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  1. John's Mystery job revealed!

    Congradulations John! What a great opertunity! Does this mean your a Tar Heel or a Blue Devil now? Having trouble deciding..let me help you out! Go Bucks!
  2. The Official BFS Pink Floyd Thread

    THE SHOE. Me too in 1994. Graduated college at 1:00, loaded up all my crap, drove to Columbus and saw PF in the shoe with my parents and sister at 7:00. Great day, great show!!!! NEVITZ
  3. Older than dirt?

    I hit 17. BUT, I own a 48 CJ-2a Willy's Jeep which gives me three yes's right off bat. As for Ms. Benton, was she signing in Austin??
  4. I <3 College!

    BS Civil Engineering '94 Ohio Northern Univ. (Division III for all you sports juinkies out there) College was great but the lot of you couldn't drag me back if you tried!! Four and out for me. Kudos to all of you perpetual students out there, for I could not do it! Rabbi- Whats your course of study? Never know what we might need help with. Also, sister is working on her masters at WVU. Great school!! MiStAPePPa- How goes it in Coach Tressel's old stompin grounds?
  5. The Presidency

    election? What? You mean there was a reason my phone rang off the hook for the last two weeks and then ............... Nov. 5th SILENCE My 5 year old said "How come nobodies calling anymore?" My response... "Cuz its all over and nobody cares about us anymore." Can't wait for SG Nevitz
  6. BFS Newsletter: Vol 1, Issue 7

    Wooohoooooo!!!!!! Great read!! Keep uip the great work!! Nevitz
  7. Would you survive ?!

    Would You Survive? House Cat: 100% Chance Racoon: 100% Chance Coyote: 100% Chance Medium Sized Dog: 100% Chance Large Dog: 93% Chance Wolf: 82% Chance Small Shark: 56% Chance Large Shark: 37% Chance Predetory Cat: 71% Chance Elephant 67% Chance Lion or Tiger: 63% Chance Bear: 60% Chance Alligator: 34% Chance Gorilla: 52% Chance Human: 63% Chance Now thats Bull!! I have survived two large dog attack so thats 100% and I nearly died of a heart attack when i cornered a racoon in the garage!! That was one of my finer moments. So there I was with the raccoon cornered and the door to my back. We are staring each other down and he bobs to the left and I turn and sprint for the I am opening the door the racoon shoots through my legs and out through the cat hole in the door. I had a small cardio moment walked back to the garage fridge and drank a beer!! I'm sure I was the talk of the raccoon comunity! Nevitz
  8. human exoskeleton

    COOOL!! Some many possibilities. Even teathered as shown I see how that could be used in some manufacturing aspects where A human w/ exoskeleton could replace a robot! Definitely need one of those to help change the kegs when the family comes to town!! Nevitz
  9. Name one thing (not people) you hate.

    I strongly disagree. We used to go to the Elks for steak night when I was a kid and the guy who took your food order drank ALOT and I remember him telling my dad........... "Ya see George the problem is when you wake up you don't have much too look forward too. However, I wake up with a hangover every day, and I know I'm gonna feel better sooner or later." Nevitz
  10. I was just emasculated....

    Funny, as a small business owner/estimator/head of IT/VP/concrete finisher.....(you get the idea) I gave the staff the option to switch to Firefox or stay w/ IE6 but I wasn't going to be supporting problems with IE anymore. I don't spy on my employees, its a trust issue with me. My philosophy.. I give them about 50 feet of rope, what they do with it is up to them. Sometimes I see them creating a noose and then I have to decide......... Do I untie it, or do I help them them pull it tighter. Nevitz
  11. Bad Day Fishing

    Well, my friend, I had a better day fishing than you but it took alot to get there. My day started with filing a report to NOT pursue charges against a couple of youths for trying to steal $20 worth of scrap. (Thats right , file a report NOT to press charges) Then I came home to find that someone had turned an alarm off and my sewer was backing up into the house due to a faulty pump. 4 hours after cleaning/ fixing that mess I was ready to give it up when my 4 year old asked to go fishing. Took all 3 kids out on the pond and we had a good time. Caught 14 fish in a little more than an hour and everyone caught at least two. Emma led the way with 5 fish including a nice 13" small mouth. Some days fishing are better than others. Nevitz
  12. Happy Birthday, Colin!

    Happy B-day
  13. Fish out of water...

    Be safe in your travels and take care
  14. A Soldier Died Today

    How TRUE!! Thank you to all those that are currently serving and my deepest gratitude to the soldiers and families that made the ultimate sacrifice!
  15. No Goal!

    Its baseball season for me right now (coaching my 9 yr old, 7 year old duaghter is in softball, and 4 year old is in T-Ball), but I turned on the tube and tuned into the end of the Man U. vs. Chelsea match. Like the 78th minute. All I can say is WOW! I have never seen such amazing plays at the goal, and all in the extra time and sudden death! My favorite: The goalie for Chelsea is out of position and its gonna be an easy Man U. goal and then this guy (Terry ??) makes this amazing header to knock the ball away. AMAZING athletes. I can't wait to watch the full replay on ESPN Classic! Nevitz