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  1. Multi-player respawn?

    Hi all, I think it depends on the game, eg. CoD 4 is an arcade game with small-sized maps which caters mostly to kiddie players and those of a lower skill rating (my boss plays it, and he is one of the least capable people I have had the misfortune to meet,) hence the high number of campers, respawns, killcams and perks. For those who prefer to run and gun, the killcam is useful but not really needed as their skills tend to be higher than those who feel the need to hide in order to get kills; overall though, fast and skilled players are punished for being skilled and playing aggressively (Last Stand, Martyrdom, etc.) but again, it's an arcade game - killcams and respawns are acceptable and reasonable. For the likes of Arma, and even Joint Ops, those are large warfare simulation type games which require more tactics and killcams would be completely unreasonable for such games but respawns, because of the huge maps with limited numbers of players is, imo, acceptable (although JO could have upto 150 players, which was cool.) My favourite online game of all time was Raven Shield (and Rogue Spear) which had no respawns and no killcams. The lack of respawns in such little maps made it feel far more aggressive and exciting - the fact that one hit could kill and would definitely wound, therefore slowing you down and ruining your ability to aim as accurately, made the game much more merciless than currently available games. Also because of its CQB nature, there was no need for a killcam, as most of the time you were face to face with who killed you. There were still a lot of campers, but over the years I have come to accept that that will always be a problem in small map based games. Thanks, Ewen (dogzWorld)
  2. Weapons

    Hi all, wasn't sure where to post this so here it goes... have to say i'm really looking forward to this game. just an idea, don't know if it would be possible and i apologize if this has already been mentioned before - for checking ammo in mags that are loaded into your weapon, instead of the usual hud counter how about something along the lines of animating the checking of clips, for instance with p90's, g36 etc that have transparent mags, or ump's with the little gap down the side of their clip. In the case of weapons that have no way of checking, possibly a weight estimation or something like that?? like an experience soldier would possibly be able to estimate how many rounds were left in a clip by removing it an feeling it's weight and displaying 8 or 9 rounds left (no idea if that sound reasonable or just stupid) ...or of course you could just learn to count your shots