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  1. Ditched the last season because I didn't understand the overhaul well enough and started to get rekked. But I've been getting into it a lot lately and learned some valuable lessons, and I do want to cover the game more so here goes... Season 2 of Long War 2. Also, I'm experimenting with some better thumbnails to look more attractive.
  2. Haha very unlikely to happen, exactly for that reason One of my best friends loves arena shooters but I just don't get the appeal. I understand a bit better now that it's about map control and things like that but I get so frustrated when I hit someone with a rocketlauncher, and they just merrily skip away over a shield or health boost and I can start again. Or starting with a crap weapon and facing off against someone else with a rocketlauncher. Meanwhile though, learning lessons in DOW3
  3. I did some playing around with the newly added IED's
  4. That trailer looks very, very promising. Particularly the visceral gore and seemingly high maturity of scenario's with human trafficking have me excited, because ever since Red Orchestra 2 I've been wanting a game to take their death screams to the next level in terms of animations, gore etc. I had to do a video.
  5. These SL videos are a little longer because I want to show more than just the action highlights but the general flow of battle, situational information and decision making and cooperation with other squads. This video is a nice example of that I think.
  6. Not as far as I'm aware. Still plenty of stuff left to add. My first experience of being under artillery fire. It's kind of awesome.
  7. Thanks mate! I find the time the same way I find time to play videogames, I make it hehe. My personal time is important to me so I make sure I don't have a too busy schedule. I'm also taking my time with these guys, and seperating tasks into small jobs. Today for example I simply took a single figurine to highlight, and then I called it quits. Took me about an hour to do as it's a lot of detail to cover. Other times I'll just focus on shoulder guards, or the cape of the Terminator Captain. There's no expiration date so you can take however long you want Speaking of said cape, I did some work on that earlier. I put on a basecoat of Mephiston Red and then shaded it with Nuln Oil to create some shadows in the recesses. It still needs to be touched up and highlighted, but it shows what a big difference some shading can make: Imperial Thought Of The Day: To admit defeat is to blaspheme against the Emperor!
  8. That moment when you see an entire squad advancing down a street from a top floor on Al Basrah:
  9. Some progress shots. I started work on the faces, and eye lenses. Not completely happy yet. I also started highlighting the armor, though they are also not as neat as I want them to be. I decided to give one of my Ultramarines a red helmet, because of a character from the Horus Heresy novels. Red helmets were a mark of censure and shame. In the case of this character, he had been running theoretical lessons on fighting other space marines. This was of course seen as betrayal, as space marines fighting eachother was unimaginable. Cue the Betrayal at Calth, and this guy became a hero because he was much more prepared than all the others. Now red helmets are reserved for veteran sergeants I believe, and are a mark of honor. First beginnings of highlighting the armor: 1 has no highlights, 2 has everything highlighted, 3 everything except the shoulder pads, because I'm not entirely sure what I prefer just yet.. 4 has no highlights.
  10. There's this too: I might get it, if they fix the issues the beta had.