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  1. News or Updates?

    Nothing here for the brithday boy seba....Hello..i`mm following you around now
  2. News or Updates?

    I`ve not been on for ages so thought i`d come in and show i`m still waiting Hello
  3. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    not to rush or anything ....but how soon ??
  4. Awsome Flythrough Movie from Ground Brach...

    Yeah where do find this new video ??? i need some good news after the codmw2 dedi server debacle
  5. An improved scoring system

    Personally i would be happy to just say that in a DM or TDM match you get +5 for a kill and -5 for a death... simples And yes i know that obviusly having no respawns would make it so people don`t run and gun but no respawns on TDM is a very boring game
  6. An improved scoring system

    Hello... I hope you`ll excuse me for re-opening an old topic.. i searched for a topic on scoring system and this seemed the closest to what i wanted.. i just came on to ask if an alternative (to other games) scoring system for DM and TDM type of games will be used...As has been said here you should be penalised for deaths in TDM and DM in my opinion and stop people from just run and guning because they don`t care how many deaths they get.. That`s all Thanx for reading
  7. WOW !! now that`s a very bold statement !! I hope you are right seb...
  8. Any Idea when we can get our hands on Beta?

    Hi th3if ...are you the same that did so well on PGL GRAW tourney ??
  9. Any Idea when we can get our hands on Beta?

    It`s been posted that the release date is all dependant on the publisher...And the title has no publisher as yet so a date cannot be set at all...or even guessed at i`d imagine.
  10. Any Idea when we can get our hands on Beta?

    As i wasn`t one of the ones that went i told them that for a good while..
  11. Any Idea when we can get our hands on Beta?

    Lets hope the beta testing goes better than the beta testing for GRAW that 3 of my clan went to... everyone there made suggestions that they all agreed to and then for some reason or other nearly all the suggestions were ignored for the final release !!
  12. Beta test game

    a bit hard for me though
  13. BFS crew?

    Is there a secret handshake and do you all know who you are...
  14. Hi

    Yeah were only playing GR just this one last tourney for old freinds mostly from clanbase.