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  1. MP for Competition

    If you just implement the web beacon, document how it works ... like what port it should be, different commands to pass to it. How the responses are sent and release that documentation before the game I will guarantee you the community will have so many innovative tools out there already built that you never even would have thought of. People will build server monitors, stat trackers, match reporting programs. All stuff that makes a great game ... that you don't have to build then. Whats better then the core community working together to make a amazing community for the larger audience. That will make the release work so much better too, look what Epic did with Unreal 2004, they released the servers weeks beforehand so that when the game hit the shelves everyones servers were up and running ... release servers and documentation before that game and you will be in for a very nice chunk o change. :-D and a very loyal community standing behind you (ready to buy sequels ;-) )
  2. MP for Competition

    One thing they absolutely need to consider is having an extensible web api, meaning web servers can query the server to pickup stats and whatnot. Preferably have a configuration variable to allow web admin support so users with admin credentials can pass command strings in via the web.
  3. CS or Lean?

    I think a combination approach would work the best. Allow the player to use walls for cover. But the lean out should be done in first person view and should be liquid linked to the mouse + key. A lot like Ravenshields liquid stance which let you hold a button and change the height and lean of your character with your mouse. So basically player takes position behind wall and holds cover key. Character takes position against wall and camera stays in first person (maybe have this mode switch to highres texture for object player is against to show gritty detail). Player can look from left to right in a full 180 arc of the object they are behind. They cannot however see in front of the object as that is not physically possible. Their movement keys move the left and right while in cover. << Slow Mode >> If the player wants to snap out to the right they will hit their right snap lean key at which point their gun is held vertical in preparation for snapping out. Their mouse also now controls their body position and not their fov. As their mouse moves to the right the character body and fov turn to the right around the corner. Letting go of the snap lean key at any times puts the soldier back into view control mode and allows them to shoot their weapon. They can resume back into their cornering mode by holding the snap lean key and moving with their mouse. To quickly snap back they can double tap the snap lean key and release it which will snap them back into the center position with their back to the wall or let go of their cover key which will put them into a normal control mode. << Quick Mode >> If the player wants a quick snap out they can either use a their direction snap lean key or they can double tap their directional key while holding their cover key. They must hold the snap key/direction key in order to stay out, once release the character resumes cover behind object. << Downsides >> The downside to this system is it wont allow players to make sure their head / torso is behind cover. This means all objects which player can cover against must provide full cover or be obvious that the cover provided will not fully cover body. So basically the players head should not stick out a little bit as the player will not be able to tell. I think the system will provide a somewhat steep learning curve but I think the benefits will far outweigh that. But allowing the traditional no cover lean with the two lean keys will allow players to use the more advanced mode or just lean themselves.