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  1. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    The world is beautiful, no doubt, and even with my cheesy GPU I get to see it very well at 1080p. I agree with most here, the game is fun but it is more frustrating that fun after a few hours of constantly getting enemies spawn close to you or knowing your location right away or one of the squad teammates screaming "I'm shooting these ers" when you are trying to do the mission quiet. Truth be told, I have not been able to do any mission quietly, at some point, I have to go loud and no matter what weapon I use, I keep dying because after unloading a few rounds on the bad guys, they still manage to kill me. And don't get me started on the dudes carrying UZYs killing from far far away when hitting them with an assault weapon or LMG doesn't do anything but them off even more The only think keeping going is the fact that I want to see all of the provinces so now I am not doing side missions and only a few of the main missions. I have managed to escape from a single SAM with the small helos but multiple SAMS are a different story. I don't have time to spend learning how to do so with the big birds and the airplanes though so I skipped those missions. Hard as a I tried not to level up or use the skills, it is a must if you want to survive more than a few seconds when you hit an Unidad Province. No doubt I suck at shooting (I suck even more at flying I guess) but I thought the bottom line was to buy a game to have fun and not get myself more frustrated that what real life throws at me LOL. Massive effort for sure and since money is what matters, I understand why they went mediocre on the gameplay and placed the effort on the money maker (eyecandy... Big-Ass world) but I don't have to like it.
  2. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    It may very well be me, I have only taken the game for a spin 2 to 3 times and no more than 1 hour each time so I don't know all the intricacies of it. It was strange not to see an arrow though (found that on google though). Oh well, I'll remember that for next time. Thanks
  3. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    So I was stealing an Airplane in the Ocoro's Province. Ok, easy peasy lemon squeezy (well, after I learn that if I don't get rid of the dudes quick enough one other dudes books it in the helo, to my dismay . And my friend did not warn me, phucker was laughing when I had to restart the whole thing). Any ways, I manage to level up the thing (wonkier mechanics than the helo if I am honest) and it tells me to deliver it to the Rebel's airstrip, Uhm ok... Where exactly is the Rebel's airstrip though? as soon as I am up in the air, I open up the Map and Look for the so called Green Arrow pointing me where to go but it is not there... is this consider a bug or what gives? this has happened 3 times already and I am thinking I will pass on the "Steal an Airplane side Missions" from now on. Jesus, the more time I give this game, the more upset I get because they could have really make a better Ghost Recon game if they just put a little more effort into it but... so be it.
  4. The Hitman's Bodyguard

    He's not a very good actor but funny and likeable enough that his movies are not at all bad. I have seen worse movies made by so called better actors.
  5. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    Nah, I knew very well what I was doing and I am under no Illusions that my GPU will play this game, or any game for that matter, at ULTRA settings but I do expect some Medium to Low settings to let me play the game at good FPS (I am happy with 30 to 45 fps in 1080p)... I will not dwell in the matter because this particular game is not optimized, I kinda new it since they never optimize any of their shooters for PC but I was hoping to get rid of that small issue with camera movement if at all possible. Oh well, no harm no foul, I just won't buy the game until cheap enough that I can endure the issue and go at least 1 playthrough... or not at all if there are other games to play.
  6. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    I guess I'm going to be phuck for a little while longer then... oh well.
  7. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    Well, I did not mean for them to just release it on PC, I guess I meant, do a proper GR 2 for PC with 2017 tech and graphics, proper AI mechanics, TPV & FPV so everyone is happy, make the difficulty options do what they are supposed to... Easy: for those wanting bullet sponges, Normal: need to be a bit careful and use your head, Hard: look both ways before crossing, Extreme: Don't cry if 1 shot kills you. You know, something that makes sense and everyone would win. I honestly believe that Open World is dying a very detrimental death, so is grinding because really, once you have done the first playthrough, you really don't want to grind again to get all of the perks and weapons, whereas, if you make small maps, and let me keep my weapons, switching from easy to normal would be a nice treat for a second playthrough and so on and so forth for the next difficulty levels. BigAss Open worlds like WL are awesome to look at but when you have to walk and walk and well, walk to get from point A to point B to shoot again, it gets boring fast. That or you choose a vehicle or flying so you are no longer enjoying the beautiful world because you want to get to the shooting as fast as possible. Too much empty space if you ask me. Of course I could be totally wrong.
  8. Medal of Honor Series Canned

