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  1. Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead

    A2 = updated Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis mate, apples and oranges really. OFP, Resistance, vbs1, Armed Assault, A2, OA.. after 10 years still pretty much the same game, better in some aspects, worse in others..
  2. New Medal of Honor Thread

    Ok... the SP is 5 hours long and 100% linear with no a.i. to be found so absolutely no replay value, EA wont be releasing dedicated servers or editing tools and the MP is a mix betwean MW2 and BC2. I dont understand todays gaming scene, all the hysteria, anticipation and hype over something so.. ordinary? I dont get why everyone goes crazy over something like this, we had stuff like this 10 years ago and even then it was "fast food". I watched some gameplay footage and i actually feel good about not buying this game, wheres the value?
  3. L4D or L4D2? If there can only be one

    Get 2, i read Valve plans to release all the original L4D campaigns for L4D2 anyway and they already released one (No Mercy), although its quite subpar compared to the L4D2 campaigns. But for SP its a tough recomendation...
  4. New Medal of Honor Thread

    I think i've played that game a few times before.. big "meh!" EA steps down on the Taliban issue: More on that: http://www.cnbc.com/id/39458078/ EA should remove the real world names from the MP maps.
  5. New Medal of Honor Thread

    I find EA's take on this inconsiderate and regretable, to say the least. I'd like to know the opinions of those who have lost close relatives and friends in the Afghanistan war.. edit: There seems to be alot of people unhappy that the SP and MP are two diferent games made by diferent devs, using diferent game engines and gameplay, you cant lean or go prone in MP . Really strange decision..
  6. Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead

    I like it alot but its not heaps and bounds above Arma 2 like some are saying, its an expantion.. a very good, standalone expantion with a generous amount of content, a full game on its own really. The "clunkyness" is the same, there are no diferences in the animation. The a.i. isnt better or worse, its the same.. there is less cover available in Takistan. There are still colision problems, weird physics, etc. Theres adjustable sights, flir, nv and thermal scopes, functional peq 2's, flashlights, ir strobes, vehicle counter measures, backpacks plus some other subttle aditions and improvements. I like the setting and content alot more than i liked the Chernarus thing.. infact im running OA standalone and i dont miss anything from A2, this includes all the bugs and performance issues of A2. Good times.
  7. my E3 impressions 1 day at a time...

    Argh, very disapointed that Aliens Colonial Marines wasnt there, again... A big at this years E3...
  8. Arma II engine trailer

    The clunky movement is associated to gamers being used to fly a camera inside a box type movement, it takes some getting used to but once you do you might actually enjoy it, the weapon float zone and head bobbing can be adjusted or disabled under options. The performance... i dont think its the engine at fault but the vegetation and buildings they used in Chernarus, people that ported Sahrani into Arma 2 say it runs better than it did in the first Arma engine. I think Arrowhead has potential.
  9. Reaction to GRFS. Cant find a better way to describe it...
  10. Sniper: Ghost Warrior

    I've yet to see UE3 pull landscapes like that, and unless its on a 3d skybox i doubt i ever will, also some of those scenes are more complex than what i recall from crysis (been a while). Its a sniper game so they cant afford to have npc's and props popping out of nowhere . COJ2 isnt Crysis but the balance betwean performance and detail was great. I'd settle for lesser graphics (much less) if the gameplay delivered, thats really my only concern.
  11. Sniper: Ghost Warrior

    You mean low poly models right? That doesnt seem to be the case.. overall the detail seems high for a game like this (open map, dense vegetation, etc), i hope not too high.. And Chrome 4 is a sweet game engine, check out some videos of the level editor. Definetly more fun than.. unreal ed or hammer >> . Doubt they will release an sdk though.
  12. New Splinter Cell: Conviction trailer

    Conviction reminds me more of Max Payne than SC, they decided to reinvent the game but it doesnt look like it changed for the better. Ubisoft digging their own grave? I think their sales are going to keep sinking..
  13. Sniper: Ghost Warrior

    IGN has some shots i havent seen in the other previews, they show some character models other than the sniper team. There was a preview that mentioned something like 70% stealth and 30% action and the maps seem large enough. We will see..
  14. Sniper: Ghost Warrior

    I have an eye on this, its their first title coming out on the xbox 360 plus it looks quite above their previous titles, it definetly looks good, great actually. I'll take a throwing knive over shoulder mounted rockets anyday .
  15. Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

    Whatever buddy, if you grew up playing Halo on a console i can understand why you take DR as jesus second coming... but if you were an OFP fan you'd feel cheated too. "War on a scale never before seen.." I know BIS are struggling but they will eventually deliver.. Dragon Poop will be dead in a month . Sure (on the PC) but you will have to track the missions down and paste them in the folder, in OFP and the Arma games you just conect to a dedicated server, download the mission and you're good to go. CM released this game with alot of broken promisses, i think ppl have the wright to know the truth since they were able to omit all the limitations and missing features up untill the last minute.