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  1. After SWAT 4, GOG now also has the Hidden and Dangerous games! 2017 is already so much better than 2016 ever was
  2. Found this picture and just had to use it as it is so appropriate for this game xD
  3. Short highlight from the video up above:
  4. Ah yeah, that's true. It's been a while since I played the first one Such a great feature that more games need to have.
  5. Had some more people request a playthrough as well, so I decided to go for it. Had some pretty nice kills, including one at 200 meters, and a group of 4 soldiers close to the start
  6. So it's out now and it's pretty much like Sniper Elite 3, but expanded on. Every piece of gear is still there but seems to have an alternative setting, like timers on TNT, delayed tripwire mines etc. Maps are much bigger and more open-ended, with more ways to traverse it too. And there is the option to save on Authentic difficulty, which is pretty much all I could ask for in a SE sequel. SE3 was good, SE4 is better. I don't plan on playing anything below Authentic though, because screw the aim aid...
  7. ^ That picture where he has the shaving foam on his beard looks like he's been stood up against a wall and is about to get shot lol.
  8. Last video on the open beta.
  9. But why??
  10. Only tip I have is when you are in CQB, hold down the ALT key. It will slow you down to a shuffle and make your crosshairs much more dependable when rounding corners. And you'll need those extra milliseconds!
  11. Took on the second mission:
  12. Elite Force v4 is now out
  13. Well, there's some things I haven't figured out yet. I saw a button that leads me to believe you can rest your weapon on surfaces, but I suppose the reason it hasn't worked is because there's no bipod on the rifle I used. Also haven't figured out how to zero the scope, which I also saw referenced in the controls. Finally, there seems to be windage but no real way to assess wind direction and speed, but maybe I'm missing something. Other than that, I actually like that there's no aiming aid like in Sniper Elite, you can see your bullet kind of as a tracer and see it's path and adjust as you go. I'm interested in playing Sniper Elite 4 but only on the highest difficulty with that aimind aid off, otherwise what's the point of having ballistics, right? Then there's the fps standard these days, with crosses showing up on hits which annoys me, but it's everywhere and not a specific complaint for this game. The AI seem ok-ish, as I got caught on the roof and they flushed me out and killed me... then when I was at a longer range in the hills they found me and shot at me with small arms and even a mortar.. though it took them a while to get to and use the mortar. They didn't fire for the first few 'warnings' I had, but eventually they did, and that was pretty cool. Then I was kind of flabbergasted as to why my target ran out of it's building and allowed me to shoot him in the open. Also, killing a guy that (as far as I could tell) wasn't in anybodies view somehow still alerted the entire base garrison, which is weird. But I suppose that is what the beta is for, and these things will be fixed. All in all I'd say, as a first impression, it's a lot better than previous titles, and it might be able to stand up to SE4.. if they fix those annoying issues. And add leaning, because seriously