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  1. I was thinking(Weapons)

    wouldnt it be cool if say your gun had a 1-10,000 chance of jamming? and also if per say a 50cal sniper shot is close the velocity would rip someone like it would in real life just thoughts
  2. Any Idea when we can get our hands on Beta?

    <---- i do start the the best threads
  3. Any Idea when we can get our hands on Beta?

    just asking for a ballpark drink a v8 would ya
  4. im getting excited could you give us a projected time of when we can get our hands on beta...
  5. MAN IM GOOD who called that one huh??
  6. yeah just make a glorified version of steams friend list
  7. Heads up.... Some artwork coming soon

  8. One shot kills

    what he said ^
  9. Worried [modders & coop delight only?]

    ive played almost every rainbow six game except lockdown(well i played but turned it off instantly) or vegas 2(hasnt came out for pc) my fav being Black Arrow im very versed in shooters im just heavily biased towards some for example this is serious if i dont play css for like 2 weeks i become an angry person like someone who is quiting cigarettes or alcohol. i even yearn to play it why becuase i grew up on it ive been playing it for close to 7 years on and off i want another game that i cant wait to play one that becomes a staple in my gaming appetite a game that i can be smug about and be like "yeah well me>you in GB" maybe its just the little kid in me believing that there is that "White Whale" of a game out there that will encapsulate every thing that i have ever wanted in a Shooter. maybe my standards are way to high, who knows! I <3 good disscussions
  10. Worried [modders & coop delight only?]

    eh im sry. im on like 6 forums and 3 or so irc channels its hard to be punctual and type as much as i do i have to many ideas going in my head you bring up valid points and they are under review. keep on posting tho as the more talk the more it makes these forums look better
  11. Worried [modders & coop delight only?]

    yes you will never be able to make another halo 1 or sell it again and by that i mean thats the past we dont want to see it again and anything ubi has done in the last 4 years is trash no offence to anyone here
  12. Worried [modders & coop delight only?]

    how hard would it be to take aspects from games that are on top and make it realistic thats all i want as you can see GRAW is no where near the top of that list of games played why is that you guys are praising it as the best game ever made i mean im sure its good but obviously im the only one that really sees the big picture here wouldn't you like to play a NORG tactical shooter that millions played and it, just it revolutionized PC tact shooters... im sry but it sounds like you guys want clones i want improvements with a massive pinch of Realism
  13. Worried [modders & coop delight only?]

    GAME MINUTES PLAYED World of Warcraft 5,783,685 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multiplayer 4,280,387 Call of Duty 2 Multiplayer 2,441,499 Counter-Strike: Source 1,238,095 Battlefield 2 814,728 Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 597,744 Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne 572,310 Guild Wars 564,795 WarRock 402,642 Silkroad Online 327,889 taken from xfire that has so many members(10million last time i checked) that you can base a general top games played some of these games are 5 years old
  14. yes i think we can all agree that the best game ever is james bond golden eye for n64
  15. Worried [modders & coop delight only?]

    i refuse to argue with you about games but trust me CSS is deff FULL of tactics now if your just talking about playing in pubs and not playing either of those games competitively then you sir are in for a rude awakening and also i do "Play" those game and they are "Fun"