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  1. HDTV Tuner/Antenna (air)

    i have a philips from walmart http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=5000836 i live an average of 23 miles from my stations and get 80-90% signal from this. just as important as the antenna is the box or tv you are using. i know my cheap box i bought at best buy didnt work as well with the signal as the new direct tv hd box i have does.
  2. Guess the game...

    mine was hedgewars. turn based game like worms or pocket tanks. fun, quick game that i play while i wait for the bfs games.
  3. Guess the game...

    here's mine
  4. Guess the game...

    captain skyhawk - nes 1st nes game i ever played:)
  5. Play As A Team?

    team games are great when played with NO RESPAWNS. that will make a team play together real fast. also, play with who you know, but i think that has been mentioned already;)
  6. First Websites That You Visit

    gmail google reader - i guess this is cheating since i can read sites at once with this? drudge report
  7. Linux

    if you are dual booting go with ubuntu or pure debian. almost all software made for linux gets deb packages made these days which makes it easy to install the files you need.
  8. Hedgewars (worms type game) GR (using WINE on Ubuntu)
  9. The Dark Knight....

    here is my quick review: best superhero movie ever. an epic in the world of superhero movies. nothing comes close. heath ledger as the joker - - jack nicholson who? sure there was some bad editing and some quirks here and there i could gripe about but overall i loved it and i will be seeing it again. here's to hoping the nolan brothers make another sequel.
  10. How to confuse an Idiot

    my excuse is it was just to early in the morning...
  11. mono, i agree with most of that. i love the line at the end. and yes, if the release party is within a state of where i live, my wife will be there too. we are nearly joined at the hip. 6 years of love and still like the first.
  12. It's back

    i loved the first two (except for all the cheating on battlenet) i can't wait for the new one. i spent nearly an hour between the main site and the gaming news sites soaking in the info.
  13. Spore: Creature Creator Released

    @ spm : that is too funny. anyways, this is a really fun game. i realize it is just 1/5 of the total game at 1/5 the price and that it has securerom but i just cant help myself. like a mosquito and a bug zapper, you know? this game is just fun!
  14. FireFox 3 new features

    i've been using firefox 3 since beta 5 and i love it.