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  1. Old Ghost Recon (PC)

    Hey ZJJ, did you get any takers for this? Just spotted your post and that weekend coincides with some free time for me...
  2. The distant baying of guns.

    Exactly. Using the example earlier of the first mission in OGR (Caves) and attacking the first emplacement only to have the entire tent encampment come down on you, the AI should organize themselves enough to respond to what they hear. E.g. a half-dozen shots might only get a couple of AI sent to see what's going on, whereas a drawn-out firefight would get a bigger response. If the AI not only reacts, but communicates and organizes their responses according to what they hear and what their orders are, most of the maps wouldn't turn into a 'balls-out firefight' unless you went in with the intention of attracting that level of attention.
  3. Unnamed, Unspecific Original Gaming Night!

    Hmm... can't get this game to actually find or connect to any servers atm... If I fix it, I'll be on xfire around the usual times...
  4. Unnamed, Unspecific Original Gaming Night!

    I'm back Anyone up for some rounds on an unnamed, unspecific game tonight?
  5. Between round: What kind of info?

    Exactly. Well said.
  6. Ammunition and Reloading

    Oh. Sorry. My searching skills on this forum suck, I'm afraid.
  7. Ammunition and Reloading

    I'd love to have lots of options for tweaking ammunition and kit, but I don't want to have to spend ages in the kit selection screen every time. I suspect a lot of people would agree, particularly for MP. What I'd like to see is a button somewhere that says 'Save this kit as a favourite'. Then in kit selection you'd have a drop-down to select 'Favourite kit #1', #2, etc. Obviously you wouldn't always want to take exactly that kit, but you'd have much less tweaking to do. And it'd save loads of time in MP, waiting around for people to get their kit just right.
  8. Unnamed, Unspecific Original Gaming Night!

    Not quite a month . Don't know how I missed you either, looking at the timestamps, but I never saw your post. Oh well. Still no game time , not till nearly the end of the month, anyway. I'm going to be so rusty...
  9. Unnamed, Unspecific Original Gaming Night!

    Anyone out there tonight? I was kinda hoping to catch a game or two... I'm going to be pretty much offline 'till the end of the month. No takers? Oh well. Anyway, I'll be back May 30th, and looking for some nice people to kill. See you!
  10. Unnamed, Unspecific Original Gaming Night!

    Hey thanks, Zato. os.head, dporter: good games! Some excellent gameplay on those maps , look forward to seeing them up on AFZ. Edit: os.head, if you tweak the AI enemies, please don't stop them wandering around like that! Not being able to easily learn where everyone is, or being able to assume that a cleared area is going to stay clear, was great. It really made SAR fun. One other thing - on the first map, going to NV seemed to increase visual range/acuity a bit, something that didn't happen so much on the more conventional ( ) weather effects.
  11. Unnamed, Unspecific Original Gaming Night!

    I was on AttackForceZ, I don't have the password for 9MS. Can't seem to get the info about the new TS server either, darn forum won't let me in
  12. Unnamed, Unspecific Original Gaming Night!

    Man it's quiet tonight. Where is everyone?
  13. Unnamed, Unspecific Original Gaming Night!

    Hey, good games tonight! Thanks guys (and AFZ too) . I'll have to practice going solo...
  14. please for the love of the game

    Got my rifle, sidearm, bergen... now where's that darn bucket full of water? Sorry. Couldn't resist.