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  1. 1998 A good year for shooters Delta Force Spec Ops Rainbow Six Played DF1 and R6 to death back in the day
  2. Nice Rig Rey, I'm thinking on coming to back primarily PC gaming myself. Most likely a gaming laptop, I know they are expensive vs doing my own PC but I like the idea of moving the thing around the house to the TV, Bedroom, Desk ect. Worse case scenario if I get deployed again I can take the laptop with me. Still love playing consoles but this generation is lacking, I usually get all three but that's not the case this time. Most likely I'll get PS4 down the road so I can play with my family and RL friends online.
  3. Mplayer is back?

    MSN Gaming Zone was reverse engineered a few years ago and is called http://www.voobly.com It supports all MSN Gaming Zone games including R6, RS, X-Wing alliance, both MS combat flight simulators ect.
  4. SOCOM remaster for PC

    Spec Ops? you are old Sir!!!! lol The first one got released back in 98, Yup, very same year that R6 got released and Spec Ops 2 in 99, again that year RS got released as well. The developer actually did a RS expansion for Red Storm, can't remember which one though.
  5. ArmA3 announced...

    I gave up on Arma series after A2 They need to fix stuff that is been there since OFP A new paint job with some new features doesn't cut it for me anymore reason on why I decided not to get A3 Funny how they marketed A3 got a new engine but in reality is the same CPU unoptimized engine. When most Arma players overclock their top of the line computers to squeeze all the power from their computer so they can play a game at decent framerate I call that lazy programing btw I have them all...even VBS2 so no hater here...just got tired of Bohemia bull%$#@
  6. The Order 1886

    Review Below by Angry Joe
  7. Takedown: Red Sabre

    I wonder where is my physical copy of the game? Never got one and he said he will ship it out of his pocket on the forums Oh well I don't care anymore!!!!!
  8. Battlefield 4

    Game is running stable for me the last 2 days on xbox 360 But yes the game is a bug fest, I was so &^%* the other day because of the crashes
  9. I Hope You Don't Enjoy These Games

    One of the reasons I don't like digital distribution and the one of the reasons on why I play more consoles
  10. Suggestions

    OGR did that to me so many times playing SP/CO-OP How many times I thought I got the perfect mission and out of the sudden BAM! one shoot and all hell broke loose OGR had a great AI for his time and so was the sound and for a 10 year old game still looks playable
  11. Introduce yourself

    Can you believe I had never played SWAT 4? it's been brought up many times at different forums the last few days after TD release Looking @ebay and DL the demo right now
  12. Suggestions

    *raises hand to Jeza comment* Me neither, I always played R6/GR for the SP/CO-OP experience and never ever for the for the PvP @ John: granted I'm not an expert on game on game studios economics but BI isn't a indie studio developer like yours
  13. Suggestions

    After the other supposedly hard core tactical shooter release last week, I don't know if I'm going to take a wait and see attitude with this one In my case it wasn't $15.00 that I lost and I was expecting a full properly R6 spirit sucessor game and we got you a game that suffers from CONSOLITIS I don't like the ARMA 3 method of funding either, I mean why they asked for money when they sold so many ARMA 2 during the DayZ craze and last time I saw they still on the top 20 on STEAM? and then they decided to release the game in chunks..they are self publish so there is no excuse of suits pressuring them to release a game I may jump in the early bandwagon anyway but you need to work hard to convince me no offence
  14. ArmA3 announced...

    From what I'm seeing ARMA 3 is the same crappy game we had played for the last 10 years with a few improvements and a new paint job, BUGS included and for the record I own them all with the exception of ARMA 3
  15. Takedown: Red Sabre

    I'll wait myself till released but to be honest I was specting more!!! aka planning phase but not holding my breath though also I'll be more carefull in the future with Kickstarter games from now on The game is okeish from what I saw in the videos but like someone say above looks amateurish as a matter of fact it doesn't look like a game made in 2013 I had seen better in consoles really Anyway looking foward to play the game with you guys