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  1. Get RvS License

    This reminds me that SWAT 4 almost became worse than Vegas. The initial prototype before Irrational took over was riot shields, tatooed operators with customizable shades and uniform and fast paced urban combat kind of silliness. We really dodged a bullet there.
  2. Sounds <MERGED>

    Even Flashpoint had true speed of sound.
  3. Weather

    I just went around the camp, stole a Hind, blew up the other Hinds from my copter, took out the AAA and flew safely to my extraction point. Now that's some crazy NORG stuff.
  4. Ammunition and Reloading

    Cool, color code the actions to each phase of the reload and we can have a "Gun Hero" mini-game :-).
  5. Tactical Aids

    Man, how can you forget the indispensable plumbers?
  6. A way to review your shots

    Maybe just save the cardboard cutouts of the best shots you've made online. Show the cardboard like nemo suggested, show the bullet holes in sequence and timing of the shots you made and specify weapon(s) as well as the name of the poor sap who got shot. Then you can have your own personal best shots gallery. Maybe we want to keep headshots, right-in-the mark shots and stuff like that. Sure, it's not the most important but could be a fun addition later on.
  7. Just for you MONO... A new Zombie movie!

    Sounds like a mission for Ground Branch! Hey, if they aren't special enough for this, then nobody is. Hope the physics engine can handle Jenna's "kit" .
  8. Suppression

    LOL, truly illustrates my feelings.
  9. Suppression

    Argh... don't mention... that... please... must forget again... the pain...
  10. I agree. We can leave the weapon selection to a normal screen and maybe add a shooting level accessible from the main menu in order to try out different kits.
  11. One of the last "Hitman" games had something like this. Unfortunately the modding of weapons happened in another screen but you had a shack with guns on the wall and you could pick them up and try them out on targets. This was available in between missions.
  12. Ah this reminds me of the good old days of Red Storm entertainment. Reading and posting messages on what was to become Rainbow Six. Sweet sounding first project guys, I wish you all the best.