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  1. Introducing BlackFoot's first title.........

    Ok i will see if i will get another laughing fit or not when the times come and GB shows some more outdoor-pictures
  2. Introducing BlackFoot's first title.........

    Worst jungle-concept-art ever seen. Horrendous. This is a jungle-concept-art for a tomb-raider-game, isnt it? This is what you get when you in the jungle: http://www.naturama.ch/museum/sonderausste...s/dschungel.jpg http://www.die-geobine.de/glossar/gif/dschungel.jpg
  3. Weapons

    I am very pleased to hear that: quality instead of quantity. Sorry for OT: Please dont go the Armed-Assault-way a wannabee flightsim, drivesim, shootersim and tanksim but EVERYTHING failed BADLY because of the swarming of so many bugs.
  4. Any Idea when we can get our hands on Beta?

    Sorry for this lame question but i am a newbe. I understood. You dont say any release-details because of several reasons. But what about the release-year of a "yay-I-got-to-play-GB-first"-demo? Do we speak here of the year 2008, 2009 or later? Is this also unpredictable or incommunicable to the community?
  5. Will we be able to play GB several hours in a row?

    So true. But on the other hand the permanent action-style over hours in COD4 produces lucky and exhausted feelings like those after you had finished a marathon-run. Thats also ok.
  6. Customization

    I voted "only a small ammount of customisation". But dont get me wrong of course it would be nice to have all the customisation-stuff. But the more customisation-things the more game-bugs. For the first game-release/launch i want qualitiy instead of quantity + glitches. So IMO the poll produces misdirect results. The customisation-stuff could be the second step.
  7. Support

    So true. I agree.
  8. Player Outfits

    The most realistic thing would be not worry about team-colour-schema and all the stuff but you should (with the help of TS) always know where your team members are. And who ever make teamkills its all over the team. Thats not an advantage for the team. But when a team wears near identical uniforms and thats is not in a unrealistic way overdone thats ok. But please do not program unrealistic things to prevent TK.
  9. CS or Lean?

    Also glad to see that the old-school-lean-style is preferred form the community here.