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  1. Left-handed characters?

    Should be an option if possible
  2. HUD

    I agree with button to bring up hud that shows ammo, gun, health, grenades No radar
  3. Health System [Medics?]

    Headshot = kill Arm = harder to aim Leg = slower Chest = few bullets dead No health regen off topic: no radar
  4. Maps

    A mixture of open world big environments. And some intense cqb fighting, but no halfway constructed wood buildings with targets everywhere. Realistic cqb settings.
  5. One shot kills

    My proposition Headshot = kill Arm = harder to aim Leg= slower Chest = Few bullets then dead NO Regenerating Health!
  6. Crosshairs or Ironsights?

    Ironsights, you have crosshairs if you equip a scope. No invisible crosshairs floating in middle of screen please. Maybe a red dot if laser sight equipped.
  7. please for the love of the game

    No jumping please, just a climb feature. Please inlude crouching and prone position.
  8. Please, NO RANKINGS!

    No unlockables or rank system it only encourages boosting, glitching, and takes the fun out of the game. Now maybe a clan based ranking in tournaments or something would be good. I think you should be able to choose a specialty which gives you special gadgets or abilities, this encourgaes diversity and helps the team concept by bringing together a mix of different "classes". Now none of the gadgets or abilities should be unlockables just a choice you make with your character at the beginning.
  9. Weapons

    I would like to see a good variety of weapons based on different countries armies as well. But please only guns currently bein used i.e. no m8. Less guns is fine as long as they behave correctly and you don't keep same sounds for different weapons.
  10. Player Outfits

    a little bit of customization but make sure that teams look similiar online. sort of like having certain options based on class like heavy armor for gunners, and special camo for snipers but keep color same.
  11. Introducing BlackFoot's first title.........

    Wow i'm impressed if you do anything close to what your saying, gamers will love you. i'm in shock that a company is working on a realistic shooter even though others say it's too small of a genre. "do not build your community around a game...build your game around a community" wow you must be the smartest peoplee on the face of the planet. i can't wait.