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  1. Grenades

    I was wondering how the grenade throwing system will be. I myself, HATED how the RvS grenade throwing system was, i loved how it was in RS and r6. I felt like i had much more control and you could actually use the "bloop frag" move. sorry if this has been posted before, i just couldnt find it. ty in advance and keep up the good work
  2. [Will GB be like] Rogue Spear

    Ghost Recon really cant be compared to RS in my opinion, they were both 2 very different games. RS was more fast paced and more close quarters, whereas GR was more slow paced, guns were more sluggish and it was pretty much a wide open areas. As far as multiplayer goes, you really couldn't rush successfully in matches against decently skilled players in GR. In RS you could rush,camp, snipe, do whatever you wish.. depending on the map of course. Both were good games, but the only similarities are only the fact that RSE made both. I also believe that too attention is put into the eye candy of games and less in the overall gameplay and fun factor.
  3. [Will GB be like] Rogue Spear

    I've been playing online games for well over 10yrs now, The very first game that got me hooked was rogue spear. There was just something about that game, it didn't matter if i played on mplayer,zone, hell even gamespy. Everything felt so personal and felt so mechanically right. I remember back on mplayer playing 10-12hr matches for first place.. the entire lobby would be sitting outside waiting to see who won. Matching actually had purpose and meaning. It wasn't like the games of today. There was an actual sense of a community, everyone knew everyone and it was such a great feeling to be #1 or beat someone that is in very high regard. Clans had a meaning, I was lucky enough to be in multiple #1 clans on pretty much every major ladder before i ended up quitting. I always felt the perfect game would be a new and improved RS. Add your purty graphics if you want to. But keep the core about the same. The game speed was perfect, it was a great mix of run n gun and also sniping/camping. It was very very tactical and required not only skill but quick thinking and overall control of a given situation. The thing that destroyed RS IMO were the cheats, by the time xgn came out RS was already on its last leg and then even the patches became corrupted by its own maker. I would love to have those moments of gameplay again. Where your palms get sweaty and your heart is beating a million MPH, knowing the entire match is depending on you vs 1 or more people. I want the feeling of an actual community again, not just random LAN games.. but a place with a lobby and people.. like Mplayer or Zone used to be. LAN is just too impersonal for my likings. Anyway, keep up the good work guys and keep fighting the good fight!