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  1. Private Military Contractor Collector's Toy

    These things are really neat. They're definitely not your average GI Joes, that's for sure. The attention to detail is incredible, they seem to be all hand crafted to perfection. I'm sure their prices would reflect that as well. I didn't know Tommy Chong was in spec ops.
  2. What weapons do you own?

    haha thanks. they work on aliens, vampires, werewolves, creatures of the unknown, and all monsters in general as well,
  3. What weapons do you own?

    How's the wood on this¿ (edit: that may or may not be in reference to gun porn, lol. I'll leave that up to you to decide )
  4. What weapons do you own?

    ^ yeah, that's just bad for business. Fingers on the triggers and there all pointed at each other as well. lol
  5. What weapons do you own?

    Here's a side shot of the trio and my bandolier for added flavor. I removed the grenade sight for a short period on the M59/66, as you can see in this pic, but didn't care for the look, so I replaced it soon after this photos was taken.
  6. What weapons do you own?

    I suppose I could take a few more pics. It will have to be sometime tomorrow though, I don't feel like messing with anything at the moment, soz.
  7. Screensaver

    I don't really care to much about screen savers and such, but thought this was pretty neat. It has an included fire crackling sound, or you can use your own sound files as well. I had this song from the band Gojira set to it. It made for a really wicked effect! A pic of my desktop with it in action. By zippoxiii
  8. What weapons do you own?

    Thanks Witz, You must've edited your post, yet it doesn't show that it has been edited. I don't remember reading that last night, lol. I kinda like those Saiga shotguns with the detachable box magazines, though I don't really know anything about them or their reliability or quality. I'd like to try one out in 410 gauge to see what they're like.
  9. What weapons do you own?

    Prices vary depending on condition.
  10. What weapons do you own?

    Ermac, Do happen to have a 59/66 model (like the one in the middle of my pic)? You may or may not already know this, (and not to insult your intelligence if so) but, the M59/66's have a gas shutoff valve located at the front of the gas tube. When the valve is closed basically it will become a straight pull bolt action rifle. The valve on mine happens to be closed in the pic. I actually enjoy shooting it that way. It's fun and something different. Sorry no comment on the grenade launcher. Also, you don't need special slings for them. I happen to have a Chinese type with the leather tabs on one, A proper Yugoslavian sling ( I believe it's proper anyways) with the metal clip on my 59/66, and a simple leather sling on the other. I would love to get a hold of a Russian Tula made sks as well. I basically just buy the Yugos because they are more readily available, and somewhat cheaper.
  11. What weapons do you own?

    My three amigos. from left to right: M59 Yugo, C.A.I. import marked, rusty whore, but gives decent groups! M59/66A1 Yugo, not dated (or can't find it), Samco Global Import M1956 Yugo, C.A.I. Import, dated 1960, stupendous condition,lol. Black bolt carrier and bolt itself. Even the bayonet is black, but needed to remove it for personal reasons.
  12. low end gfx

    What about an adjustable fov? will there be? What will be the default be for the pc version? srry this has been asked.
  13. Ground Branch Ready

    lmao, nice!
  14. Post your comp setup?

    nice, tactical noir . ak47, when you absolutely have to kill every mutant in the room!
  15. What weapons do you own?

    HellYeah! I buy the majority of my ammo from ammoman. Free shipping plus he's (eric's his name iirc) cheaper than most other places.