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  1. Indie Fund

    Hey all, when I watched this I immediately thought of BFS and how this might help get things moving a bit faster. I hope it helps. Relevant part of vid starts @ 2:20
  2. BFS crew?

    I don't know if anyone else has seen this nor do I know if this picture is real but is this a pic of Mr. Sonedecker himself? Source: http://www.mobygames.com/developer/shots/d...operShotId,917/
  3. Weapons

    It would be pretty bad for a realistic game like GB to miss something as basic as having different types of ammo.
  4. Weapons

    One is a thin light that functions like a laser sight while the other is a wide beam that functions like a flash light.
  5. Tactial Gameplay - What is it?

    You got that right. However when I get a new rig I would like to play some of those games that my current rig can't run.
  6. hand signals

    I'm no expert on NORG but I think what NORG is really about is using the real world as a template for the game and I believe that the realistic actions with realistic consequences is only linked to it.
  7. Transfer of rounds between magazines

    That's understandable. Yeah, I like what your saying here.
  8. Transfer of rounds between magazines

    Well just because your fiddleing with your mags doesn't mean you have to misplace all of your focus onto your magazines, you still need to be listening for any movements or lookout for signs of the enemy. Yeah, psychomorph understands me. If your in a long round whether it be co-op or PvP your probably going to have heaps of mags that aren't full. What you might want to do is get somewhere safe and possibly get your buddy to cover you while you transfer the rounds to get full mags. Even if it's just a couple out of the 6-7 mags that are half half then OCD players (like myself) would probably say "better safe than sorry" and start transfering rounds.
  9. Transfer of rounds between magazines

    Well this ain't going to be like AA first off, this is going to be GB. Rounds can last from, as you mentioned before, ~5mins but OGR rounds can drag on and on and on. I've heard of a round that lasted 2 hours because a guy was camping in the large building on that map where it was the 5th mission of the original campaign (I can't remember the map name) and I think the players who were dead and spectators didn't mind cos they wanted to see who was going to crack first. A time like that would probably be a good time to transfer rounds for the player who was camping.
  10. Transfer of rounds between magazines

    I think I get what you mean but I think you should do a step by step explanation as I am finding it hard to keep up with what your saying.
  11. Transfer of rounds between magazines

    I agree, good points.
  12. I think the player should have the option to transfer rounds from all their part full magazines into other part full mags to make full mags as I think most people will agree with me that you would be better off with less full mags than more part full mags. How I think it should be adopted is by having the player execute the action somehow and they watch the player move all the rounds from one mag to another. Obviously the time it takes should be dependent on the amount of rounds that have to be moved and this obviously means the player should only execute this command when it is safe etc.
  13. Tactial Gameplay - What is it?

    I think the easier way to say what you just said is "easier said than done".
  14. Tactial Gameplay - What is it?

    Well I just reread my post and I realise that it wasn't as well articulated as I wanted to it be. But anyways Ick about the definition of a tac shooter being able to make a difference for the team through cooperation is really just linked to my realism definition but I think that a realistic shooter is the most simplest way to define a tac shooter (like OGR). Let's look at an example of a real life scenario: What happens when a person on the team breaks formation to rambo it out? Most of the time the **** will hit the fan. It would probably compromise the operation and then it could either result in loss of that persons life, the lives of the team mates , a hostages life or even all three of them. That is real action with a real consequence. Now look at a videogame designed with the NORG design philosophy and look at the same action and consequence in the scenario. Would they not be identical? I would like to think so because as the NORG philosophy states: The real world should be used as a template for the game. That would mean that if someone were to do something in the game that reflects real life then it should have a consequence that also reflects real life to match as the NORG philosophy also states (IIRC) that the game should have realistic actions with realistic consequences. So that is why I say a realistic shooter is the simplest definition of a tac shooter.
  15. Tactial Gameplay - What is it?

    I reckon that there is only one ingredient that is needed to make an old school realistic tactical shooter that we all know and love around here and that's realism. I also think that team work and tactics is just byproducts of tactical shooters. You ask most people about what makes a tactical shooter and they will say something along the lines of "ohhh, well I think that it's teamwork and tactics that makes a realistic tactical shooter" but IMO I think that is incorrect. I think that any game can have T&T to a degree. Take Counter Strike for instance. You can have some form of T&T by rallying your entire team to "rush" a certain area of the map to complete your goal or you can just rambo it out like most people do. Does that make a tactical shooter? No I don't think so, in fact I think it's probably the best example of an arcade shooter but some would say that it would fit loosely into the category of "tactical shooter". However having realism is different. When you look at it using the NORG philosophy you will see that a game with realism will pretty much force the player to employ T&T as it comes "naturally" in the game as the letter "N" in NORG suggests. Look at issue of jumping in tactical shooters which is already explained in another thread but I can't remember which one. Do solders IRL jump around like bunnies shooting at their enemies like in CS? No. Why? Well as it was already explained in the other thread it would get that solider killed. So what do RL soldiers do to keep themselves from pushing up daisies? They have their buddies next to them to help them out and they then together use the tactics, techniques and procedures that they learned in training to do so (out of a few other things IRL that could keep them alive). I also think that there two types of tactical shooters out there and here are what I think they are: "Realistic" Tactical Shooters <--Mine and the many other BFS' fav type of tac shooters. OGR is a good example. "Action" Tactical Shooters <--Games such as Vegas and GRAW fall into this category here. Also, going slightly off track here I think that action tac shooters such as vegas and games like it can still be enjoyed by hardcore tac shooter fans if they are enjoyed as a GAME and not a TACTICAL SHOOTER. Obviously if you play it like like a tactical shooter then you should expect to be very disappointed. I can empathise with Mr. Sonedecker as he plays those "action" tactical shooters that I have already mentioned before as I also play some of those action tac shooters (the ones that my PC can handle that is ). Why does he play and enjoy those types of games? My best guess is because he enjoys them as a game and not a tactical shooter. I do the same. Well that's most of my 2 cents.