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  1. A good 10 part show, it sucks how he got screwed.
  2. Cant wait to play it myself, need to build a new PC. Just getting back into the swing of things for a number of reason. The game is looking great
  3. Ground Branch Screenshots

    Its has been a real long time since I have been on here, life and stuff. The game is looking good
  4. finally a trailer for lone survivor

    It looks good, but I never watch any of mark walburg movies because he is a huge anti-gun activist, yet he makes his millions of off the very thing he claims to hate.
  5. The YouTube Thread

    Water bomber cools off traffic accident on a Canadian highway.
  6. We have done that a few times for longer strips to make the roll more portable and we have also cut the roll in half----->From this O to this ( ) so we can just peel off a short strip instead of having to unroll it. We would put weights on the half moon sections to help flatten them out as well
  7. As for the chest seal, we had mixed results overseas using simular products.They did not stick very well on sweaty, dirty and bloody chest wounds. Wiping off the area only did so much. We had better luck using the plactic wrapper from the israeli pressure dressing and 100Mph tape(duck tape)
  8. http://www.survival-...fak-p-5576.html Take a look at this kit, I had this very same trama kit overseas. They are more then capable for what you will need. If you need more then this, then you have found yourself in a nasty mess. I would double down on the Tourniquets and Israeli pressure bandage. As for the Quik-Clot; you want to stay away from the powder, buy only the gauze treated kind. We stopped carrying them in our aid bags because when the wash from the bird would come down it would cause that powder to fly into peoples eyes and they go blind from it. As for the year date, just rotate it out like any other item in your kit.
  9. If you want a cheaper option for a rifle plate that still provides you protections against 7.62 but without the sticker shock, look at the links below. I have ceramic plates in my vests now but if I didnt I would look into these. Plates start at 65 bucks per. They sell plate carriers with pouches with a set of plates starting at 240 and up. http://www.ar500armo...category_id=165 "All AR500 Armor Body Armor now ships with a Line-X Protective Base Coat which provides a level of spall and fragmentation mitigation properties and superior chemical, wear, water, and harsh condition resistance. Also features a hand applied high traction surface helping the plate stay in position. The new Base Coat truly takes our armor to the next level! View full details on our Line-X Protective Base Coat and Upgrade Option by clicking here. TEST VIDEOS HERE: http://www.ar500armo....view&page_id=5
  10. What weapons do you own?

    Update on my wifes search for her first 1911. Her plan was to spend only 800 on one, but when she got to hold a Colt 1911 Commander Lightweight in stainless, she was hooked. She picked it on on Friday and we went to the range today. We shot roughly 250 rounds through it. The target below is mine and my wife's own target looked similar except for a flyer or two. With practice she will get better and she will be in good shape when she starts to carry the 1911. The recoil was not bad at all for how light it was and she said that it didn't bother her at all. We will have 185 grain Gold Dolts to test next weekend when they show up. No stoppages due to the gun, I used our range only mags to get her the practice of clearing a few malfunctions, the Colt mags that came with it ran flawless.
  11. What weapons do you own?

    I pick up a Mossberg 500 cruiser this weekend with Military 00-buckshot. Will be shooting next weekend. Enjoy the photos
  12. Vz 58

    Hell of a lot of fun to shoot in full auto.
  13. Red Dawn Remake

    I went to see the movie and it was not too bad. Enteraining though.