make it fun for Solo Gamers like me but if you go thinking that you are going to play a shooter with some Far Cry/Division/Just Caused and whatever other open world genre you can think off, you will enjoy it a lot because after the initial hour or so to get used to the controls and gameplay, then you can start again in Ghost Difficulty and pretty much take care of the itch of hurting some tangos. Oh crap, sorry... I just realized there is an open thread about GRW Beta.
  15. As much as I despise Consoles now, Ghost Recon was my first Tactical Shooter on the Xbox until I find out I could also get it on PC and that was all it took to kick the console to the curve. Never played GR2 because it was on console and after that, any shooter on PC I could get my hands on,. Hell, I even taught myself to enjoy Future Soldier. I am an anti social so I tend to only play Solo Campaigns... waiting for GB to be able to play it solo. Speaking about Tactical Shooters... anybody Beta Tested UBI's latest Ghost Recon Experience? Oh yeah... long time no visit.