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  1. There is no way I would pay anything more than $50 for a video game. It's going to take some tremendous dollar devaluation for me to consider otherwise.
  2. Night Vision

    Will the game come pre-packaged with aspirin?
  3. Randomized Enemy AI Positioning

    Well I would hope that the scripting wouldn't force you to have random enemy placement... because to make coop stealth missions successful, you are sometimes required to have very specific patrol paths for enemies. Just look at some of Alpha Squad's or +SD's tournament missions... they were often like a maze of stealth where you had to time movements and survey the area prior to moving into it. OGR's Igor editor had a feature that allowed you to set a random patrol area. We used these often in our tournament missions, and boy did it work over a fair few teams who were expecting that the tangos were going to be where they last saw them. It really adds a dynamic and realistic sense to the game so long as it's used in moderation. So all I'm asking is that if this is a scripting feature, let it be loosely implemented, ultimately allowing the scripter to make the appropriate decision on random patrols/spawns versus static ones. EDIT: On a second note, this is the biggest beef I had with RavenShield. The mission lost the majority of its excitement after the first few times playing it because the enemies were always in one of several positions. Then it simply turned into an interactive target shooting experience.
  4. Sound effects in game

    OGR had this and it worked very well. If you held down the Alt key while walking (or crouched), your sound would be considerably less. You would walk a whole lot slower, but your aim would steady and you couldn't be heard unless you were literally moving within a few feet of a tango. We used this feature extensively in our 2005 Community Coop tournament when stealth was needed to achieve a particular objective. I can't recommend this feature enough for GB. Just my 2 cents.
  5. Oh goodie, another topic to put my 2 cents in on.. In OGR, a common complaint that resonated with all of the coop gamers was the fact that if an objective required something be demo'd that you would be forced to protect your demo guy at all costs. It seemed counterintuitive that the elite of the elite wouldn't know how to set demo charges. The same stood for the AT guys... you couldn't pick up your buddy's AT4 and shoot the tank. Then in ArmA we see the exact opposite and we still aren't happy as everyone can take whatever they want... which normally ends up with the entire squad taking the M4ACOG with GL, AT4 and even a pistol. While I suppose this isn't necessarily unrealistic, since everyone in the army is trained to use the AT4, shoot an AR rifle and some type pistol... But it destroys gameplay in my opinion because you often end up with players running headlong to the objective simply to be the one who gets to detonate the charges or stupidly exposing themselves while trying to blow up a tank... all to get his/her 15 seconds of fame. So I'm not sure what the answer is... maybe having limited class slots that each individual mission dictates, and if that operator goes down, his teammates can move and retrieve the charges/AT/electronics or whatever else he might be a specialist of? Unfortunately I don't have the answers to that question, but at least I'm putting it out there. That's an interesting point... I definitely like the idea of it! Perhaps as a medic, if you went over to a wounded soldier a small HUD element would pop up giving his vitals and information like where the bullet(s) is/are and whether there is internal bleeding or hemorrhaging, and you are then prompted with how to treat him, be it by various medications that you have in your satchel, by physical means or maybe both. If you fail to act accordingly, he could die or become worse, or something along those lines. I'm no doctor, but that sure would seem a job for a person who likes to be a medic and would prevent those with no experience from simply being a mobile fountain of youth. This brings to mind another issue though... will there be support to carry wounded/dead operators? If you are in highly restricted areas, it would seem like you would blow your cover if you left dead comrades lying there... or even dead enemies for that matter, which is something that I really liked in Splinter Cell-- the ability to move dead tangoes to dark closets so they wouldn't be found. Anyways, enough of a tangent already. Ooops!
  6. Server Admin Tools

    One thing I might suggest is to allow server admins to force custom HUD configurations on players for realism (or lack thereof in some cases). This is one thing that sure would have been nice when running our tournaments.
  7. Suppression

    I think you hit the nail on the head. I played OGR for six years, and at the end I still would get that shocked feeling in my gut when I got shot. I think it had to do with the whole situation of the game: you were somewhere you shouldn't be and trying to not be seen, then all of a sudden you are being shot at. The sound of your flesh ripping apart from the bullet and the added camera effect of literally falling down dead (and seeing your blood flow out onto the ground to boot) worked your mind over. One second you were alive, the next you were dead... Add to the fact that in coop you were dead for the rest of the mission gave a real incentive to not die. If you respawned in a few moments, who cares if you run around like a moron. If you have to wait an hour to play because you acted like an idiot and got yourself shot 5 minutes into the mission, well that's your fault. OGR is one of the few games that got my blood rushing. I honestly haven't played a game since that got me so worked up into a ball of nerves...