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  1. XCOM 2

    New expansion has been released, War of the Chosen got it immediately of course, absolute no-brainer if you liked XCOM 2. Also, I've got new video editing software, so I can now make videos in 60 fps
  2. Game Video Thread

  3. Ghost Recon: Tactical Shooter

    Yep, hated that part lol. First time it happened I had a team outside of where they spawned, facing the other way. Instant wipe for all of them lol. Especially annoying because I cleared the prison without losing anyone.
  4. Game Video Thread

    Spoken in Dutch but with text to explain what's going on, what's being discussed and my line of thinking
  5. ArmA3 announced...

    Is Enfusion that much better of an engine though?
  6. Game Video Thread

  7. Game Video Thread

  8. Game Video Thread

  9. Game Video Thread

    That's a weird sort of logic lol. Do they see themselves in third person as well? I suppose that third person IS harder, but only because it allows players to 'cheat' by seeing things without exposing themselves, but that is another weird sort of logic lol. In other news, today marks the release of Hellblade - Senua's Sacrifice, and I decided to do a playthrough of it. Other than the intro I won't be talking over it though, because the main character, Senua, suffers from psychosis and hears a lot of voices and things like that which I don't want myself or any viewers to miss. So far it's really cool. Senua is a Celtic warrior who's loved one was killed by Vikings, and she now tries to get into Helheim to resurrect (?) him.
  10. Game Video Thread

    Playing coop with a buddy (speaking Dutch, but explained a bit with English text): Also, first person only servers are now finally a thing and it vastly improves upon the already really fun experience.
  11. Game Video Thread

  12. Game Video Thread

  13. Overgrowth

    That is an awesome thumbnail lol. Graphics look pretty damn nice in the campaign shots too, much better than the maps at present.
  14. Game Video Thread

    Bought this game two days ago and having plenty of fun with it
  15. Ready Or Not (SWATlike)

    Dem gunsounds man! So lovely. That sounds like what I wanted to go for with my Door Kickers mod Decided to do another video on this latest devblog.