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  1. CQB Discussions

    If there are objectives, like guarding a hostage, it's only logical to camp them if you are the bad guys. It would be nice to see some maps that are all internal too
  2. The Little Things

    please let us go prone as well.. For some reason, Vegas and SWAT4 decided that this was unnessecary.
  3. CQB Discussions

    I know most of the people on here really love GR ( as I do) but me and my clans heart is in CQB. Please don't forget us when making the game. That is all God Speed
  4. Is there a name for this title?

    How about "Not an Ubi Title", or N.U.T.
  5. Excited

    Ubi will be fine. Those franchises will go on and sell well as they really have opened them up to a larger audience. They left a lot behind as well, but are selling well enough to keep going I would imagine. Well on the 360 that is. We are not out to bury anyone and wish Ubi and RSE all the best. We have chosen to target a specific market and will focus our efforts on that market. Any fallout of that focus is ancillary to our goals. I like how you guys are thinking... Oh and thanks for opening these forums... It's so great to see such excitement again.