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  1. Moving Forward

    Nemesis does have a point.
  2. Reticule-only view

    I thought RO2 did them well. That post made me think. I suppose the reason why the vast majority of FPS do not offer iron sights as the only means of aiming is because they have yet to find a way to intuitively implanting them in the game. You're overly simplifying the matter. If it SP only then it takes nothing away from my experience, if it's with MP, then it definetely will take away from my experience and many people's experience as there's the headache of division between crosshair players and non crosshair players. You'll either have the vast majority of players playing GB online with iron sights only or crosshairs only and the crosshair onlyplayers will end up feeling left out find their favorite way of playing the game is availiable to them. To me, the issue is black and white regarding MP. You can say that people will add mods with crosshairs anyways, but they would never get widely used as if they had been there from the start. I think the fact of the matter and that you will never make everybody happy with a video game and you'll end up just failing when you try making everybody happy.
  3. Reticule-only view

    As I see it, GB is not about offering different options that significantly change gameplay mechanics from player to player. Options are great in games, but you can overdo everything.
  4. Reticule-only view

    Most old school fans don't want a crosshair it seems.
  5. Shooting with no Iron sights

    I'm not trying to say to make it like a twitch shooter. John's post seems to imply that to be able to shoot without iron sights, it does not simply involve a mouse click like the majority of shooters and tactical shooters out there, he makes it seem like there's an extra step involved.
  6. Shooting with no Iron sights

    To play the devils advocate, I imagine in GB your player character can aim and shoulder his rifle, and aim down the sights non stop without getting fatigued at all or having to give his arms a rest which we know is impossible in real life. Such things reminds us that it's still a game. What ever system might be in GB, I hope it's quick and instinctive. It wouldn't be very fun to get killed because of your characters slow reflexes.
  7. Shooting with no Iron sights

    Either one. Just being able to fire the gun without looking down the sights.
  8. I don't remember if this was brought up or not, but will GB allow shooting with no iron sights?
  9. So, what is April 16th?

    I'm glad I didn't get excited about it. I'm glad I didn't hype it up like I use to with GB in my younger days, But what I saw of GB is fairly impressive. It restore some of my faith in the game. I'm glad there's some type of projected release date at least.
  10. So, what is April 16th?

    I find it difficult to get excited about GB anymore, but I'll see what the 16th holds in store. A trailer at least, but probably not.
  11. I wouldn't hold your breathe for a near future release or a release at all. Just being realistic. I've been here since the very start. For your tactical realism fix, I would wait till they fix Heroes of Stalingrad and release the SDK (which should be very soon) and/or wait for Armed Assault 3.
  12. Spec Ops Command Cancels New Rifle

    Why don't they just issue an AR10 instead of the SCAR H? Same exact controls as a M4.
  13. New Medal of Honor Thread

    I never was a big fan of the instant knife kills either.
  14. New Medal of Honor Thread

    I saw a MP video and it looked wayy too much like COD MW2. I'm so tired of the unoriginality.
  15. I couldn't stand the controls and movement for ARMA. The SP/AI really sucked too.