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  1. Re: Most realistic stealth games.

    The Dark Mod is very good. It's actually standalone now and it's heavily inspired by the first two Thief games. So definitely give it a try if you enjoyed those. Some of the fan missions are as good as or better than the original Thief missions. First-person stealth at its best. Thief is still a great game to this day, but perhaps the graphics might put you off a little. The Dark Mod is basically a modern Thief and it's 'realistic' and 'immersive' in that it uses a minimal HUD, has a good pacing and you are very vulnerable... it can be quite scary too! Yes, the medieval steampunk fantasy setting might not be 'realistic', but the gameplay itself is, I would say, and the Thief universe is one of the most interesting game settings ever made. As for the 2014 Thief game... a big disappointment. It's not as bad as some people say, but the developers didn't quite understand what made the first two games so enjoyable. They contextualized rope arrows and jumping, dammit! Splinter Cell: Blacklist had good stealth IMO. Much better than Conviction's (almost non-existent) stealth, although it messed up (deleted) my savegames halfway through the game. Much appreciated, uPlay. The Dark Mod
  2. Will third person view be available in this game.

    Actually, it's a server setting. Don't blame the game, blame yourself for not playing on servers that disable third person view. It's entirely optional. Options are good.
  3. Engaged Run

    IMO it's fine the way it is. For some reason people often think that moving fast = arcady. That is not the case. I bet real-world operators get trained to move fast while sighted in. That option should definitely be there. Fast is good, especially in CQB. Although modern SOF CQB tactics tend to dictate slower, more precise movement.
  4. Do you need to zero your weapon

    double post
  5. Do you need to zero your weapon

    I depends on the maps. Maybe if there are larger maps in addition to smaller ones you could put it in, but it may be too complicated for the average player. Also, I don't think it's that necessary. Not even ArmA has zeroing...
  6. tactical gaming for the Dutchies

    Hey guys. Zoog wrote a nice article about BlackFoot Studios. Thought I'd post that here. We're following BFS's every step. Dutch: Tegenwoordig spelen we veel Raven Shield, zijn er hier nog RvS spelers?
  7. Player Outfits

    Having said my views on the nametag thing, I do think some degree of customization would be nice. Choosing a face, for example. I like how ArmA did it. I'm not sure if you should be able to make a custom face. I kinda don't like it when people use clown or skull faces. Maybe you could even choose between different kinds of webbing, with impacts on gameplay. Like... standard webbing, or a pistol holster on there, which would result in a faster pistol transition. But every advantage should have a disadvantage. If GB or SG won't have any customization at all, I won't mind.
  8. Player Outfits

    If anything, nametags are realistic. Like I said, they compensate for lack voice, body, etc. How is decreasing teamwork and increasing confusion among players more realistic? I know we're all realism nuts, but there is such a thing as taking it too far (and missing the point). Removing nametags is one of them.
  9. Player Outfits

    Some of the comments kinda worry me. The nametags thing that is. John and Hatchetforce wrote that there won't be any nametags. Nametags are absolutely necessary for teamwork. Some ArmA servers disable them. Thinking it's "realistic". And it results in chaos. Nobody knows who is who, and it's difficult finding your teammates. "Hey, help me out here please" "Where are you" "Right next to you" "Ehm... I see four teammates, who are you" "The one with the-" Squad gets killed. I rest my case. Please keep nametags by default. It's just impossible to identify people without them, it's just not realistic. Nametags make up for the face, voice, posture etc, which you don't have in the game. That doesn't mean there name has to float above the person's head, as long as the name pops up when you point your crosshair at him, it's fine.
  10. I <3 College!

    I was so glad to be out of school. Never again.
  11. Depth of view (focus)

    I'm fine with the rear sight blur. But I'm not a big fan of it, either. I like well-modelled iron sights, and by blurring it, it loses some aesthetic appeal. Yeah, aesthetics are less important. But still. Besides, doesn't the rear sight blur automatically if you focus on the front sight, even in games that don't have sight blur? Again, I don't mind having rear sight blur. I think both ways of doing it is realistic, and you can argue for days about this. But yeah. What I don't like however, is depth of field in everything else. I hate it with a burning passion. So many games do that these days. They blur half the screen, thinking it looks "cool" but in reality they do it to cover up crappy graphics. Why should the game decide for me where I should and should not focus on? Please don't be like those games.
  12. Reloading

    Hey everybody, I felt like digging up this thread because it interests me and I have a few things to add. First of all, I'm sure the BFS guys know a thing or two about firearms so I'm sure they know how and when the first person animation should show the operator rack the slide, hit the slide release, etc. So I won't delve into that. But I spotted a few misconceptions about tactical and dry reloads. Taking a pistol as an example: A tactical reload is when you reload while there is still a round in the chamber, and maybe some in the magazine as well. A dry (or "emergency") reload is when the pistol is completely empty; none in the chamber and none in the magazine: the slide is locked back (assuming you fired the last round). Tactical reloads should be slightly faster than dry reloads because there is still a round in the chamber. A dry reload requires you to either hit the slide release or rack the slide. Both actions bring the slide forward, thus pushing a new round into the chamber. But it's an additional action as well. Furthermore, some of you talk about two different speeds of reloading. Adding that would be unnecessary, I think. Everybody would simply use the fastest reload method all the time. UNLESS you get "punished" for choosing the faster method, like dropping the magazine on the ground, instead of putting it in your dump pouch. In that case, I'm all for it. However, players should be able pick up said dropped magazine later. As for allowing the player to reload faster by looking at the gun. I'm pretty sure that as a soldier, or as an SF operative especially, you get taught to hold the gun at eye level while reloading, but keeping your eyes on the target at the same time. Again, it's been mentioned before, but we're talking about highly trained individuals. Reloading as fast as possible is second nature to them. It's all muscle memory. Breaking up reloading in two or three different steps would not be a good idea, in my opinion. For these guys, reloading is more or less one fluent motion. Besides... if you're required to tap "R" three times for a simple reload, your movement gets severely limited. What I you want to strafe right while reloading? You can't, because your index finger is already too busy tapping the reload key. Yeah, I know you could use your middle finger to reload in that case, but that would be awkward. KISS. Keep It Simple, Stupid! Having said that, the player should definitely be able to cancel his reload, and I'm glad to have read that this will be the case. I love how Raven Shield has a dump pouch mechanism, this is very realistic and I hope it will be in GB and SG as well. Also, I hope that you will be able to see the operative's primary weapon hanging on his chest while he's holding a sidearm in his hands. It makes a lot more sense than slinging it over your back. I'm sure that BFS has the right philosophy.
  13. Ladders

    Not really. It was realistic. Not too fast, not too slow. I'd hate it if ladders would work like in Call of Doody. I wouldn't mind being able to shoot on a ladder. Like you press a button and you draw your pistol (if you have one), and stay in place like that.
  14. Grenades

    I just hope the engagements will focus on firefights and tactical maneuver. Nadespam shouldn't be in. RO has a lot of nadespam, and it's quite bad. People just spam their nades before even aiming their weapon. Gets old very fast. I think the use of grenades have always been fairly realistic in the old Redstorm games, people don't really use them too much.
  15. Ladders

    Ladders never work in games. Either you fall down, the controls or animation gets messed up, etc. The only good implementation of ladders I've seen is Raven Shield because you press a button to get you "stuck" to the ladder and you automatically holster your weapon. And you can "slide" down the ladder too. I hope SG / GB will have a similar system.