    As a solo/campaign gamer... I hate the fact that games as of late are putting more effort into PvE or PvP and kicking us to the side like the red headed step child like if our money doesn't hold the same value
  9. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    Ahhh, yes, peripherals are not part of hardware... this is what happens when you read but the brain does not LOL. Here are my specs in a nutshell. AZRock Z87 Extreme 6 ... i5 4670K @ 3.40Ghz. ... 8GB 799.6 Mhz Ram ... Asus Strix GTX 1050 ti + Asus GTX660 (PhysX) ... HP w2338h Monitor 1080p ... 120 SSD for OS (Win7) ... 1.5TB HDD for data and Games. I know games now a days are played better on SSD but Sniper 4 Elite and Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 does not suffer from this phenomenon that WLands suffers. I guess it is hard to explain. Character movement speed is ok but camera movements from left to right or vice versa are slow and so is the movement to ads. I wish the old Red Storm Studios would have a 20 yr old reunion and make GR2 for those of us on PC that were never able to play it. I know I would pay full retail for that. I wish you guys the best
  10. Medal of Honor Series Canned

    Ahhhh... OK I just thought my PC had lost the date I do miss not having a new iteration of MoH:W ... it doesn't matter what or why they went wrong. Oh well.
  11. Medal of Honor Series Canned

    Ok, is it me or this post was opened after 4 years of slumber? At any rate... As a Campaign Solo Gamer, I can honestly say that I loved the old MoH games, linear as they were... the story was good and I did felt somehow immersive in the game. MoH: W came in and the story was credible and I have to admit, I did sob a little bit when Rabbit die... something I did not do with GRAW and couldn't care less about GRFS teammates. The sequel was not better but I also like it even though the AI was a bit clunky and the weapon mechanics slightly off the mark. Unfortunately this mediocrity mentality is the new norm but I am learning, albeit slow, that it is what it is and I either have to succumb to it or just walk away from the game until a year later when I can pick it up from the bargain bin and take it for a spin. I do feel that I have lost something without a newer version of MoH:W
  12. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    Hardware issues as in the mouse alone? This is a Logitech G9 mouse that has 32000 dpi speed. In other shooters I have had to lower the DPIs because of erratic movements caused by how fast the mouse is. Meaning, I have to set it to lower speeds within the game. On WL though, I have set it to full speed and still I find myself moving slow on lateral movements (ie: moving camera from left to right) or trying to go ADS in a timely fashion. It does have a hard surface mouse pad but it would give me issues with the other games as well. I am trying hard to like this game, I really am but it is not making it easy LOL. Or perhaps other hardware issues you are talking about? I will try to test the game again with the Picasso mouse (I think that's the name of it) and I will also ask my friend if he minds me playing with the settings of the ingame mouse a bit. Hopefully this will solve my issue since more and more I am seeing it as my personal issue.
  13. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    Water under the bridge, they already said it won't get touched because that is how they envisioned the game. Fine, at least they admitted it, alas, months later but at least they did. All I want now is for the game to drop a few dollars more and appreciate the beautiful world they created while popping someone in the head . Now, if we can keep the thread on topic for a few minutes ... Can someone that has the game and has played it tell me if the mouse/character movement is this slow throughout all the game or only in the initial province? Can this be tweaked in the mouse game options?
  14. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    Incentive for PvP that allegedly will be coming soon. I am still not convince, even for 30 cheeseburgers, the Squad AI and enemy AI will not be fixed, worked on or even tweaked (as per the Devs) and this thing with the Mouse movement and slowness of the ADS has me put off for the moment... perhaps if I find an answer to this problem I plunge when it gets to the 20s.
  15. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    Took the game for a spin at a friend's house this weekend just to see what has been fixed and/or worked on... he's up to patch 6 IIRC. I noticed this during the beta and I still do so today after the 6 patches but it may be me and not the game at all... even though other games don't behave this way. Logitech G9 mouse set at fastest DPI setting (3200 if I am not mistaken).... lateral movement seem very slow, what I mean is: looking at 12 o'clock and moving to either 3 or 9, the movement is slow to get to e or 9. Same thing happens when going from TPV to ADS. I did not touch the game settings as it isn't my game but my friend didn't know whether changing something on the option menu would help. Are there settings we can touch to hurry the mouse up a bit? I will be taken the mouse I purchased to his house again to see if that helps, which I doubt but just for ######s and giggles. flying on the helo is much better now, simple and to the point... just did about 20 to 40 minutes of play and I only got to set Amauro (?) free so did not tried the attack helos yet.